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 PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:10 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is April 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson   Tue Apr 15, 2014 2:05 pm

:::== The scene opens up with a shot of a large school gymnasium. There’s a large sign that reads “Career day”, and scattered throughout the gym is children, teachers, and professionals of the career they are representing standing near tables with the label of their job. We pan around, getting a shot of all the different panels, kids lined up at all of them except for one: a table that reads “Professional Wrestler: Frankie Emerson”. Frankie sits there with a goofy smile on his face, waving to the uninterested kids that scoff at him on the way by. After a moment, the man; the myth; the legend... Brandon Harris enters the scene. He looks around for a moment before letting out a sigh and going to find Frankie; just accepting that the places he is forced to find Frankie and conduct his interviews will never be normal. He approaches Frankie, he stands to great the wrestling journalist. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Jeesum Brando it’s about time! I’ve been waiting here for you for hours! Days even!

Brandon Harris: … you told me to meet you here at noon. It’s 11:45. I’m early-

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Enough of your lies you wombat! We have a lot of things to cover and I’m ready, I’m focused, I’m good to go! Get out your notebook and prepare for the best interview of your life!

Brandon Harris: Alright great! That’s what I like to hear, a nice change of pace too if I can add. Ok so first question. Your last showing in PWP was… well… not so appealing. You got a first round by in the title tournament then lost to Flex Johnson in the second round in mere seconds. A lot of important people were watching that tournament. How do you feel about that?

:::== Silence. Brandon is looking down at his notebook ready to write. However when the silence doesn’t break, he looks up at Frankie and quickly becomes annoyed. :::==

Brandon Harris: Franki-… what the hell are you doing!?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Huhwhat? Oh hold on a minute I was playing Flappy Birds and I was coming close to my personal record; 13! DAMMIT BRANDON YOU MADE ME LOSE.

Brandon Harris: Good… now can we get going? I thought you said you were read-… you hit play again didn’t you…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson(clearly still playing): I don’t wanna talk about it…

:::== Brandon throws his hands up and looks to leave. Frankie looks up and grabs him by the arm and pulls him back. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Wait no come back! I’ve barely made it over the word count and I have no match relevance yet!

Brandon Harris: Well then straighten up and get your mind ri-… wait what did you say?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Nothing. Anyways, your question was how do I feel about being betrayed by a man I thought was my new best friend, correct!?

Brandon Harris: Best fri-… you guys teamed once in a randomly thrown together tag team match. How could you be best friends?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Team Michael Jackson will live on forever Brando don’t you ever underestimate that! Flex was just overcome by greed, he was taken by the moment and took a cheap shot because he wanted the PWP title. I’m going to forgive him this time because I’m a benevolent gentleman, but if he does it again by golly I’mma give him a black eye!!

Brandon Harris: … … … Lets move on.

Voice: HEY!

:::== A kid, 8 or 9 walks up to Frankie’s booth. :::==

Kid: You’re Frankie Emerson, the professional wrestler right?

:::== Frankie looks at his sign, then the kid, then his sign again and prepares to say something rude, but Brandon intervenes. :::==

Brandon Harris: Why yes he is!

Kid: WOW! I’ve never met a wrestling star before! Can I get a picture with you?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Of course! Do you have a camera?

Kid: YUP! My mom wanted me to take pictures of all the things I wanna be when I grow up.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: That’s nice of her. Is your mom hot? Would she like to visit the #BoneZone?

Kid: What--?

Brandon Harris: ALRIGHTY THEN… here let me hold your lunch box and I’ll take your picture together ok?

Kid: OK!

:::== He hands Brandon the camera and his lunch box, and scurries over to Frankie. Frankie poses with the kid, and for a moment Brandon smiles as he takes the picture, thinking that maybe Frankie isn’t all bad. :::==

Kid: Thanks Frankie!

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: The pleasure was mine bud! That’ll be $10.

Kid and Brandon Harris: What!?

:::== Brandon and the kid share the same shock level. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Read the small print.

:::== Underneath “Professional Wrestler: Frankie Emerson”, in about 7 Times New Roman font reads “pictures, autographs, Morgan Freeman impressions, or any other special requests: $10 each”. The kids face turns pale. :::==

Kid: But but but…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: $10 kid or I’ll call the cops, and you and your parents will be sent to jail and I’ll kick your puppy!

Kid: I don’t have a puppy!

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: YOU WONT ONCE I GET DONE WITH IT!


Frankie “The Face” Emerson: YEAH THAT’S WHAT YOUR MOTHER SAID!

:::== The kid runs off crying, and Frankie sits back down with a smile. Brandon however is petrified. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Hahaha silly kids these days. Hey, what’s he have in here?

:::== Frankie takes the lunch box and ruffles through it, his face lighting up. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Turkey sandwhich!? SCORE! And… awwwww snapppp… SNACK PACK!

:::== Brandon looks on frozen in awe as Frankie snacks on the sandwhich and stuffs the snack pack into his bag. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: HEY KID… YOU FORGOT YOUR APPLE!

:::== Frankie tosses the lunch box over his shoulder and lays his feet on the table, stuffing his face with the sandwhich. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Anyways, *nom nom* you were asking me something? *Nom*

Brandon Harris: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………….. *Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*. This week your facing someone who is no stranger to you; Alexis Makarios; the person you made your debut against. The first match… didn’t go so well for you. You lost in under a minute, pretended to be blind for like a month, and got assaulted by her then-best friend Eddie Lopez. And now Alexis is more vicious and more skilled than ever.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: More vicious!? She jammed her fingers into my cornea! What is she going to do this time, snap my neck and feed me to kangaroos!?

Brandon Harris: Highly unlikely.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: I don’t want to get eaten by a kangaroo Brandon! They’re like giant rats that can jump and use their tail to fight, and kick, and carry babies in their crotch pouch.

Brandon Harris: … so they’re nothing like rats…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Your mother’s a rat.

Brandon Harris: Classy.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: But yeah; I’ve been through the storm Brando. Alexis blinded me and took away my ability to see anything! ANYTHING! I couldn’t even see BOOBS for like a month!!! It was traumatizing! I still have nightmares about it Frankie! Nightmares of this sexy voice approaching me and saying “Frankie Emerson you so hot… take me to the #BoneZone right now!!!” and I can’t see her! What Alexis did to me is unacceptable and unforgivable! Alexis thinks she’s some big deal now because she’s going for world titles and is all accomplished and what not!? Well you know what I’ve been doing!? I’ve… well… um…

Brandon Harris: …


Brandon Harris: Yeah I got that. I think we’re done here…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Yeah lets blow this popsicle stand!

Brandon Harris: Don’t you have to stay for career day?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Nah, I’m not making any money here. Worst autograph signing ever.

Brandon Harris: It’s a career fair not a-… whatever.

:::== The two begin to head for the door, when Frankie a teacher approaches them, with the kid next to her. :::==

Teacher: Frankie Emerson! Did you make this kid cry!?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: What? Me? No way. But hey while you’re here… do you know what this shirt is made of?

:::== Fade to black. :::==
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson   Wed Apr 16, 2014 12:56 am

**The scene opens up with Alexis. She was in Connecticut preparing for her big title match for the WXW World Heavyweight Championship against TJ Codair at Wrestlefest. It was the day before Wrestlefest, and Alexis had spent the earlier part of the day working out in the gym with Eddie Lopez, Brittany Lopez, and Jennifer Carpenter. She was in the back of the arena, with the stylist who appeared to be an older korean lady, putting finishing touches on her ring gear for Wrestlefest. She had it on and the stylist was making sure there would be no wardrobe malfunctions, checking seams, and everything that stylists like that do.**

Sytlist: What do you think of it?

Alexis Makarios: Well it's not pink, so you get a point there. It's comfortable, I feel like I can move in it properly. All in all, I like it. It's flashy, and it's sure to do it's job and grab attention.

Sytlist: Good.

Alexis Makarios: Do you think you can make another outfit just like it, in silver and red, for my PWP match against Frankie Emerson?

Sytlist: When do you need it by?

Alexis Makarios: The show is on April 26th, so i'll need it ready to take with me before I leave on my flight which is booked for April 25th. So 24th at the latest.

Sytlist: Yeah, no problem. This must be a big event if you want special ring gear.

Alexis Makarios: Yeah... it really is. I mean not because of who I am facing. But because of what the match represents. It represents me getting a little bit of revenge on Frankie for what he did to me in PWSi. You know what that asshat did?

Sytlist: Nope. Never heard of the guy. I'm just the fashion stylist. I make sure your ring gear fits, and wont have a wardrobe malfunction. That's my entire job description. But... something tells me you are going to tell me what this "asshat" did.

**The stylist was showing obvious irritation with Alexis, but she didn't quite pick up on it.**

Alexis Makarios: He had a match with me, in which I humiliated him by the way, and he ran around for a MONTH wearing an eye patch claiming i blinded him.

Sytlist: And did you?

Alexis Makarios: Of course not. He was faking the entire time. At one point he even had me convinced that I really did blind him. For about a minute. He's an asshole. Do you know how big of an asshole he is?

Sytlist: No... but please... go on... your schoolgirl like gossip really brightens my day.

**The stylist was being noticably sarcastic**

Alexis Makarios: This guy runs around using this stupid, ridiculous "boyfriend material" crappy pickup line, he thinks he is gods gift to women and wrestling. And ya know what? He has never done anything in his entire career. The best thing he ever did was... no wait I can't even think of anything. He drones on and on all the time on Twitter... I hate the bastard.

Sytlist: Tell me how you really feel.

Alexis Makarios: No, you don't get it. This jackass spent months trying to make me miserable. The idiot can't even pronounce my last name! ITS NOT THAT HARD! MA-KAR-I-OS!

**She was moving around in her frustration, and got stuck by a pin the stylist was using.**

Alexis Makarios: OUCH!!!

Sytlist: Stop moving!

Alexis Makarios: Sorry. Frankie just gets me so riled up. Even more so than TJ and his blatant disrespect. Frankie is pompous, arrogant, ignorant, ugly, and he smells like stale taco meat. I can't wait to get in that ring and kick his ass just like before. Ya know, My career has progressed so much since signing with WXW. Since December my career has escalated beyond anything I had ever dreamed. And what has his career done? It's flatlined. The only time I ever hear about him is when he's bragging about something on Twitter. My name is out there left and right! Title matches, Main events! I mean I don't have to tell you that.

Sytlist: But I think you are going to anyways aren't you?

**About this time, Alexis was picking up on the attitude of the stylist. She ignored it, however***

Alexis Makarios: Of course I'm going to tell you. I've been so focused on my upcoming match with TJ and all the crap associated with that. This is the first chance I've really had to think about fighting Frankie. I bet he is thinking that going against me is going to be a walk in the park. It's not like he has a good record in the ring... or against me... or any woman for that matter. Did you know he spent MONTHS losing his ass off in the PWSi Vixxxen's division?

Sytlist: Look... I don't really care.

Alexis Makarios: Well... all my friends are busy... I need some one to vent to... and you're here.

Sytlist: So?

Alexis Makarios: Just nod and pretend to listen. I just need to vent.

Sytlist: Fine. Just stand still. I don't feel like staying up all night getting a blood stain out.

Alexis Makarios: You don't have to be rude about it.

**The stylist shrugged and went about her business**

Alexis Makarios: By time I show up there I am going to go into that event with my head held high, and a World Title in my hands. Frankie has nothing. His career is a mockery. He makes a joke out of this business. He's unskilled, obnoxious... he's a moron. I can't STAND him! But when I beat him and stand there, my hand raised just like it was last time... It's going to feel good. I do wonder what injury he is going to fake this time around. I do wonder if he keeps that one guy around. Brandon Harris. I think he has a bit of a man crush on Brandon. I mean why else keep him around so long, right? I know that might sound odd coming from me, seeing as Chaz and Brittany are some of my best friends. But it would explain a LOT with Frankie.

Sytlist: My son is gay. I find your comments offensive.

Alexis Makarios: I... I'm sorry I didn't mean to offend you. Like I said, two of my best friends are gay. I totally support it 100%. But Frankie... well Frankie gives everything he is involved in a bad name.

Sytlist: If he does that... then why do you want to fight him so badly?

Alexis Makarios: Is a matter of pride, you could say. Revenge. Hatred. Anger. You name it. He's an egotistical jackass and I hate him. I want to hurt him. I want to take my foot and shove it so far up his ass that I knock out his teeth. I want to break his nose... I want to hurt him. And I swear if he doesn't stop being... himself... I will end up hurting him this time... for real. And it won't be an accident.

**She grinned as the stylist shook her head, sending the scene to black.**

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson   

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PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Alexis Makarios vs. Frankie Emerson
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