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 Alexis Makarios

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PostSubject: Alexis Makarios   Wed Apr 16, 2014 1:08 am

Name: Alexis Makarios
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 115 LBS
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Alignment: Face
Pic Base: Maria Kanellis (red hair only)

Entrance Theme: "I don't wanna stop" by Ozzy

Entrance Description: Pretty basic, but changes based on her mood (and she does special things for ppvs)

Real Wrestlers you take after most (in ring): Mickie James/Trish Stratus

10 Basic Moves (min, can do more if you want):
1: Moonsault
2: DDT
3: Springboard moonsault
4: sidewalk slam
5: hip toss
6: russian leg sweep
7: roundhouse kick
8: dropkick
9: back breaker
10: suplex

Signature Moves (please limit to 3)
1: (Stratus-faction)
2: (Chick Kick)
3: (top rope moonsault)

Finishers (2 or 3)
1: Down Under Thunder (starship pain)
2: Greetings from Australia (Twist of Fate)
3: Aussie Lock (Anaconda Vice)

Bio: Alexis Makarios is of greek ancestry, but born and raised in Australia. She never was much of a girly girl in school, but has recently grown into her womanhood so to speak. She is a kind and gentle hearted woman with many friends in the company, but none as close to her as those crazy Lopez's! She and Eddie are about as close as two people can be, and Brittany is practically a sister to her, even an aunt to Brittany's twin daughters. She is also close to Eddie's daughter, Gracie, taking on a big sister type relationship with her.

Recently, she has taken to helping train rookies, including her high school friend Jenn Carpenter who has since come into her own in the wrestling world.

She is also the distant cousin of former wrestler, now manager, Drake DeMarco. She has what they like to refer to as the "DeMarco Temper". She is usually very good about containing her anger, but occasionally when pushed over the edge she snaps for a short period of time, causing her to do things she wouldn't normally do.

She's a very kind soul, and very protective of those near her. She can be your best friend, or your worst enemy.
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Alexis Makarios
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