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 PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Sister Liliana vs. Jordan Caliband

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Sister Liliana vs. Jordan Caliband   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:11 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is April 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Sister Liliana

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PostSubject: Nothing   Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:00 pm

::The scene opens in a dark and shadowy room, with the only light really coming from the camera itself. Out from the darkness steps Sister Liliana, wearing all black, including a black veil over her typical black mask. There is no sign of her mentor Father Jones at the moment as she closes in on the camera and stands at an angle to it, almost looking off to the side. She begins to speak in a very slow and serious tone.::

Sister Liliana: I thought about being done with this place. After my last showing here, I came to the realization that this place and this World Title really didn’t mean as much to me in my larger plan. Everything was always about injuring Any Given Sundae and making myself a bigger star, and to some extent, I don’t think that deep down I was afforded that chance here. I should have beaten Darren Maddox. I should be the champion here. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. But for whatever reason, I didn’t win that match and I didn’t come out of that night in the position I thought I would. Reflection was necessary. After becoming the new Inferno Tag Team Champions and injuring Jacob Daniels and Sweet Treat on the same night, reflection has been a very important thing. Why am I here? What is my next mission? Where do I go from here?

I didn’t come back to PWP because I want to be the World Champion. I didn’t return because I felt like I have something to prove. I came back for one simple reason.

::Sister Liliana leans down and holds up a dented steel chair.::

Sister Liliana: Inferno Wrestling has taken away from me my opportunity to hurt people in the way that I would like to. Months ago, I wrapped a steel chair around the ankle of an insignificant little man by the name of Justin Harmony. I climbed up the turnbuckles, I jumped off, and I shattered his ankle. And it felt good. Probably not so much for him. But for me, pure bliss. From there I made it very clear that Any Given Sundae would be the next ones broken. Thomas Pain and I came together as a tag team. It was clear that we were next in line. It was rightful for us to come through on our promises of not only taking their titles but embarrassing them and injuring them. Then The Pride got themselves involved. Jacob Daniels and Chase Hunter thought they deserved to be part of our story and our legacy. They thought they had something coming their way and they thought that they could be the next Inferno Tag Team Champions. So given the chance, instead of taking out AGS first, it was Jacob Daniels that took the fall. He was right. He did have something coming. He just didn’t realize it was this chair to the side of his knee. Over and over and over again. I took that chair and I put his leg through it just like before. I gave it a nice little stomp. I watched that agony wash over his face. And I relished in the fact that while he thought he could be a champion, I was the one truly in control of his destiny and his health.

But it didn’t end there. It couldn’t end there. It will never just end there.

::She takes a moment to run her free hand against the dent of the chair.::

Sister Liliana: The promise and the mission from the very start was that Any Given Sundae needed to be taken care of. That was a lie from the very start that needed to be taken care of and closed off. The Pride were separated and defeated essentially before things even began and even Neil Leary’s last minute offer to be part of the match was of little consequence. We became champions. We fulfilled the first part of the goal. And just as quickly and just as easily, I took this piece of art work I hold in my hands and I let it do the work that it was meant for. I took out Sweet Treat. I kept everyone else from getting back involved. I set the table up and once more I placed the chair around the leg of that ice cream idiot. Once again, I climbed up step by step, and looked down at Sweet Treat and saw the pain through the eyes of that mask. I leaped down. I drove my two feet down a shard as I could onto that chair and onto his leg. And I broke him. I broke Sweet Treat. I broke Any Given Sundae. I broke the hearts and minds of all of the simple people that thought that Any Given sundae was invincible. One mission accomplished.

So why now here? What is there in it for me to return to PWP when I did what I needed to do at Conviction.

They say in Inferno Wrestling that we can’t use weapons any longer. They say that the violence has gone over the edge. They think that backstage attacks have become to commonplace. They want us to tone it down. They want us to save it for the ring. They want us to place nice. But none of those things are things I want to do. A hunger burns inside of me that wants to take this chair and break someone’s leg again. I can’t do that any longer in the place that I want to do that. So here’s the beauty of it all. Here’s the magic of PWP for me. Here’s the one and only reason that I can find solace here.

::Sister Liliana lifts up the chair and starts going crazy with it, smashing it on the ground repeatedly and then up against a concrete wall behind her. The chair gets more and more mangled as she wildly turns every which way hitting anything she gets close to with the chair. When the chair is finally left in pieces in her hands she throws it down and stares at it.::

Sister Liliana: I may not be able to get out my aggression there any longer to the extent that I want to. No longer can I be the hunter of reckless ice creams or the woman who breaks the people that deserve to be broken. I must be the champion. The hunted. The one that they all come for. The one that pisses them off and gives them purpose. The one that they can only dream of beating.

Here, though, I am on the attack. Here, I take a pathetic little child like Jordan Caliban and can do whatever it is with him that I want. I can break him. I can beat him. I can manipulate him in every which way that I could ever want. In Inferno, I’ll gladly be what I am supposed to be. Here, I will be whatever the hell I want to be. And I want to be and will be the one that beats Jordan Caliban. I want to be and will be the one that continues her assault on people. I want to be and will be the one that gets whatever she wants. And right now, like some hunger for blood, I hunger for the more overarching concept of pain. I want to see what I can do to Jordan Caliban. I want to see how far that I can push him. I want to see just how much he can take and just how much I can give. Everything for me has been so personal for so long. Creating this persona and tapping into my true self has been a long time coming and a challenging process. But now, I’ve come out on the other side. And I’ve discovered how much I enjoy being in control. I’ve learned what it means to be the one in charge of your own destiny. I’ve found a passion for being the creator of the story.

That’s why I asked for this match, Jordan. That’s why I wanted you. Because as much as you want to be the one people talk about, you’re nothing more than an afterthought. You wish that you were special. You want people to believe in you and to think you matter. You pretend to play the role of something that you’re not and can’t understand what it is that people loathe about you so much. I am a leader, Jordan. I am someone who does what she needs to do. I am someone that demands a position of power and uses that to my advantage at all times. Look at you, on the other hand. This company doesn’t even know your name. They care that little for you. Sure, they threw you into a World Title match, but do you think that was anything more than a stunt to give their new pride and joy a padded win? You’re just a plaything for others to toy with, Jordan. And as much as you’ll probably listen to this and not understand it, and as much as you’ll attempt to make yourself look like some kind of important player, we all know greater. You are playing my game. You are doing what I want you to do. You are following and hoping to be led in the right direction. You are… nothing. A waste of time, talent, and space. An afterthought and someone that many companies have already moved on from and forgotten about.

It’s only been a short while since you so quickly left Inferno Wrestling. I’ve become a Tag Team Champion from the ashes while you’ve become… nothing. Just a continually failing wrestler trying to find someone that cares. But no one cares about you, Jordan. No ones cares about... nothing… like you. They care about people like me. You don’t even have to be a winner to be cared about. You just have to be something. And I… I’m something. And more than that. I’m a killer. A leader. A visionary. A destroyer. A weapon. A thinker. A pain. A warrior. A nightmare. A talent. A champion. All of those things and more. And you… still… nothing.

I see it coming where this scenario plays out with you attempting to prove to me… or prove to the world… or maybe just to prove to yourself… that you’re more than nothing. I see you trying to show about all of the people and fans in your life that care. And I see some feeble attempt being made at putting you in a position to seem like some sort of big deal. Like that will really change the minds of people like us who know the truth. You can go any length right now, Jordan, to try and create a world for yourself where you are the hero and you are the one that matters. But I’ll still know it’s true. I’ll still know that you are… nothing. And sadly, I think you’ll know it deep down, too. Let me guarantee you one thing right now as you try and find the argument to prove to the world that you are more than I say. The harder you try… the harder you will fail. You just don’t have it in you, Jordan, to convince all of us of anything more than you already are. You are not special. You are not important. People do not care about you. You don’t make the rules around here. And you don’t get to control your own fate. No matter how hard you try, it doesn’t matter. You are the follower. You are the weak one. You are the dreamer hoping that something will be lucky enough to fall your way. You are the victim. The prey. The exposed. You are… and will be… now and forever… one of the broken.

And I… Jordan… I will be your breaker.

You probably can’t count on much in your own life. You can’t make many real promises to yourself. But you can take my promise as a reality. That will happen. Not because of anything you will or will not do. But only because of what I want. Because of what I will do. Because of who I am.

The breaker. Your breaker. Your… salvation.

::Sister Liliana takes a few steps backwards and is all of a sudden back in the shadows and out of the range of the camera. From the other side steps her mentor, Father Jones. Father Jones is dressed as he normally is, wearing black leather pants, a black t-shirt, and black leather jacket, topped off with oversized sunglasses and a black bandana covering up his hair. He flashes a smile as he reaches down and picks up one of the pieces of the broken steel chair and then drops it back to the ground. He then turns back towards the camera and has a smirk on his face as he begins to speak.::

Father Jones: My job is to scout talent and to find those special qualities hidden inside of them that can make them stars. I remember the original call I made to Liliana many months ago. Instantly, she understood everything I was saying. There are a lot of simpletons that can hear exactly what it is that they need to become stars, yet because of pride or ego or stupidity they turn away from that advice. I am a star maker. And sometimes, I simply can’t help myself in finding talent and setting it in the right direction. I’ve gone as far as offering advice… worthwhile advice… to opponents of my people… because I’m simply that good at what I do and my gift should be shared. Liliana didn’t turn away from my advice. She ran towards it. And now our relationship is strong, our future is bright, and the world is ours. We are Tag Team Champions alongside Thomas Pain. We are leaders in our craft. We are whatever we want to be. I praise Sister Liliana for the work that she has put into her career. She took my vision and my advice and worked with me to discover herself and the untapped potential deep within herself.

I wish I could the same for you, Mr. Caliban.

I really do. But sadly, in this case, Sister Liliana is completely correct on her take on you. There literally is nothing there for me to work on with you. As much as my love of studying people tries to kick in when it comes to you… just as she said… I come to nothing. Sister Liliana is no liar. There is nothing that even a savior and man like myself can do with the attempt of a career you have put forth. There’s just nothing there to work with. No spark. No truth. No potential for greatness. It’s just a kid… no matter hold you are... that yearns for so many things that he can’t have. There’s not a man with the potential to overcome. It’s a boy who thinks he’s owed something because of his own mistakes. Mr. Caliban, we don’t care about your injuries or your friends or any of the tough things you have had to encounter over the years. We care about today. We care about your future. We care about what you actually bring to the table. And sadly, because I know it’s not my skills as a talent evaluator, you just don’t have what it takes to be the man you think you are. I wish I could be better than my job than I already am. But that would be practically impossible. You sir, are a myth in your own mind. I, on the other hand, am a true man. And standing before you very soon will be a legend in the making, my protégé, Sister Liliana.

::Father Jones has his hands up and is rubbing them together as he continues to smile and show a lot of confidence and bravado in his body language.::

Father Jones: I’ll warn you, Mr. Caliban, that she doesn’t lie. She has been creatively stifled, and a woman with a mind like hers doesn’t work well when confined in such a way. She has come here and to fight you solely for the person of letting out some aggression and anger because she is unable to do so in the place that truly matters to her. You only matter to her so much in that you are a basically warm body for her to play with and injure. How must that feel? To be viewed that lightly? To be seen as nothing more than a prop? Not only how does it feel, but how is it to really be such a thing? I can only imagine what that realization must be to a man. I’m sorry for that Mr. Caliban. I’m sorry that we have been forced, and rightfully so, to dismiss you so easily. I’ve studied you. I’ve done my homework. I’ve listened to what you have had to say. I’ve seen you in and out of that ring. And still, you’ve left me no choice but to see you as nothing more than the true nothing that you really are.

This is a match I look forward to, because I love seeing Sister Liliana outside of her element and showing how great she truly is. She showed in that in the main event months ago against Blyss Lockhart. That moment was stolen from her the last time around in the World Title tournamane.t But the moment will be hers again when she takes you out at this little show ahead of us all. The people of Inferno Wrestling have all of these preconceived notions of Sister Liliana and we’ve worked hard to move on from her past and the silly little assumptions some have made of us. This place is a fresh arena for her… and for us… to make our mark. And a mark we will make at your expense. You mean nothing more to her and nothing more to us than that. I know that you dream of being something more. But that isn’t the case here. Sister Liliana is the one that this is all about. It has always been solely about her in PWP and forever more as long as we decide it will always be still about her. You can dream of being something more. You can fight your silly little heart out trying to prove us wrong. You can use all of the smoke and mirrors that you want to try and convince the world of something that isn’t. What is… is Sister Liliana. What is not… is you. And you… are… nothing.

::Suddenly the camera gets jerked to the side, and standing directly in front of the camera and holding onto it Sister Liliana from out of the shadows. She flips the veil off of her head revealing her all black mask that simply show her eyes. She stares into the camera directly for a moment and as her eyes close, so does the camera fade to black.::
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PostSubject: Birth of the gatekeeper   Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:00 am

We open on Jordan Caliban in a diner somewhere in Chicago, the walls are covered in old rockabilly band posters and graphics of old CARtoons, the booth he is sitting in is trimmed with red benches and a silver table with an ornate miniature juke box at the closed end. The weather outside is brutal and Caliban sits staring out the window as the rain is lashing against it in a vain battle only ever thought by its self and the stupider members of the flying insect family. He is wearing a strange looking white tshirt which is soaked through, the graphic on it seems to be a girl holding what looks like her own entrails. on his head is a cap with water running down it, on the front, or the back, above the snap closure the words THINK FAST are stitched and one the back, or the front, is an 8 bit representation of Sonic and Tails. As the rain continues lightening flashes and a voice, high pitched and strange spoke to him from the empty seat across from him

Title shots don't grow on trees you know

The voice sends a shiver down Caliban's spine and he turns to face the inevitable sight he was dreading to lay eyes on, his eyes meet a strange sight an exact body replica of himself right down to the hat and morbid tshirt, the only difference is this apparent apparition is wearing a black mask with orange stitching giving the impression of a pumpkin, he give the newcomer a smile and a look laced with cyanide

Yeah well where were you? Where was the old man? What the hell is the point of a joint personality if you aren't going to get involved when you might be useful

The character laughs and lights a smoke as a waitress with a hair do akin to an ice cream cone walks up to the table and for some reason starts having a conversation with herself apparently

What the hell is the deal with this? Do people just contract schizophrenia when you're around?

She is talking to you, you think you would be allowed to be a superstar if people saw you publicly talking to nobody in a diner?

She pours Caliban a cup of tea

And here comes the best part! Hahaha,

The waitress completely out of the blue and without looking away from whatever image of Jordan she is looking at pours a cup of tea into his companions now waiting coffee mug

She will automatically double everything you order so I hope you are ordering the eggs because Im fuckin starving

The scene jumps to about 10 minutes later and both men are just having their food put down in front of them Caliban looks at his companion with a look of total disbelief in his eyes

I can't believe that worked

And she wont bill you ha ha, so who have we got this time round? Lemme guess, a one on one with Mr Swag world champ?

Caliban finishes a mouthful of his food and wipes his mouth with a napkin before speaking, he lights a joint in the safety of the reality bubble sculpted by his companion who apparently goes by the name of Punkin

Someone called Sister Liliana, I dunno I haven't really heard of her

So another girl?

Caliban gives his companion a distasteful look

Another wrestler, there is no such thing as just another girl, you sister should of taught you that by now, isn't she the reason you have to hide in my head in the first place?

You have been talking to the old bastard again haven't you? Look we weren't all raised by half a dozen females

Yeah you probably never even met your ma did you? Do they lay your people or are they grown in the ground, just how much of a pumpkin are you?

PUNKIN! Listen to me you prick I couldn't give a damn how much feminsim you had shoved up your ass from 3 years old you do not talk to your betters like that, especially not me! I was a god damn prince you know! And my Mother was a saint, never let the wet nurse near me

Whats a wet nurse?

Punkin tells him

Well I was hungry, now I'm not anymore, is that shit legal?

It is where I come from

Yeah but you all wear masks, which creepy as fuck by the way, what is illegal where you come from?

Being boring is a capital crime, you would be beheaded in seconds

Boring? You think I am boring?

Yeah come the match you probably won't even hit this girl until she has smacked you around a bit

Stop calling her a girl, she is an opponent and someone to be respected as an equal regardless of sex, sexual orientation and I am going to beat the shit out of her the same way I would a guy and pin her to the mat so I can get that one one one shot with the swaggot champ. Let me explain to you just whose head you take up residence in, my name as you well know is Jordan Caliban but I am also something else, I am the next step in this business, the Sequitus of professional wrestling. I am a new age libertine in a world of old minded philistines. And to be those things I must live above Race color or creed, I call Shark a swaggot because he is one and that is all he is, my opponent at the next show my be a female but she is also highly trained, highly skilled and she will be damn well worthy of being in the ring with me

And if she isn't?

If she isn't then she needs to get hit, get pinned and get the fuck out of my industry, an industry were having a set of tits doesn't give you a pass anymore, I'm not scared to hit a girl because I know in my head that Liliana is in no way scared to hit me. We are wrestlers it's what we do and hell she has a damn good shot at beating me and leaving me wide open for easy ridicule, hell Shark will probably feel 100 percent vindicated but you know what that loss will mean to me?

Fuck all

You got it, it will mean absolutely nothing because while the wins are important the message is the mission and the message is that PWP's locker room has one level and you are either on it or you are on the bus home. Shark may be the champ but I am now declaring myself the gatekeeper of PWP, you want in, you face me because I am the measuring stick this company needs and when someone gets over the top of me we will know they can go and if I lose Ill be right back in that ring next month proving that myself and the people here are capable of the highest level and that is the level I live on
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Sister Liliana vs. Jordan Caliband   

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PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Sister Liliana vs. Jordan Caliband
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