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 PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Sylar Drake vs. TJ Codair

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Sylar Drake vs. TJ Codair   Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:39 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is February 12 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: Your RP counts for the ENTIRE tournament. Not just your first round match. So keep that in mind when writing.
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TJ Codair

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Sylar Drake vs. TJ Codair   Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:33 pm

Feb 10th, 2PM

The scene opens up as TJ Codair is seen sitting at the computer, typing away, as his phone rings.  He picks it up and starts to talk.

“Hey whats going on Cassandra?”

A moment of silence is heard from TJ, as TJ takes a drag off of his cigarette.

“You know something, I completely forgot, with everything going on in the WXW lately, it just slipped my mind.  All the signings, radio and everything else.  Where is the venue.”

Codair starts to laugh.

“The Agganis Arena, where the Terriers play for BU.  Oh I know the area, trust me.  I grew up in Charlestown, which is a neighborhood of Boston.  I will book my flight now.  Hang on a second, let me pull up the PWP website.”

Codair takes a drag off his cigarette and sits back.

“Yes Cass, I will be flying out this evening and heading home.  The venue is perfect for me, and its about an hour and half from where my actual house is now.  All else fails, I will just say screw it and hop the commuter rail right into North Station from Fitchburg, Ma, and jump the  train to Government center, hop on a bus, one of stops is a block away.  I ain't worried darlin, I know the area very well.  Had a few drunken nights in that area.”

Codair nods his head.

“Yes darlin, I will call ya if I need any help, and I will get a hold of ya. Don't worry to much alright.  I will talk to ya later.”

Codair hangs up the phone, and gets onto

“Lets see if I can get a direct flight into Logan Airport from Detroit, probably should just stay in Boston, til after the show.”

Codair looks at the computer for a minute then bows his head in defeat.

“SHIT, well at least its only one transfer in Philly.  Oh well.”

Codair logs in and buys the flight, selects his flight, gets the confirmation. He stands up and shuts the computer.   As he walks over to where his clothes and wrestling gear is and starts to pack.

Feb 11th

It's Evening time  as TJ Codair is as the scene opens up . TJ Codair is seen coming out of North Station, in Boston, Massachusetts, as he walks down the steps he makes his way to a busy street, and gets over to the set of lights.  He presses the lights,and waits as the traffic passes by, he looks on with a smile on his face

“Home sweet Home, I almost forgot how insane Causeway Street is during rush hour.  Thank god there is a light at the end of this tunnel.”

TJ points for the camera as the camera goes and sees a Dunkin Donuts, the camera man is heard chuckling a bit as TJ shrugs.

“Oh, I could have just bought one in North Station, but I am meeting an old friend there, and to be honest, who knows how long that pot of coffee has been sitting there. I'd much rather the always freshly brewed version. I guess welcome to a day in the life.”

The walking light comes on as TJ Codair looks in the road and then crosses to the median, looks both ways again, and crosses the other part of the busy street.  The cars are honking as people are heard yelling out TJ Codair's name as TJ Codair spreads his arms and yells back to them, they make it across Causeway street and walk down a little bit to the Dunkin Donuts, where they walk in a few people are in there just talking about random things as TJ walks up to the counter. A young female employee is standing at the register looking at him as

Server: “Hi, Welcome to Dunkin Donuts, how can I take your order?”

TJ: “I am going to need a Extra Large Turbo Shot Black With Raspberry Mocha Swirl”

Server: “Ok, anything else.”

TJ turns to the camera man, as he is heard saying no thank you.

TJ: “Guy, it's fucking cold outside, your gonna be with me, your going to need the coffee, i'm buying, order up.”

The camera man is heard to say he prefers Starbucks as TJ smacks himself in the head.

TJ: “Let me get this straight, you would take that Yuppie Crap over Dunk's really, guy come on.”

Cameraman: “Ok, Grande Caffe' Misto.”

TJ is seen looking at the camera, blinking confused, he then turns to the girl behind the counter. Holds up his pointer finger asking for a moment, as he turns back to the camera.


TJ turns back around to the girl behind the counter as she smiles.

TJ: “Hes going to want an Extra Large Turbo shot, Extra Cream, Regular Sugar, Caramel Mocha Swirl.”

TJ turns to the camera, as  the camera nods up and down, so TJ turns back to the girl behind the counter.

TJ: “That should do it darlin.”

Girl: “Why do I get the feeling I know you from somewhere.”

TJ: “I am a townie.”

A guy walks up behind TJ, patting him on the back.

Guy: “This here Stacy, is a legend.  This is wrestling superstar TJ Codair, born and raised  about two miles away.”

TJ turns around and shakes the mans hand.

TJ: “Sully, ya swill, how the hell are ya.”

Sully: “I been great bud, been great, come on, lets sit down and chat, I own this store so your drinks are on me.”

TJ gets his coffee and the camera man's coffee and carries it over to a table where Sully sits, TJ sits across from him, and the camera sits back to see them both talk.

TJ: “Yeah Guy, I am in town for a couple of days, I am doing an inter promotional gig for the Professional Wrestling Project, me and two of the guys from the federation I am in are in town for this, unfortunately”

Sully: “Unfortunately, what do you mean.”

TJ: “well ya know to be honest, Robert Saints and Darren Maddox, well they kind of suck.  They lack charisma, bout as narrow minded as they come.  Hell they could ruin a blow job for the pope as soon as they start talking about how great they are. Shit man I been hounding Robert for a couple of months, him and his family and unfortunately for them, I been making em all look like idiots with out even trying.  Then again there is Darren Maddox who is a fucking ass clown as is.  I mean, I get the point where I am supposed to be pro WXW for this tourney, however it's kinda hard.  I mean if it were Corey Bull, Andrew Ryder, Alexis Makarios, someone with talent, I would be all for it. However I think the fate of WXW in this gig falls on me.”

Sully is seen chuckling.

Sully: “Still as brash as ever. Who else is in this tournament?”

TJ just shakes his head.

TJ: “Only guy I actually am friendly with is Jordan Caliban, far as i'm concerned he is like the only one I gotta worry about.  The kid has talent, he is mouthy as fuck though.  Gotta love confidence though, hes a hot ticket though.  I enjoy bullshitting with the kid, and hes a friggen mick to, so I can't knock that.”

Sully: “Americanized or off the boat.”

TJ: “He's off the boat, reminds me of a lot of my family, so anytime I am talking to him for awhile, I pick up on the accent for a bit.  Its fun running around talking like a leprechaun though.”

Sully laughs for a moment as TJ shrugs.

TJ: “Then of course there are guys like Frankie Emerson I have seen him wrestle once or twice, however never been impressed enough to watch for long.  Flex Johnson, Flex is good in the ring, I mean he can go, the fucking guy can shoot with the best of em that’s for sure, and I mean don't get me wrong when he insults ya.  Ya know it, or will know it after its explained to you after the fact.”

TJ shrugs

TJ: “Of course there are others in this tournament, there is Sister Liliana from the IW, shes a tough lil spud. She's looking to be probably a interesting challenge, and she I guess is taking on Darren Maddox in the first round.  Truth be told about that one, I see her beating Darren,.I wont be surprised.  She has talent that is for sure.  The Rev Rob Colton and Jade Shocker, I ain't familiar with however I have heard decent things about there past from several people.  James Shark, I never heard of but i'm interested in seeing how he does. Then of course there is Brett Sands and Peyton Von Licht, I never heard of, from what I have seen, id venture to say they would rather get manicures rather then wrestle. Then there are two more ladies in this tournament Mercedes Young and Savannah, I'm quite curious how those two will do.  I love seeing some women get in the ring, specially when there whipping pretty boy asses.  Johnathan Blade I don't know shit about, and then there is my first round opponent Sylar Drakes, I haven't  heard much of the guy either. I guess, I will find out what he is all about though.”

Sully: “That you will, that you will.”

A couple of hours later.

The scene opens as TJ Codair is seen sitting down in an arena as workers are setting up the arena for The Gold Rush.

“This feel's good being back here, it has been a long time sense I been in this building.  I have not wrestled here before, however got to see a few good rock shows, and a couple of real good hockey games from the terriers, I saw it starting to be built back in 2003, and always wondered what kinda feeling I would get if I ever wrestled here. Guess I will find out.

“People question why we do what we do in this business.  Who we are, what got us into this business.  Me, truth be told it was a whole hell if a lot better then the other option I had 20 years ago.  However this business has given me more then I could ever dream to give back, however I try like hell every time I enter a ring.  Every time I do autograph signings, every time I do promotional things.  I work my ass off. A lot of people don't like me for the way I feel about things, but the fact remains the same I don't care.”  

“I remember back in 1993 and 1994 wrestling in the Boston Gardens which was about two miles from here. Man those days, I was sloppy as hell.  However a lot of the old timers back then would rough me up a bit, at the end of the day though I showed respect, and in turn they taught me a lot of the things that I have held onto this day. Paying your dues being the biggest f them all. This title shot, ya it isn’t about how long you been affiliated with the PWP, it is about who stands to show it the proper respect.  A lot of people would argue that I sure as hell could not, then again there personal bias of what a proper wrestler is just don't phase me anymore.  You see I am nowhere near perfect, however it comes to a match I will be there.  I saw this tournament a number of months ago and went why not go for it.  Which I have not heard anything sense until last night.  Well here I am, I got my ass back to Boston as quickly as I could just so I did not miss out on this.”

“You see this is a huge opportunity for everyone involved to get in the ring and square off with some of the best wrestlers in the world, an opportunity I for one could not miss.  Call it what you will, however I am real happy to be here doing this.”

TJ shifts around in his seat a little bit.

“Now, I have heard that there are some here that have been in these shows for the PWP a number of times, and feel that the first timers don't deserve a chance at the gold. Fact is though, we all get the chance.  The point of this tournament is to get different promotions wrestlers involved to show who they are and what there promotion has to offer.  Now don't get me wrong I am not a huge fan of Darren Maddox, and I most definitely can not stand Robert Saint's either.  However all of us are here to showcase what our love for the business, and why we are in this business.  Will either of the three of us make it to the finals and win, who knows. I am not aware of the full extent of many of the wrestlers in this tournament because this is  my first real time doing anything like this.”

“I am out of my comfort zone, because I am used to facing off with people I am working with on a day to day basis, not wrestlers from different promotions.  Am I worried, no. I am not worried because I know at the end of the day, I am coming in swinging and I will show everyone that yeah, I may be a bastard, but I sure as hell have no problem with going the length I have to go to ensure some victories under my belt here at the PWP. “

TJ looks down at the workers putting together the ring and chuckles.

“I remember those days, I remember being a part of the set up crew by day, and be wrestling at night. I remember what it was like back in the good old days, which were really the dark ages to people now. I mean who could actually imagine being one of the guys that actually sets up the ring.  I can, you know why.  Back then it was mandatory, it was a way to gain knowledge of all aspects.  Something sorely missed, and sorely needed by today's crowd of wrestlers who are too good for hard work and dedication.  You see, dedication is what has been sorely needed in this business. To often these younger guys come in thinking they are the next break out star, and they ain't even cut their teeth in this business yet.”

“Don't get me wrong, they sometimes are real head turners and all however it all remains the same. Traditionally, none of that matters.  These are crazy times though, tradition no longer matters.  It is all about the fast buck.  Which don't get me wrong, my love has faded for the business and has turned to the money aspect.  However it is slowly coming back to me seeing some of these guys in the business. That leads to the big debate though, when does the business no longer become fun? When it is treated to much like a business by everyone involved.  You see I love this business for the shear fact of the competition.  I like to have fun with what I do, and anyone who comes to talk to me, and want's honest opinions I am more then willing to give em.  However I ain't about these younger guys thinking they are this or that, when in reality they don't deserve an ounce of respect because they ain't earned a leg to walk on yet.  Showing blatant disregard or disrespect for the people that have been busting their asses all these years in this business.”

TJ just shrugs as he chuckles to himself for a moment.

“Call me old fashion, just what I think. Now I know most of the competitors don't really care what I think, to them it is irrelevant to this match, show's how naive most of these kids are these day’s. I have been encouraged for years to join up in these inter promotional cards, to show the world what I got, and to test myself.  It's amazing that now I find myself giving it a shot.  However, here I am, ready and waiting.”

“This is a pretty good size gathering of talent from multiple feds.

“You know, I know everyone is going to take pop shots at each other, trying to take each other apart to gain mental advantages over one another when everyone involved should be grateful for the opportunity presented before them and embrace the fact that this is going to be one of the greatest events put together by this company PWP. The caliber of talent, the length's everyone will go to, the differences in styles. This is going to be one hell of a show.  However everyone is so focused on becoming the first PWP Champion that they can't appreciate it, ironically enough, that is going to be what makes this show great. The proverbial double edged sword. Hopefully at the end of the show everyone will know that this show was the best that we all could provide for the fans.”

“Now anyone who knows me is expecting for me to go after every weakness I can on anyone, but why?  Why bother showing everyone's weakness?  It just takes away from the grander scale, and you know what it may or may not make my match better or worse, who knows.  I just want to get into that ring, and work my way up and see how it goes.  I am wrestling this match, representing World Xreme Wrestling, showcasing the company I work for, showcasing what the WXW has for talent.  At the end of the day, that is why every company is encouraging and supporting there people in this tournament, so that they have bragging rights for having the PWP Champion on their roster.  Of course, every wrestler in this tournament wants the bragging rights also being the PWP Champ.  Do I, oh I would love to walk out the winner, Do I plan on it?

TJ gets a grin on his face.

“Just like everyone else I have every intention on becoming the PWP Champion, unfortunately for me and everyone else there is 16 competitors in total for that honor, and the new champ has to go through 4 matches to gain the honor.  A hard earned victory for anyone in this tournament.  Who ever win's its going to really be a hell of an ordeal, of course whoever loses in the finals is going to be real heartbroken over the outcome.  Me, I plan on doing what I always do and just surviving.  I am bringing everything I have in me to this tournament.  There is gonna be nothing nice about these matches when that bell rings, and trust me.  I won't be as nice as I am right now. Will I win, that remains to be seen, however we will all see what happens.”

"A lot of factor's will be playing out during this entire tournament, the crowd reaction is going to be one of the biggest one's.  Quite honestly maybe the biggest.  May give the competitor the edge he needs to make it to the next round when they are just about on empty."  

“First and foremost, this is about the PWP, Second it about the wrestler, third its about their feds.  The real winners is going to be the fans who get to watch all these competitors compete against one another, and introduce wrestlers they may not be familiar with.  It is a real exciting time for anyone  involved in this tournament, and I know I am gonna do all I can to make the best of it.”

“Now my first opponent Sylar Drakes, You know.  I am not to familiar with this guy at all. I know hes from England. Other then hes been out of action, due to some kind of injury to his leg I think, and hes signed on with Exodus, those three things are all I have on the man, all I know about the man.  Hell, I don't even know what the guy looks like.  I know I will be meeting hm head on at the event.  The man will probably be looking to make a hell of an impression at the show, seeing as he has been out for sometime, however his very first obstacle is me.  Not exactly the best way to get his footing, however it's a sure way to find out if he should be back in the ring.”

TJ cracks his neck, as he looks at the camera.

“Sylar, I won't be taking you lightly.  I won't give you any room to breathe.  Hell, I won't give you any chance to make sure this is what you want to do.  Soon as that bell rings, my intent is to rip your head off.  Plan and simple, I want this match to be the best it can be.  So in that regard, I am coming at you with no remorse, no sympathy, no regrets, no quarter.  I am coming into our match looking to beat you.  One would think, that you would expect nothing less.  Anyone would expect nothing less out of me.  No in regards to the ring rust you may or may not have.  It won't matter, much come go time, all that time out, your ready to get back out their and raising hell and beating people.  That is good, however fact is, your facing me.  It will not be an easy venture for you.  You mess up just once, you will be out in the first round.  I have no second guesses on that.  I am going to be looking for every opportunity to put you down, and if that means watching to see which leg you gimp on, or whatever arm is weakened on you.  I will do so with a smile on my face, and more then likely the taste of blood in my mouth.”

“Now, is the time that every single last one of the competitors in tournament is going to be scrambling trying to get their heads on right to make sure they are well prepared for the upcoming events, and what will come after.  PWP will experience a rise in their fan base over all this.  The future champion is going to be marked by everyone affiliated with it the company.  I am ready for that.  I am used to being a marked man, not well liked, disrespected, treated like shit.  It ain't personal, it is just business.  That is how it goes now a days.  Are you willing to take that walk where everyone is looking to take you down.   Have you looked at the other side of the coin.  I mean you are just coming back from injury correct, winning this tournament would be a huge feather in the cap for ya.  However are you aware that after it is all said and done, there is at the very least potentially a hundred other wrestlers looking to tear you apart limb by limb just to say they are the best in the PWP. Me, I welcome the challenge with open arms.”

Codair nods his head and laughs.

“You see, I was once concerned with a lot of things and now just find myself more or less looking to do the best I can to make the business better.  Do what I can to hell make this tournament better.  I got a whole lot of personal shit, where I ain't well liked by a number of people.  I was trying like hell for a long time to gain respect, and maybe put a positive spin on a lot of things.  However now, its all about just doing what I do.  No one likes it,  to bad for them, go fly a kite.  That is what I think, took me a real long time to get that, and a real long time to embrace that kind of feeling.  Sylar, I don't know who you are, don't know what kind of a person you are.  Hell for all I know, you don't like anyone or anything.  I don't know, I don't care, I don't have the time to care.  What I do have the time for is to get in that ring, and show the world that it is all about the competition, and that I am more then willing to give it everything I got.  If it takes me to the off the PWP, it means I got at least a hundred people looking to knock me off.  It don't phase me in the least bit, I hope for your sake, it doesn't phase you.  You got this opportunity ahead of you, if your ready, you better bring everything you have with you.  If you ain't it is going to a be a short trip for you. See you in the first round.”

The scene ends.
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PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Sylar Drake vs. TJ Codair
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