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 PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband   Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:39 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is February 12 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: Your RP counts for the ENTIRE tournament. Not just your first round match. So keep that in mind when writing.
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PostSubject: Morgan Spurlock without the defeat    Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:09 pm


We open on a street with a somewhat young man walking, hood up, eyes open and completely aware of the world around him, his body language is reading please don't acknowledge me and he is swiftly dodging in and out of every alley he finds. He stops at a few stalls in the market he enters quietly through the side gate. We can't tell if he is buying or selling but there is definitely an exchange going on, as he quickly exits the market and continues his skewed dander through the city streets, as this goes on an inner soliloquy kicks in

My name is Jordan Caliban, my life is somewhat, complicated, I'm 25 years old, I live with my Beautiful girlfriend Sinnesy Rose, and yes that is a real name I swear. I work as a regular loser in a dive bar in the center of downtown London Ontario, You may be asking yourself what exactly it is I am doing out here acting shady as shit and twice as shifty

He makes one more stop and this time we see an exchange up close but it's still damn near impossible to see who is benefiting from who in the exchange  

No I am not a pot dealer, although I am a fan I must admit, and yes one of those stops was for that purpose but at the same time there are other things to be a chicken shit about if you see what I do nearly every day. See when you look at me now you see something I got the chance to “create.” Ill show you pictures of a 15 year old, 19 year old, 22 year old Jordy and he wont be what your looking at now. I was every kind of kid you made fun of in high school.

Flashback to Jordan walking the same way through his high school hall way, ducking and diving and attempting to avoid any and all contact with what he called the pseuperior race but still getting shit here and there, generic high school stuff

I was that poor straight kid who attracted the gay speculation simply because I read Shakespeare

We then flash to a car accident with Jordan in the passenger seat, the screen fades to black and then quickly to Jordy in a wheel chair

I smashed myself up and spent the last 4 years of high school in a wheelchair, But I'm not in it anymore so I don't dwell on the whole thing

Back to the present scene and we see Jordy making his way below an underpass

I like a lot of things In my life, I grew up in Northern Ireland and now I live in Canada, so I get to be all foreign and exotic and shit, and trust me in about 5 minutes your gunna see why that is a plus out here

He stops in at a beer store quickly, waving to the guys behind the counter, he walks over to the cheapo section and picks up 6 Pabst Blue Ribbon and makes his way to the counter to wait in line for the register

I honest to god don't drink, I ran out of stomach when I was 18, after drinking something as sour as Buckfast for nearly 3 years and then cutting down to cider after that I honestly have had enough

He gets to the counter

But Sinnesy, she likes a beer at the end of the day and honestly I see it as my god given duty to make sure it happens


I'll have a drink on a night out but at home I just want Rockstar in the morning and coke all day after that, I say I drink a lot of water too but that's honest to god bullshit

And moves to the doors

But that is where my second wife Mary comes in, she is my weed to Sinnesy's Hops and on a nice night chilled out on the couch with the most beautiful woman I have ever met

He sticks a small Joint in his mouth

I like to slip into a nice perple daze

He makes his way across a road just avoiding the lights and makes his way on through the alleys till he comes to a side street off what looks like a main road and finally reaches a small house, Once inside the first and only door he finds and walks into is the bedroom where a goddess lays snoring like a demon, sleeping naked fully wrapped up in her own crimson hair, rolling over we catch the silhouette of the most perfect hourglass figure, the kind you would be able to spend hours exploring with your fingers just to have the pleasure of making her spine shiver, he reaches down kisses her behind the ear to which she moans and flaps him away as he sniggers

Awake Siny actually loves when I do that, But with sleeping Siny, if I where to push this? We would probably see how many times my intestines would curl as they hit the floor

He quickly and quietly makes his exit from the room and enters a wide living space complete with Hipster stuff that's too dark to be hipster all over the walls, we see a huge portrait from Tim Burton's Vincent Price tribute “VINCENT” a story about a young boy obsessed with the master of  divine tyranny.

As I said, I like my life, but there are certain things that I gave myself up to when I decided I couldn't be the person I had been my entire life anymore

He crashes down onto his couch and picks up and X-Box controller

This isn't the story of where I am going

He picks up a half smoked blunt from the morning and stares at the Strawberry vanilla cheesecake bites

Reason 350 of why I love my Girlfriend, she cooks like crazy

He throws one up into his mouth and munches down smiling like a very happy man

This is the story of how I got here


Match Piece

We open on Jordan Caliban standing in front of a projector screen with a PWP 5 Goldrush graphic projected on the wall behind him so he is partially lost in the image

Ladies and gentlemen welcome to the first day of the rest of your lives starring me, Jordan Caliban, in 2000 there was a revolution happening in the wrestling buisness, grown by men who understood that the only stories that really need to be told are told in the ring. Men and women who put their own bodies on the line as weapons instead of simply instruments of "entertainment" and then after a few instances where things seemed to go very very wrong even fatally so for one of the leaders of said movement, it was stopped and the world of super heroes and villains returning with the same plans to eradicate them being stopped in the same ways over and over

He starts clicking through pictures of the contestants in the upcoming tournament quickly scrolling through everyone

So now we have a hybrid, we have guys coming through the ranks now with big moves, big mouths and every bit of "back it up they got." All these guys claim to be the next big guy, the next guy to set the world on fire and put this company on the map and all the good shit that people tend to spew when they have absolutely no idea how well they are actually going to fair. Me? I'm not thinking about my opponents right now, I don't have to, I just need to worry about me

He starts clicking through shots of himself as he continues speaking, the pictures go through high spots of his in ring career

See the life I lived in the ring was one of what we call a spot monkey, a highlight reel, the guy who jumps off the ladder but never brings the briefcase with him, people call me egotistical without having anything to back it up, they call me a child because I know the advantages of running my mouth. It's pretty plain and simple, people don't like me, the reason for that is my way of controlling them, wrestlers who believe that they have choices of whether or not they will face and lose to me. I worked for a couple of the bigger companies in the past, not dropping any names, and have dealt with a lot of people who don't understand who I am and why I do the things I do or say the shit I say

He laughs and contemplates this for a second

Let me answer that question right here, right now, one time, My name is Jordan Adeus Punkin Caliban and I am the culmination of the evolution of pro wrestling I described to you before. I am a student of the rabid wolverine, a disciple of the man of a 1000 holds, while being a devout follower of the man who knows 1001 and have enough VIVA LA FUCK YOU UP to know that I am going to walk into this tournament with a smile on my face and not much else but when I walk out again I will be the first PWP world heavyweight champion, why? Because this is what I do, this is who I am, I put on the shows that people pay to see, I outclass, overshadow and objectify my opponents with an offense most rarely have to deal with, I am faster, I am stronger and I am straight up better than all of you

Caliban pulls his hood up and the shadows surround his face, the only things visible are the white of his smile and the blue of his eyes as the light from the projector bounces off them

Now to a lot of you will wonder where all this Bravado comes from, how this ego could be so big in one so young and small and the answer is painfully simple, gentlemen I have spent my entire career bracing for the train wreck and praying for a god damn miracle and recently I realised that the wonderful thing about waiting for that miracle is if you are good enough you will make them happen for yourself. At PWP 5 I make that miracle happen, if you never break you will never know how to put it all together, Ive been broken enough, it's time it came together

A voice from behind the camera chimes in

And what about your first opponent Savannah?

The projector clicks to particularly intimidating Brunette woman or as some people will recognise her, Savannah

Savannah is in what her 4th year as a competitor on the circut now?

5th I believe

OK and I have seen the accomplishments and frankly it's impressive

He rubs his hands together and his smile goes away

What I am about to say next will probably bring some scrutiny but I normally hate fighting girls, most people when they hear that automatically think its a sexist statement and it isn't and there in actually lies the reason for saying it. So Savannah I am asking you, lets do this right, professionally, I know you can take a hit as good as any man so let me simply treat you like one and you do the same to me. Folks this wont be a national TV show soap opera set up, this is a tournament for the PWP heavyweight title and the honor of calling yourself the inaugural champion, an opportunity that only presents itself once maybe twice in a career. Savannah I couldn't give 2 wriggly shits whether you have boobs or not I am coming to that ring to kill you and advance to the next round of this tournament, the same way I am going to do all the way to the finals so I can climb the ropes and show the world that my mouth is backed up by everything I do in the ring

The voice behind the camera chimes in one more time

So any final words for the rest of your opponents in the tournament?

Ladies, Gentleman and all that fall in between, to you this is a tournament for another prize, for me this is warfare to achieve my ultimate goal for the first time. I have given to much and have taken too little back, some of you I know, TJ Codair, PVL, Flex Johnson hell me and TJ got a date to team up this week but come PWP 5, they are all just names and faces, doors to be kicked in on my way to the top... incoming

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Wild Cat
Wild Cat

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband   Thu Feb 13, 2014 12:38 am

Our scene opens on a wrestling ring in the center of an empty arena. The arena looks as if it has seen better days and anyone who has been a regular viewer of the IWF, especially the Underground, will recognize it as the IWF Arena in South Philly.  As the shot tightens on her she straightens up from where she's been relaxing in the corner and gives us her best winning smile.

Hello, PWP! For those of you (many, I'm sure) who don't know me my name is Savanna. I wrestle out of Insurgency Wrestling and it is my privilege to compete in the upcoming PWP Gold Rush.

Savannah chuckles.

Of course, I'm sure there's more than a few of you who think you know me, based on what has been bandied about by the Twits out there, as well as a few of my fellow wrestlers at IWF, some of which are also competing in this tournament.

So let's start getting acquainted with each other by clearing up a few… misconceptions. First, a little bit of history.

She took a moment to settle back into her corner again.

I started wrestling professionally… damn it's going on 5 years now?  Yep, 5 years ago I entered a professional wrestling show not as a spectator, but as a competitor. But, I have to add to that that I have had fighting experience ever since I turned 14 and started looking for trouble.

I rose through the ranks, slowly at first but I got better, tougher and wilier. I held Tag gold in that company, then minor gold, then a major title- the GEW Extreme Chaos belt!
And then the company died. I really don't know the full details, but if you ever want to hear me bitch, ask me about Chelsea Magnum-Reed.

But wear fire protective clothing when you do.

I was injured at the last PPV that GEW ever held- one who's tapes … I don't know, vanished? Never existed? Like I said, if you want a rant…

Savannah shook her head.


I'll never really know what happened at the end of that match. They say I lost but I really couldn't tell you since Wilde Tanke and I were both buried under a set piece at the time- and a heavy set piece at that!

What followed were months of healing and rehab and doctors looking at me shaking their heads when I asked when I could go back to work- and then work going away.

After that? Well I had friends-  friends that could keep me in a job doing something I'd grown to love. Maybe not the job that most girls from Gig Harbor dream of but hell, it beat being a barista at Starbucks! They kept me going, kept me working out and, well basically doing physical rehabilitation in a sneaky kind of way so that, when the time came, I could have an 'accidental' meeting with an old friend, Sah'ta Thor.

It was Thor who brought me back into wrestling last year after a 2 year hiatus. He said he needed an ally, someone he knew had the talent and tenacity to have his back when the going got rough. And I was there for him right up until …

Savannah sighed.

No, Let's not go down that road. Thor is still a good friend to me(even if he doesn't see it now).

Thor, honey, call me if you hear this? And if you've deleted the number from your phone call Velvet. She has it.

Savannah smiled again. Maybe a bit forced...

Anyway, After knocking the rust off I began to have a pretty successful run. I won the IWF tag belts in September, and have kept those belts since then, even though circumstances have put me through three different partners.

Savannah chuckles. She gets out of the corner and smiles at the camera.

I guess this is a good place to leave it, seeing as the shitstorm I want to address starts about here.  You see, there are a few pieces of shit out there  on Twitter that have started a thing involving lies about me and mine that I want o clear up.

Now, I won't bore you with the most popular meme out there, that I've gotten what I have because I've been willing to suck Management's dick to get it. You're all smarter than that. My history shows I have talent in the ring, not just on my knees. And since Chelsea was a bulldyke in name only we'll leave it at that, okay?

Okay, next up is something a bit more complicated. After Uprising I took our Head of Talent relations up on his offer for a meeting. I'd never met Tim Patrick, barely heard of the man but he sounded nice on Twitter and in the email he sent me through the IWF, so I went to his office in Philly to talk over where my career was headed.

Savannah sighed, for a moment getting a faraway look in her eyes.

I… I didn't plan to fall for him. He didn't try to seduce me. But… it was as if we both fit the holes in the puzzles of our lives, made them complete.

We talked about my career, of course- but then we talked of other things. We  talked late into the night, and I didn't want it to end. A few days later I didn't have to, because I'd moved in,

And that's when the shit started. People saying that I was getting 'special favors' from Management through Tim. People saying that I wasn't as good as I was being billed to be.

People saying my match with Gordon Fury was… 'arranged' , most likely though kneepads.

For the record, folks. Tim Patrick saw that card AFTER I found out I had the match with Gordon, and he was just as surprised as I was about it happening!

Either that or he's a bigger head gamer that Thor ever was, and that would saying something! And yes, I lost that match- due to various mistakes on my part. I still learned plenty from him, wish I could learn more but.. well he and Tim seem to grate on each other…

As for Tim's influencing my bookings, I stayed away from Underground to avoid just that- even though that show had a match format more to my liking I stayed with the more… conservative Battlegrounds roster. That caused a split between myself and Thor, as well as some other incidents that don't concern us here. It was in all the papers, look it up if the curiosity is too much.

And I promised everyone that if my relationship with Tim interfered with my relationship with IWF, that I would make the right choice- Tim.

Savanna smiled and settled down into her corner again.

Well, I' m sure you guys have heard enough of me going on about myself. We've got a few weeks yet until things get serious, so I'll cut it here and come back woth something for the show itself later. Bye.

We fade to black.


The camera fades in to a shot of Savanna working out- throwing punches and kicks that seem to just barely miss the camera. after a few shots she stops and smiles.

Hello PWP! I told you I'd be back to torment you with more of me talking. I'm in a pretty good mood today, no doubt about it. Ascension was a good time for all my friends at IWF, with three of us grabbing cases to win shots at some belts in the future.

So I'm coming off the high of winning a shot at the Rising Phoenix title, and going into the high of going on a world tour. But before I can hit London I have to do one little thing don't I?

Mainly, I have to come and take on some of the best wrestlers around, all going for the PWP Heavyweight Title!

Now, I will confess I wasn't that sure how to go about doing this promo. I mean, of the 16 competitors after the belt I really only know Flex Johnson and James Shark well. I mean I know a few of the others by reputation but not by having actually fought with them- or against them.

So no real way to prepare for the entire tournement other than bringing the best you got and praying it's enough. I was able to tailor my training for the guy I'm up against first.

Yes, Jordan,I'm talking about you. You obviously have been giving this tournement alot of thought. It shows in how quickly you had a promo on the web for it- and a good one too. Made me think you must have had fifteen different ones made so you could pick whichever one was the one you were going against and pop it in.

Savannah shrugs.

Or maybe you did find out about me, record a promo and post it all in one day? I guess it can be done. Nevermind doesn't matter.  What you said matters more.

Actually, I want to compliment you. Even after your 'girl, ewww' moment you did the right thing. I've looked at what you can do and, yes, it's pretty impressive. You look very talented and I'm sure whatever happens between the two of us is going to keep the audience on the edge of their seats the whole time.

That said, one thing you said is true for me as well. I'm going to come through those ropes looking for your head, Jordan. And if your mind is on my 'chesticles' when we start this is going to be a very short and one sided fight.

Come at me, Jordan. Try to 'kill me' with your high flying moves and all. I  promise you this. I will ground you, and then I will grind you up. You're right, this is just the first step on a longer and more prosperous road than either of us have ever been down. And I don't plan on being put off at the first stop of this ride!

Savannah laughs.

And  I've looked. If I'm really lucky I will be able to face both Flex and Shark on my way to the top! You both will get to see just how much you've underestimated me back at IWF. Maybe a few other things will change around there then.

We fade to black.

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband   

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PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Savannah vs. Jordan Caliband
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