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 PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Ryan Jeter vs. Riley Owens

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Ryan Jeter vs. Riley Owens   Tue Apr 01, 2014 5:09 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is April 15th at 11:59 PM Eastern.
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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

Posts : 239
Join date : 2013-05-30
Age : 30
Location : Maine

PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Ryan Jeter vs. Riley Owens   Tue Apr 15, 2014 12:28 pm

* The scene opens up with Ryan Jeter standing in front of a trophy case, inside of his home. In it sits many numerous trophies and awards from high school and college. Right smack dab in the middle is a replica PWSi International Heavyweight Championship title belt. Next to Ryan, is his manager and girlfriend, Fyre. Ryan has his arm around her shoulders and she has an arm placed around his lower back. *

Ryan Jeter: “The Ultimate Athlete” is back! That’s right folks, Ryan Jeter is back and I’ve got no doubt, better than ever. Pretty scary, huh? Considering I was already the most must see PWSi International Heavyweight Champion of all time, as it was.

* He turns slightly, pointing at the championship belt behind him. *

Ryan Jeter: As a lot of you know, I recently signed a deal to compete with IceDog Fight Night. And pretty soon, much like I did every branch in the PWS, it’s going to be a Ryan Jeter take over in IceDog too. And of course… My beautiful girlfriend here, Fyre, too.

* Ryan winks at her, as she smirks. *

Ryan Jeter: But I’m not here to talk about IceDog today. I’m here to talk about another match that I have coming up. A match that I took as a last minute booking. A match in PWP. The Professional Wrestling Project. Now, when I was first contacted, I didn’t have much interest. What did I need to compete there for? I had nothing to gain from it.

But two things changed my mind. The first thing being the fact that Josh Duncan offered be an ass load of money because he was in a bind. But the second reason being because of who I was going to be getting as an opponent. And that opponent would be a man by the name of Riley Owens.

Why does Riley interest me so much? I’ve heard a lot of hype surrounding this guy. Hell, I’ve seen the hype first hand. He and I recently competed for a company in a one night tournament. And we ended up facing each other in it. Guess who won? Not Riley.

So why do I want to face him again? What do I have to prove? Well it’s simple really. All that hype that I’ve heard? I’m tired of hearing. I’m going to be the guy that puts an end to it once and for all by beating the “beloved” Riley Owens. Again. And when I do, I’m going to take that hype and I’m going to take Riley and I’m going to blow the biggest, nastiest, most disgusting snot rocket on it all. Because that’s exactly what I think about Riley and his hype.

I hope you’re ready for this, Riley. I hope you’re ready to have your dreams shredded. I hope you’re ready to kiss all of your undeserved hype and love goodbye. Because after PWP 7, it’s all going to be gone, courtesy of your’s truly. How do I know this? It’s easy… Simply put… I’m just better than you.

* Ryan and Fyre smile into the camera, as the scene fades out. *
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Flex Johnson
Flex Johnson

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PostSubject: Just Another Day   Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:13 pm

Just Another Day

“Past Experiences”
Hey journal,

So, I guess I’ll just get straight to the point today; it’s been a rough couple of weeks. It all started with that loss to Dom Harter over in FGA. You know how I feel about losing, but that’s a whole other issue. Then, I had to start training. FGA has another iPPV coming up in a couple of days, Only the Strong Survive. That night, I’ll be in two title matches.
Talk about pressure huh.

And then, I had to make a trip up to Boston. My sister and my group of friends all planned to go to Washington D.C.; that’s where the iPPV will be held. Well, then my sis and I got a call from our grandparents; they asked us to come see them. So, we convinced our friends to allow us to make a one day stop in Boston.

Now, I’ll be honest; I don’t have the best relationship with my family. I don’t know, it’s just kind of funny. I was told that they always supported my dad in everything that he did; they were always so encouraging.

But, when I told them that a four year college wasn’t for me, they were disappointed.

And when I told them I was going into professional wrestling, they were even more disappointed.

Before his passing, I realize that my father was a great man. But, he was also his own man; just like I’m my own man. We may look alike, but we aren’t the same person. I wish…I wish that my grandparents would understand that.

So yeah, that’s a thing.

But, I do have some exciting news. It’s been a long time, but I’ve finally been invited back to PWP. My goodness, it’s been such a long time. But hey, that’s the life of an indie wrestler. Now, in my PWP debut, I lost; so, I’ll be looking to redeem myself.

It will be quit a task I imagine.

But I’m ready for it!

It…it feels good to be back in PWP. You know, there are so many feds out there; some are good, some are terrible. PWP is one of the good ones. I mean, come on; all the best talent from every company comes over to PWP.

What could be better than that?

I’m just blessed that they even invited me to do a match every now and again…


“Let it Flow”
You know, it was about four years ago when that professional wrestler stepped into my gym; I was teaching Muay Thai at the time. He came by to train, and actually was very proficient in the arts. In return, he told me to come by his wrestling school some time.

I took him up on his offer…

And well, here I am.

Four years ago…

I’ve learned a lot about this Business over these four years. I’ve learned that you’ve got to respect your elders and veterans; they can either build you up or tear you down. I’ve learned that you need to have the right attitude before you step into the ring; an arrogant man will always end up on his back. And lastly, I’ve learned that you have to exhibit your Fighting Spirit!

This week I look to show my Fighting Spirit against Ryan Jeter. Originally, I was supposed to take on an opponent by the name of Capitan Spectacular; but, the match was switched at the last moment. Ha, that’s the business for you.

Now, must people in my situation would be nervous about facing Ryan Jeter. I mean, he’s a new guy who hasn’t stepped foot into PWP yet; and, this is a last minute change. But, I’m not most people. You see, I’m a wrestler; I’m a fighter. It doesn’t matter who you put me in the ring with, I’m going to fight my heart out.

It also just so happens that I’ve faced Mr. Jeter once before.

Last month, RWX held a large, 64 man tournament. I made it to the quarter-finals before I was defeated. Ha, can you all guess who my opponent was?

You know, normally, I would have been torn up by losing. Jeter, I’m a man who hates to lose; maybe that’s a foolish quality to have. But that’s who I am; I was taught to fight my heart out and always try to pull out that win.

So, I guess it’s only fitting that we are meeting here in PWP. For whatever reason, I’ve been given an opportunity to go back and correct that last match.

Jeter, I don’t know much about you. Honestly, I could have taken the time to Google your name. But really does it matter? I don’t think it does. What does it matter if I know where you went to school or what companies you’ve worked for?

The only thing that matters is your skills in the ring.

Jeter, I’ve seen what you can do first hand; I’ve been in the ring with you once before. You are good; you were able to defeat me that day.

But you won’t be able to this time!

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Ryan Jeter vs. Riley Owens   

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PWP 7: All Win, No Sin - Ryan Jeter vs. Riley Owens
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