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 Ryan Jeter

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PostSubject: Ryan Jeter   Ryan Jeter EmptyMon Apr 14, 2014 7:48 pm

Ryan Jeter Urijah-1

Name: "The Ultimate Athlete" Ryan Jeter

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 185 lbs

Hometown: Golden Valley, Nevada

Alignment: Heel

Pic Base: Urijah Faber

Entrance Theme: "Bugatti" by Ace Hood

Entrance Description (Optional. Only if you have anything specific you want for your entrance. Otherwise, entrances will be done generically): "Bugatti" by Ace Hood blares over the speakers as Ryan Jeter comes out to the top of the entrance area, with his manager and girlfriend, Fyre. The begin to walk to the ring and once they get to the ring, Ryan turns to Fyre, planting a kiss on the fiery red head's lips. He jumps up onto the ring apron and enters the ring, getting ready for his match.

Gimmick Description (Doesn't need to be long. Just something so I have an idea what your character is): Arrogant and cocky asshole.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Ken Shamrock.

Signature Move(s): Roaring Elbow (stunning his opponent before going for his finisher)

Finishing Move(s): “All-Pro Plex” (Curt Hennig’s Perfect Plex)

Bio/Brief History: Ryan Jeter is your typical, spoiled rich kid grown up to be a douche bag snob. He thinks that he’s better than everybody and he’s not shy to let them know. Growing up, he was always the popular kid, always played sports and always dated the best looking girl in school. He graduated from UNLV with a 4.0 GPA and was also a stand out Quarterback on the football team. He considers himself the total package when it comes to being a wrestler: Having the look, brain and all around talent to be successful. Ryan made his debut in PWSX and wrestled there for a while before it went on a hiatus. He then made his way to PWSR, as a tag team partner to Jayson Hamilton, as part of the Hollywood Entourage. After the two broke up, Ryan would go for singles glory and go on to win the PWSi’s top title, the PWSi International Championship. Not too long after his run as champion ended, Ryan let his contract with the company expire and did not resign. Instead he opted to go into an early retirement, where he opened his own gym and became a personal trainer for a select few clients. After competing on a show, in a one off appearance, the itch to really get back into the ring got to him. That’s when he found IceDog. After getting in touch with management, it wasn’t long before he gave them a verbal agreement, before signing with them. About a month and a half ago, Ryan met his girlfriend Saraya in Las Vegas and now the two of them have decided to call IceDog their home.

Accomplishments (Optional): 1x PWSi International Heavyweight Champion
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Ryan Jeter
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