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 PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Frankie Emerson vs. Johnathan Blade

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Frankie Emerson vs. Johnathan Blade   Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:40 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is February 12 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: Your RP counts for the ENTIRE tournament. Not just your first round match. So keep that in mind when writing.
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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: #Swag   Wed Feb 12, 2014 4:48 pm

~~~ Darkness. ~~~

IN A WORLD… where one man must fight the rest. To become an elite, to become immortal, to become;


When nobody is wearing the crown, one man steps up to watch the throne. One man claims the spotlight; and that man is…

~~~ A clip of Frankie “The Face” Emerson standing in front of a huge American flag, holding a smaller American flag plays, both flags blowing in the breeze and Frankie with a proud look on his face. ~~~

FRANKIE. “THE FACE”. Emersonnnnnn.

Coming to a television set near you is the action-packed adventure of the year. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you may or may not become aroused. That’s fine, it’s normal when you’re witnessing… HISTORY. This is a man’s journey to the top, a man’s journey to become THE man… to become THE Champion. This is…


~~~ The text explodes into view in red white and blue font, with a bald eagle circling it. We then cut to the rated screen. ~~~

Rated R for obscenely sexual scenes including Frankie Emerson and his sexy face. Paid for and brought to you by Frankie Emerson.


:::== The scene suddenly pauses, and we pan back off a TV in a small room. Frankie “The Face” Emerson stands to one side of the TV with a cheesy smile on his face, obviously proud of his ‘accomplishment’. The camera pans over to see… omg you guessed it right folks… Brandon Harris standing next to Frankie, a less-than-impressed look on his face. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Soooooooooooooooo… whatcha think? I know that it’s pretty phenomenal, so soak it all in.

Brandon Harris: It was… it was interesting all right.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: The word you were looking for is “The best thing in the history of the entire universe”.

Brandon Harris: That’s more than a word.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Not if you don’t put a space between it, but then it’d be too hard for the reader to read.

Brandon Harris: … Excuse me? What readers?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Nevermind. I digress. Isn’t this exciting Brando? Finally, after my fans have waited patiently with me for sooooo long… Frankie “The Face” Emerson finally gets to claim gold! Mmmmm.

Brandon Harris: Well it’s not going to be easy, I mean there is a LOT of competition in this tournament Frankie. This is to crown the first EVER PWP Champion. Do you really understand the magnitude of that?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Well I fail to see what the Pokemon ‘Magnitude’ has to do with the tournament, but whatever.
:::== Blank stare of hate from Brandon to Frankie. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: But all Pokemon aside, this is going to be a very hard tournament to win Brando, even for a God like myself. I took the liberty of writing down all the people in the match that I’ve heard of and or think could even have a SLIGHT chance of beating me.

:::== Frankie pulls out a crumpled ball of paper from his jeans pocket, unfolding it carelessly. :::==

Brandon Harris: I’m impressed! Usually you don’t even bother to look up who you’re facing, let alone do research on your other opponents.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Oh no, I didn’t look up anything about anyone. The way I see it, if you’re any good I’ll have had heard of you before. Actually that brings me to the first man on my list because he’s my first round opponent and I got nooooo clue who he is.

Brandon Harris:  Johnathan Blade?  He’s actually really good.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: The only people I really recognize are the guys from PWSi, Robert Saints, TJ Codair, The Rev and Jade Shocker. Saints and Codair were… well they tried. And The Rev and Jade Shocker they must be what? 2000 years old combined?

Brandon Harris: Actually I saw them both the other day and they looked in great shape. I’m super excited to see that match, it should be tremendous.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: I mean yeah they WERE good Brando… like 3 years ago. They’re both flakier then a pastry, have turned their backs more time on their fans then runway models, but you know what their biggest flaw is?

Brandon Harris: Oh boy, what’s that?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: They are not… me. Nobody from the PWSi is me. Which, actually that brings me to the next man on my list who was also from PWSi at one point, my new buddy and ½ of the official-unofficial tag team ‘Team Michael Jackson’ Flex Johnson. Unlike all the other dumpers in the tournament, I have a lot of respect for Mr. Johnson. While it’s true… I carried him to our win in Unsanctioned over Chaz HoliGAY and Kelly Fury, he still tried to hold up his end which is admirable. I mean I know it was unfair for Chaz and Kelly considering they were facing the best wrestler in the world… and Flex… but the fact that Flex didn’t stand by and let me do 100% of the work is truly worth my respect. If I get hit by a car or a truck or a comet and can’t compete in the PWP Gold Rush Tournament, then Flex would be my next pick to win the belt. Yeah it’d be a huge step down for PWP, going from the prime rib to the ground beef… but it’s better than the dry bread that is the rest of the tournament.

Brandon Harris: ………… I-……. What-…. You… WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: It means… well… shutyourface.

Brandon Harris: Witty.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Look! Fact is, there is only one name on the list that actually scares me in the end Brando.

Brandon Harris: Wow, really? I can’t believe you’d actually admit that. Who is it?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: James The Shark. I mean, I’ll take the opportunity to beat up on a defenseless shark, but how the hell do you train a shark to wrestle!?

Brandon Harris: Train a shark to wrest-… Are you talking about James Shark?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: That’s a coincidence. A guy named James Shark trained James The Shark? Wouldn’t the shark die if it’s out of water for the entire duration of the match?

Brandon Harris: No no… it’s-… it’s not James THE Shark… it’s James Shark. He’s a hell of a wrestler. Not a shark.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: … no my paper definatly says James THE Shark. I think you’re wrong on this one Brando. Won’t PETA get on our case?

Brandon Harris: He’s not a shark! You’ve wrestled on shows with him, surely you’ve seen him.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: I think I’d remember seeing a wrestling shark Brandon. What the hell does a shark gain if it wins a belt anyways!?

Brandon Harris: YOU’RE NOT WRESTLING A GOD DAMN SHARK! It is a WRESTLER. A MAN. NAMED JAMES… SHARK. No THE, no fins, no gills… he is NOT a shark.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: ……………………………………………….. are you sure?

Brandon Harris: YES!!!

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: … we’ll see. All I’m saying is, I’ll kick a sharks ass on land. Wait for it to stop flopping around, drop a big ol’ leg drop on the SOB, and first ever champion right here baby!

Brandon Harris: … whatever. Look, what about the incredible talent like Sylar Drake, Darren Maddox, Brett Sands—

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Nope never heard of them so they’re dumpy.

Brandon Harris: They’re incredible! How can you just over look them?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Easily.

:::== Long awkward silence. Frankie decides best to change the subject. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: It’s funny, you know the Olympics are going on Brando, and there’s a lot of spectacular athletes winning gold. So how fitting is it that THE most spectacular athlete in the world, myself, also gets to claim gold? Hmm? Fitting isn’t it. But you didn’t even think about that did ya?

Brandon Harris: Nope, not once did I think to compare you to an Olympian. My mistake…

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: It’s fine, standing next to myself is known to discombobulate some. The fact is NOBODY and NOTHING is going to stand in my way. I’ll go through former tag partners, I’ll go through former PWSi superstars, I’ll go through marine life like James The Shark… nothing will stop from becoming the first ever PWP Champion.

:::== Brandon gets ready to bash his skull against the wall at Frankie’s insistence of the shark, but Frankie continues first. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: But Brando I have one more thing to let you in on! Since I’m going to be getting a big fat “Winners” check when I win the title, I decided to invest a little bit of money and release the first line of official… FRANKIE EMERSON T-SHIRTS!

Brandon Harris: Well; I wouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, but that’s great that you’ve decided to make some merch. You got it around?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: IT? Oh no no Brando, when Frankie does something he does it with style. I’m not releasing A shirt, I’m releasing three!

:::== Frankie grabs a cardboard box from off-scene, and Brandon looks on actually interested and intrigued. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: You know I love my fans, and I love sharing my wit and experience with them. So just in time for Valentines Day I present to you…

:::== He unfolds it and throws it on quickly, modeling it for Brandon, spinning around to show off both sides. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: The #BoneZone T-Shirt! Some lucky fella’s are gonna score big when they put on this beauty.

Brandon Harris: I’ve never been more disgusted, how could you put that on a shirt.

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Oh don’t worry Brando! I’m not sexist… BAM! SHIRT NUMBER TWO! For the ladiesssss.

Brandon Harris: I stand corrected. How could you put THAT on a shirt!?

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Well I understand that not everyone exudes the sexual superiority that I do Brando, so for the nervous type like yourself, I’ve made the ultimate icebreaker shirt.

Brandon Harris: ………………………. *sigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh*.

:::== Brandon walks away, slamming the lockerroom door behind him. Frankie looks offended, holding his shirts to his chest. :::==

Frankie “The Face” Emerson: Hey! Come back Brando! You don’t have to rush to buy one, I’ll save you one aside! Brando? Pshh… what a strange guy he is. Don’t you guys think?

:::== Sensual stare into the camera. Scene fades to black. :::==

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PWP Design
PWP Design

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Frankie Emerson vs. Johnathan Blade   Wed Feb 12, 2014 6:41 pm

Ooc: so I got it in my head that for some reason rob Colton was playing his character called the rev... So that part of my rp will make Nooooo sense lol
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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Frankie Emerson vs. Johnathan Blade   

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PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Frankie Emerson vs. Johnathan Blade
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