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 The Hatebringer Corey Bull

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The Hatebringer Corey Bull Profile_zpsdb9153f7

Wrestler Name: Corey Bull

Nickname(s): The Hatebringer, Hard Kore, The Monster, The Pittbull, The Angel of Hate

Hometown: The Great Northwoods

Height: 6’10”

Weight: 385 lbs

Alignment: Face with heel tendencies: Bull has a strange moral code. Children top the list, he is especially violent against those that harm them in any way. Also violence against women, not counting in the ring.

Fighting Styles: Power, Brawler, Hardcore, Risk Taker

Preferred Weapon: Sledge Hammer or 4' loggers chain or both at the same time

Specialty Match: Anything with extreme violence

Move Set:
Standing Strikes
1. Right hook, left hook, throat thrust combo; 2. Thrusting Throat Uppercut; 3. Back elbow; 4. Gut kick; 5. Gut punch to knee lift to the face

Ground Strikes
1. Jumping knee to the head; 2. Mounted fists; 3. Shoulder stomps; 4. Double arm face stomp to the mat; 5. Spread leg multiple gut stomps

Ground Grapples
1. Armwringer to knee to the elbow; 2. Foot behind knee, lift and stomp; 3. Rear Naked Choke; 4. Indian Death Lock; 5. Rear mounted forearm shivs

Standing Grapples
1. Armwringer to elbow to the bicep; 2. Head and shoulder suplex; 3. STO; 4. Jumping cradle piledriver; 5. Cradle brain buster; 6. Full nelson forward Russian leg sweep; 7. Shoulder arm breaker; 8. Gut wrench power bomb; 9. Neckbreaker; 10. Crucifix Tossing power bomb

Back Grapples
1. Regular/Release German suplex; 2. Reverse swinging neck breaker; 3. Full nelson overhead suplex; 4. Push to a back brain heel kick; 5. Atomic drop to running lariat to the back of the head

Irish Whip
1. Lifting Knee; 2. Spinebuster; 3. Swinging sidewalk slam; 4. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker; 5. Sambo Throw

Corner Attacks
1. Running double knee; 2. Tree of Woe to a running dropkick to the face; 3. Shoulder shots to the gut; 4. Snake eyes; 5. Turnbuckle power bomb

High Risk
1. Suicide dive; 2. Top turnbuckle finisher/signature(Anathema, FaceDive, Dead End or Lock Jaw); 3. Double knee drop to the chest from the top turnbuckle

High Risk
1. Suicide dive; 2. Top turnbuckle finisher/signature(Facedive/Killswitch); 3. Double knee drop to the chest from the top turnbuckle

Extreme Moves
1. Killswitch from a ladder; 2. Any finisher into/in thumbtacks; 3. Powerbomb over the top rope into table, glass, etc.

1. Lights Out: swinging spine buster
2. FaceDive: Evenflow DDT

1. Killswitch--Description: Vertical Suplex Piledriver

2. Downward Spiral--Description:Standing Swinging Side slam

3. Spinal Tap--Description: Leg hook belly to back suplex lifted and dropped into a piledriver

4. Long Kiss Goodnight--Description: Modified Triangle Choke Submission

Bio: Bulls background is as clouded as his mind. Having spent a good portion of his life in an asylum, Bulls mind is fragmented beyond repair. Knowing that his real talents would only be appreciated in two places, Bull opted not to go to prison and instead entered the wrestling world. Now he is bent on vengeance against any and all that oppose him. He loves the violence and the pain he causes. His goal is to be the best at what he does and there isn’t a person in the world Bull won’t fight. It isn’t just about the belts and being the best, it is about the bodies and carnage he leaves in his wake that he loves the most.

Key Relationships: His sister Raven Darkhawk is an assassin for an unnamed government group and only occasionally is seen with him. His other sister, Dove Darkhawk, lives in a mental institute. At the age of 18, she was struck by a drunk driver. Now, 3 years younger then Bull, she still believes she is twelve, though her body continues to age.

Education: Bull graduated high school valedictorian. He was offered a scholarship for his ability to play football, but chose a military route. Two years later he returned, with no one knowing what exactly happened in a little town on the Asian continent that forced Bull out. No one but his sister Raven, and she ain't talking.

Skills In Life: Bull works with metal a lot, has ever since he was a young teen. He also has more extensive military training then his two years in the military, thanks to his fathers way of bringing him up in life.

Hobbies: Metal work, restoration of old cars, building new styles of matches. Bull keeps trying to make things bolder and more deadly, while simply and easy to pull off.

Phobias/Fears: Of being without someone to love when he is done with wrestling, beyond his family. That everything he has done up to this point was a waste.

Bad Habits: Bull forgets at times that he is doing things a certain way, a more just and honorable way and he goes violently off the deep end. He avoids his friends to lash out at anyone he or they deem an enemy in some of the most violent ways imaginable.

Best Qualities: Bull has a caring heart if you know how to get to it.
Worst Qualities: Bull himself would say its his caring heart. Most would agree it is his violence.

Key Childhood Experiences: At 7 he spent three years in an insane asylum, and was subject to many experimental drugs and procedures that, according to some, are the reason for his multiple personalities.

Key Teenage Experiences: His fathers mysterious death. Many in the community still believe it was a young and strong Bull that caused the death, but no evidence has ever surfaced. He also spent two more years in the asylum from 11 to 13.

Favorite and Least Favorite Things: Bull secretly enjoys having children around and wants to have his own someday. He hates men that assault women and children then for no reason then their own cruelty. He has done so in the past, and has made it one of his goals to never do it again.

Goals and Motivations: He has reached his career goals many times, but continues to build on them, wanting to now leave a lasting foundation for years to come, when the name Corey Bull is refereed to in awe. Personally, he just wants a woman that will love him for who he is. Once he had this, but she committed suicide when Bull first started in WXW, believing she was the cause of his issues, since she convinced him to take medication to quiet the voices.

Morals/Ethics: Bulls vision of morality and ethnics is almost too difficult to explain. His simplest belief is that women and children should never be subject to violence.

Style of Speech: Bull talks in multiples, referring to himself as we and us. Bulls multiple personalities have "agreed" to share his mind as opposed to showing up whenever they feel like it. Bull sees himself more as a group onto himself as opposed to a simple "human"

Personality/Attitude: Personality can sometimes be one sided, with him preferring to just beat people up over actually finding a less violent solution.

Entrance Example:
(The beats of “You‘re Going Down“ starts to trickle out of the sound system. The lights start to dim around the stage as a little smoke trails across it and Corey Bull walks out with his loggers chain in hand.The crowd erupts with cheers for the villainous hero.)

Define your meaning of war
To me it’s what we do when we’re bored
I feel the heat comin’ off of the black top
And it makes me want it more
Because I’m hyped and out of control
It it’s a fight, I’m ready to go
I wouldn’t put my money on the other guy
If you know what I know that I know

(Bull walks to the ring with his eyes focused on the square circle. The fans cheer on the monster as he climbs up and into the ring. He stands in the center and raises his fist with the chain into the air)

Its been a long time coming
And the table’s turned around
‘Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down
I’m not running
It’s a little different now
‘Cause one of us is going
One of us is going down

(Explosions go off on the ramp in the shape of a mushroom cloud as Bull looks out over the crowd and the lights come up. The chain is dumped over the side and he takes off the prison shirt and tosses it into the crowd, getting ready for a fight.)

Theme Music: “You’re Going Down” Sick Puppies

Pic Base: Triple H prior to the short hair
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The Hatebringer Corey Bull
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