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 PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Darren Maddox vs. Sister Liliana

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Darren Maddox vs. Sister Liliana   Sat Feb 01, 2014 4:38 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is February 12 at 11:59 PM Eastern.

NOTE: Your RP counts for the ENTIRE tournament. Not just your first round match. So keep that in mind when writing.
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Sister Liliana

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Darren Maddox vs. Sister Liliana   Wed Feb 12, 2014 1:37 pm

::The scene opens up in a dark, empty theatre with a bare stage. Except for one man sitting on the edge with the camera focused on him. He wears a black leather jacket, a large black top hat, and a pair of oversized black glasses that cover up much of his small proportioned face. From what you can see of the man’s mouth, there’s a smile that forms as he begins to talk.::

Father Jones: Let me tell you a story.

::He looks over his shoulder for a moment to the stage behind him and then back to the camera.::

Father Jones: The story of a special woman. The story of someone that has persevered. The story of a person that has been reborn. The story of my Sister Liliana….

::A woman wearing a long black dress and black veil covering her face slowly walks out onto the stage. She doesn’t come towards the camera, but instead slowly moves around the stage, walking her own little dance in circles as her mentor, Father Jones, speaks.::

Father Jones: At PWP 3: Strength of a Woman, you met Sweet Potato. You met someone that was driven to make a change in her life. Someone that took her own fate in her own hands. She found me. We reworked her image. We looked to make good on a promise still left unfilled by the tag team so commonly loved despite the mockery they make of their fans, Any Given Sundae. We created an idea that could get people talking. We created an image that was meant to be hated and successful in its endeavor. We found a way to turn her career that was going into slow motion into one of the fastest moving trains this business had ever seen. Liliana Estrella could never have gotten herself the type of title shots, main events, and attention that Sweet Potato got. Just like now, Sweet Potato could not have gotten the type of World Title opportunities that Sister Liliana has put herself in a position for. Sweet Potato was born out of opportunity. But Sweet Potato died and Sister Liliana was born out of necessity.

Shortly after Strength of a Woman, when Sweet Potato beat Blyss Lockhart in the main event, my team of Any Given Fryday was beaten by the men named Tim Sullinger and Ricky Coleman. Some may wonder who those men are. But they are the men behind the masks of AGS and they are the frauds that malign this business and abuse these idiot fans. Where I made a great move by associating myself with the woman I talk to you about today, I was not so lucky with the man known as The Spud, or now known as Zack Gunn, and it was he who cost us our potato infamy. This woman, my friend, and my partner, Liliana… the sweetest of potatoes… was forced of her potato name… forced of her potato alliance… and forced of all other potato things that made her something that we had so carefully created and scripted. Some probably thought that was the end. Zack Gunn threw away his name and his mask and tried to shrug off and forget all of the work that we did and all of things we needed to do along the way. The man has even gone as far as to offer his hand out to our ice cream enemies. Sickening, if you ask me.

But we refused to die. We would not go away. As much as some would have loved to have seen us never again, it would not and will never be that easy. Because we are smarter, better, and greater than that. We are two people with the motivation and determination and emancipation of care or concern to stop ourselves from making good on the promise that we have made to this industry. For the good of the wrestling world, Any Given Sundae must die. And as they die, from the ashes will rise the spirit and the presence of Sister Liliana. She now adorns all black. She takes her time and she dedicates her mind, body and soul to the mission laid out before her. This is a job that needs to be done. This is her calling. And she will do what it takes to make that happen. We have our chance coming up in two weeks at Inferno Wrestling’s Conviction. A man by the name of Thomas Pain has been in dire need of people like us. He wants the Tag Team Titles, while we simply want the men holding them. A match made in heaven, of sorts. We have offered him our advice, we have laid out our golden plan, and Sister Liliana has even beaten him to prove our point. He understands that greatness and respect will come in time and that listening and accepting the word is the way to go. We are creating something. We are doing something special here. And that message will continue to spread once we have completed our first mission.

::Father Jones stands up and Sister Liliana ends up standing beside him. He waves his hand out for her to stand in front of the camera while he heads off to the side and leans back against a pillar.::

Sister Liliana: So why then, PWP? Why enter into the Gold Rush Tournament? Why try to become their first champion if the goal is to defeat Any Given Sundae?

::She pauses for a moment to let the question linger.::

Sister Liliana: Because, simply, the world needs to see. I’m not happy with just the eyes of Inferno Wrestling on my work. I want something more. Bigger. Greater. A wider reach. And while this company is not the end game, either, every match and every title and every new eye on the work that Father Jones and I are doing is another eye that will see our accomplishments and another ear that will listen to the ideology that we have.

Just like I said before to Blyss Lockhart before I defeated her, this isn’t about anyone but me. I have my thoughts on my opponent and potential other victims to move through this tournament. There’s no doubt that I have a lot to say. But this… this isn’t about Jordan Caliban. It never has been and it never will be. He’s just a guy that shows up. That gives it his all. That’s wants so badly to be relevant that he sacrifices himself in the name of stupidity and vanity. Does anyone outside of himself really think he matters in this? So why should I? Why should I spend my time trying to dissect the thoughts or accomplishments or idle threats of someone like him or a Robert Saints or Johnathan Blade? None of these people matter to me, and if anyone thinks I’m going to sit here and rattle off about these people that mean so little, then they have another thing coming.

There are no doubt some names worth mentioning. I’m sure that some of the egos in this tournament are here more so to listen to others bash them than they are because they think they have any chance to win. Someone like James Shark comes to mind, who probably finds more joy just out of being annoying than he does at actually being relevant or winning. I’m sure that just as much as he loves hearing his own voice, he equally loves listening to people tell him how wrong he is. But Shark should know that I don’t care. And honestly, while there’s part of me that likes a man that so hates the ice creams, there’s also a part of me that remembers him as someone so completely unable to grasp the former concept of Any Given Fryday that he is hardly worth my time, energy, or thoughts. This is the extent to which I find James Shark or any of these other people interesting. I’ll give them these brief, sparse, limited moments of my time and then move on. And then in two weeks at Gold Rush, I’ll show up at the event, I’ll take on whoever they throw at me, and I’ll walk out just as I walked in but with the added recognition of being not only one of the best athletes in the world, but also one of the smartest, combined with being dedicated to a higher mission that will continually ascend.

So forget about Frankie Emerson. Who cares? And don’t worry about little Savannah. That’s the extent to which some of these people matter. Why should I, or anyone else for that matter, waste any amount of time wondering about who they are or what they bring to the table? Maybe for others that’s important. I’m sure that a lot of these other people have nothing better to do than to try and pretend that we all know each other or to pretend that anybody else actually means anything to any of us. We could talk and talk about each other for hours, trying to overanalyze the little breadcrumbs we’ve been given about each other and make believe that this is some type of competition amongst eight people who should care to know each other. You only know as much about me as I want you to know. And I only know as much about any of you as I care to. And like I’ve said, I care very little.

Even about a man like TJ Codair who I have seen enough. Just as short as a month ago, at Inferno Wrestling’s Year One show, we stood across the ring from each other in an eight person tag team main event. And for that night, I gave my thoughts on the quitter and fraud that is TJ Codair. Tough guy persona. Wannabe badass. A man that has the audaciousness to think that he actually had followers for the briefest of moments. And now, just simply a man that moved away from his home because he knew he wasn’t good enough, and a man searching for something that he can never have. He wants to be as important as me. He wants to be someone that people talk about. He wants to be someone that people notice and discuss, good or bad. But honestly, TJ Codair is not that man. He’s just another name, like Brett Sands or Rob Colton. Not worth talking about. Not worth trying to dredge up something useless on who these people say they are. There are so many people here that want to be special. There are so many TJ Codair’s of the world trying to use this as their springboard to something. Anything. And then, there are the people like me who know exactly what this is for. Who know exactly why they are spending this time here. Who know exactly what step in the long term plan this is.

I am the one worth talking about. I am the person that is important to this whole event. I have main evented PWP before and won. And once more, I will find myself to the main event and come out on top again. A lot of people probably questioned who Sweet Potato was and why I was given such grand placement. And people still might be ignorant enough to wonder what positions me so well in this tournament. But they’ll find out. Just like Blyss did. Just as Justin Harmony and his poor little ankle did this past week at Unleashed. Just like Any Given Sundae will soon enough. Don’t worry about talking about these other people. Worry about me. Worry about the real threat standing right in front of you. Worry about Sister Liliana and Father Jones.

::Father Jones steps forward again towards Sister Liliana and laughs to himself. He shakes his head as he peers his head down to the camera below.::

Father Jones: Let’s talk about that. Let’s talk about someone that disrespects us and refuses to talk about true greatness. Let’s talk about someone who wastes our time and wastes his chance to address the real challenge that lays ahead for him. Let’s talk about Flex Johnson. Sister Liliana might not want to spend her time on a man like this, but I will. Once more, we find ourselves in the circle of people that have past relationships with our old enemies like Angelica Layne and Kelly Fury, and once more I find these people to be rude and misguided. It makes sense when I look at all of the people from that circle that spent so much time together previously. Egomaniacs, all of them, thinking that the world owes them something and thinking that no one is good enough for them. We’ll get back around to the women that have found their new homes in Inferno Wrestling. We handled Blyss Lockhart a few months ago. And if given the chance, Flex Johnson will not be an obstacle for us. He can slight Sister Liliana all he wants. He can focus on people he wrongly considers more important. He can think that he knows how this will all play out. But when he doesn’t mention us… he shows that doesn’t understand exactly what he is up against.

Sister Liliana doesn’t care about these others. But they should care about her. Four people will be eliminated squarely at her hands. All fifteen could and would if given the chance. They need to understand the person standing before them. They need to realize that she means business. That she has a greater good here. That this is all part of a much larger calling. And that she, nay we, will stop at nothing to fulfill the promises we have made with each other. We deserve a bigger stage. We will use every opportunity to make that happen. Wherever it is that we can draw attention to our cause, we will. This, amongst many other places, is a means to an end. To showing the higher evolution of Sister Liliana. She will not pass this opportunity up. No matter who she faces. No matter who gives her the respect she deserves or not. No matter what any of these others think. This is hers. This is ours. And when we’ve completed our mission, the world will finally have realized that this was for everyone all along.

::Father Jones puts his hand on Sister Liliana’s shoulder and then gives her the chance to speak once more.::

Sister Liliana: Darren Maddox, they’re throwing you to the wolves first. I’m sure that there’s something in you that needs to hear me rip into you and test your manhood. I know that there’s probably a little voice in your head demanding that you take action for the disrespect you’ll inevitably feel from me. And maybe you should feel that way. But I don’t care. You’re just one of four matches. That’s all you are to me. And like everyone else, I could get lost in a sea of words with you, or I could simply take it for what it is. You need to worry about me, and only me. Because I’m the only person you need to beat and the only person you’ll have a chance against in this whole thing. And by chance, I only mean the opportunity to actually step into the ring with me, and nothing more. You’re not beating me at Gold Rush. You’re not moving on in this tournament. You’re not making anything happen that I don’t want to happen.

So rage on, and get it all out. Let me know every little sick and sordid thing you think you can do to me. I’m sure your story and thoughts on this match will be funny and a nice little diversion for me for a few spare moments. The old me would have loved to have gotten down in the mud with you, Darren. And it probably would have been very easy for me to manipulate you and watch you run your mouth off into oblivion. But that’s not the plan here. That’s not what is supposed to happen. So I take my leave. There’s nothing more than needs to be said about this tournament or any of these people that think they are what matters. This is my tournament to win. And we… we will relish in it… as it takes us onto the next step in our mission.

::She flips off the veil to reveal her black mask covering her entire face minus her eyes. She glares into the camera and the scene comes to a close focusing on her glare, with the sound of Father Jones’ cackle in the background.::
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Darren Maddox
Darren Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Darren Maddox vs. Sister Liliana   Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:55 pm

Phase I
Retrospect to July 2012
Chicago Main Correctional Facility
Off Camera

Time is your enemy when you’re sitting in a jail cell. It gives you so much time to think about the bad that you have done. The crimes you have committed. How guilty you are.

I was laying on my stomach sleeping on top of my single bed in my cell with my face buried in my pillow when the jail guard came. He banged his nightstick on the steel door a few times to wake me up. That annoyed my African cellmate Tyrone. You didn’t want to ever piss Tyrone off. He was a big, muscular guy. He got vocal towards the guard in my defense.

Tyrone: Yo, let the dude sleep. He’s been awake all night.

Jail Guard: Maddox! Wake up! You have a visitor.

The guard banged his nightstick loudly once again and I slowly woke up. I rubbed my face with my hand to wake myself up some more, then dragged myself off the bed. I had fallen asleep on top of the blanket on my bed with my blue pants and blue short sleeved shirt on. As they took me in handcuffs down to the visitor’s area, I ran both my hands through my hair once as best I could to make myself look at least half presentable for whoever the fuck was here to see me. As soon as I went into the room, I saw who it was. Dean Andry, my best buddy. I sat down and he started to smirk right off the bat.

Dean Andry: How goes it?

I shrugged. There was nothing to tell.

Darren Maddox: I’m still alive in this shithole, so that really says a lot for me. I’m unbreakable, even against the judicial system. The judge was lenient on me yesterday and I get out of here in two months on parole.

Dean Andry: Two months? Not bad since you were looking at one year in this place.

Darren Maddox: This is what I get for beating a guy to the point of permanent physical damage.

Dean Andry: Ya busted him up real good man. He deserved it for what he said about your mother.

Darren Maddox: I don’t regret what I did to him. His legs will never be the same. I do damage, and knowing what I can do to a man, makes me feel like I can do anything I want in this world. Just that this time, I got caught, and I’m paying for it.

Dean Andry: Not for long man. You’re getting out of here soon. I’m here to see the condition you’re in. Least I could do.

Darren Maddox: Enough about this place. I need to know how my mother is. With me being in here, how is she holding up?

He shook his head and frowned some.

Dean Andry: I went to check on her this week. She told me she’s hurtin’ by you bein’ in jail. I tried to comfort her, but ya know I don’t do well with sweet talkin’ words to make a woman feel better. It’s not me to go all soft and heartfelt.

I got discouraged over my mother being upset. I readjusted in my chair and sat back in it.

Darren Maddox: I’m stuck in here for another two months. I need you to keep a watch over her. I’ve got enemies on the outside who want nothing more than to get back at me for what I’ve done to them. They’ll hurt the ones I care about. I don’t put nothing past those gang leaders. I owe them money and they’ll make me pay them in blood, whether it’s mine or my mother’s. I need you to stay close to her and make sure no one goes after her. I don’t want them hurting her Dean. Will you do that for me? She’s all I’ve got and she’s innocent in this. I don’t want her to pay for my mistakes.

Dean Andry: I’ll protect your mother. Ain’t no one gonna hurt her. Dean boy here’ll take care of everythin’.

Darren Maddox: Good, but that still doesn’t take her pain away about me and the trouble I’ve got myself into.

I shook my head. I knew I was a big let down to her.

Darren Maddox: When I get out of here, I need to get out of Chicago. I’ve got too many people who want my head on a fucking silver platter.

Dean Andry: Ya got a good idea there. Ya need outta this town. But your mom ain’t gonna like it if ya leave her. I’d take her with ya wherever ya go, but that’s just what I would do.

I ran my forefinger and thumb over the sides of my mouth as I thought of what to do.

Darren Maddox: The main thing is keeping her safe, so when I’m out of here, I have to decide whether I run away from this town alone, or, take her with me to make sure she’s gonna be alright.

Dean Andry: Smart plan. Ya got two months to think about it. For now, she’ll be safe with me. You’re my pal man, and I’ll bust up anyone who tries anything on your mother.

What he was saying did put my mind at ease because Dean was a dangerous man when he had to be. Whenever he lost control, you knew it, and it was never a pretty sight. More like a bloody sight.

Darren Maddox: Thanks man. When I get out of here, I need to make sure I stay out. No more fucking jail time for me. I can’t do this anymore. I won’t do this anymore.

After Dean and I talked for about another ten minutes, the visit ended and he left. I was taken back to my cell and from there, I tried to get caught up on some sleep.

Phase II
I Want Shark In That Ring Again
On Camera

My mind is a dark place. I try hard to not let anyone see inside of it. Because when you see inside my mind, you are never quite the same again.

The scene faded up and I was sitting in front of the camera ready to say what I had been wanting to say ever since this tournament was announced by Josh Duncan.

Darren Maddox: Some people are telling me that I have a couple of things yet to prove. The more I think about that, the more I think that maybe they’re right. Maybe Darren Maddox needs to take things to the next level of his career and take down everyone who is doubting me. I know what I’m worth and I know that I can do whatever the fuck I want to do in this industry. If I want continue to take Extreme Justice to new heights and golden glory in WXW, then that is what I will do. If I want to be a World Heavyweight Champion, that is what I will do. If I say I am going to make damn sure I get James SHARK in the ring again in this tournament, then that is what I am going to do.

You all can call me a lot of things. Bad things that you think will hurt me. But in reality, your words and your thoughts about me do nothing to bring me down. None of you will break me. I wrestle with a purpose. I don’t do it for glory or fame. If I did, then I wouldn’t be the true warrior that I claim to be. Every time that bell rings, I fight with everything I have inside of me. That is something to be proud of, and that is something that should be respected in this business. A man who goes out there and fights the battle right to the bitter end is the kind of man this world needs more of.

Flex Johnson. I know of your many accomplishments and I do respect you. When you first came into this business, I’m sure you had people who said you couldn’t do it. We all have people who try to discourage us from getting to the top of the mountain. See Flex, that’s what I’m going through right now. Truth be told, I’ve done some bad things in my life. Served my time in jail I’ll admit. But I have paid for my mistakes. I did the crime, and I did the time. And yet, there are some who refuse to think that Darren Maddox has any good in him whatsoever. So now I see that it’s time for me to prove my haters wrong. It’s time for me to do what I have to do and show everyone that Darren Maddox is the future of this industry. I am a very clever young man Flex, and I just want you to know that if you and I end up standing across from each other in that ring, I will fight you with all I’ve got, and I know that you wouldn’t want it any other way. You don’t want no easy victories, but, I also know that you hate to lose. I can respect that Flex. A man who trains hard and works hard deserves to reach success. You have done that Flex, and no one can take that away from you. I will be doing the same with my career. No one will stop me.

I did not enter into the wrestling business to do a half-assed job. I am in this business to go all the way. PWP will be a part of that journey. It already is. I’ve already proven that I am a very worthy competitor and one hell of a challenge for anyone who has the misfortune of being thrown into the ring with me.

Isn’t that right SHARK? You know that very well, don’t you.

When you and I faced each other in that steel cage match in PWP 4, I pushed you further that you thought I ever would. Yes I lost that match against you. But you won it by less than a second, barely walking away with the win that night because you thought all along that Darren Maddox didn’t have it in him, and that it would be some easy victory for you to claim. And now, here we are, both in this tournament with the end reward being the first ever PWP Championship. The Gold Rush! Well you know what Shark? I’m not in this thing for the reason you think I am.

Why did I enter this tournament?

To face YOU again in that ring Shark. That is why.

See, it’s like this. You keep trying to fool yourself into believing that I’m just some nobody that won’t do shit in the wrestling industry. You refuse to admit to yourself and to me that I’ve turned out to be a lot more than what you thought I would be. Well, I’m here to force you to realize that there’s more to me than what you see at face value. I’m going to force you to see that I’m a guy who has what it takes inside of him to go all the way in his career.

I am not just a worthless bum like you want to believe. I am back and wanting to fight you once again, without fear, without backing down from you, and THAT counts for something in the eyes of a man such as yourself. I know it does, and so do you.

In the quarter finals, it is going to be Darren Maddox vs. James SHARK.

I am going to make that happen. You may not give a fuck about having a rematch with me Shark. But whether you like it or not, we WILL fight each other in this tournament.

My resilience and determination will prove to be a fucking nightmare for you.

See you in the quarter finals. Bank on it.

The camera faded out.

Phase III
She’s A Special Woman
On Camera

My bad ways and checkered past have not pushed her away from me. If I play my cards right, I can win her over and show her just how much I care and want to be with her.

I had met Lycra in PWP late last year. I saw her as someone who had had a hard life and I had heard about her a lot of times and how she was a woman who made an impact in the ring. Some people really liked and adored her, while others just seemed to not even give her the time of day. I wasn’t sure why anyone wouldn’t want to get to know this beautiful flower, but that was their loss I suppose. We both had gone through a lot of pain in our lives, so maybe that was why we hit it off so well when we met. Things seemed different with her as opposed to the other women I had met. From there, I wanted to learn more about her than what I already knew, so I was out to see if our friendship would grow and maybe, if I got my way, we could become something more together. But I wasn’t going to push that too much right now because she was still in the hospital recovering from her shoulder surgery. I was going to be helping her train in the gym so that she can get back into the ring again as soon as possible. For now, I had to treat her right and would take things from there, despite some people who were close to her not liking the fact that I wanted to make her mine.

We were walking down the hall from her hospital room and I was holding her hand, not in any kind of romantic way or anything like that. I was simply taking her hand to lead her to where I was going to take her.

Lycra: Where are we going?

Darren Maddox: You’ll see. It’s a surprise and I really hope you like it.

Once I got her down to the basement of the hospital, there was a private room there that I had set up for her and I to have a quiet lunch together. There was a table that I had placed a fruit platter onto, and I also picked up some sandwiches for us and some cans of soda. She looked at the table, then looked at me.

Lycra: How did you get in here in the first place? Usually storage rooms have locks on them, do they not?

I waited a few seconds before answering.

Darren Maddox: I uh, kinda busted my way in. I broke the lock.

She just shook her head.

Lycra: Why am I not surprised by that.

Darren Maddox: I’m an extreme guy to takes extreme measures, remember?

She smiled a bit and we sat down and started eating. I cracked open our sodas and she started the ball rolling.

Lycra: So are you and Alexis finally going to put your differences aside and just learn to get along somehow for my sake?

Darren Maddox: I can’t see that happening anytime soon Lycra. I’m sorry, but, I don’t think the red headed bitch and I will ever be able to get along.

Lycra: That red headed bitch has a name. She’s my best friend Darren. Please just try to stop the hostility between the two of you.

Darren Maddox: Here’s an even better plan. Let’s just not talk about it.

I winked at her and she smiled back at me some. We continued to eat the food that was sitting before us.

Lycra: So who’s all in this tournament that you’re in over in PWP?

Darren Maddox: Well, there’s sixteen of us in total going into this thing. Most of the people I don’t even know. Your friend Codair’s in it.

Lycra: Really? That’s good. Anyone else from WXW?

Darren Maddox: Robert Saints. We’ll have to see how much of a challenge he is in a tournament like this. I think it’s gonna be too much for him, but I don’t like the guy anyway, so I really don’t give a damn about where he ends up in this. As for the other people, a lot of them I haven’t even heard of. Skylar Drake, Savannah, Brett Sands. I don’t know who the fuck these people are. Flex Johnson’s in this thing. At least I’ve got respect for him. I’ve studied up on each of them though. I have to know what each of them are like in that ring so that I’ve got an understanding of what I’m up against with these people.

Lycra: You’re always ready for anything aren’t you. It’s like you always have a plan in the back of your mind for any situation. Your mind never stops. No wonder you have trouble sleeping.

Darren Maddox: I have to be that way. It’s about staying six steps ahead of the people who keep trying to bring me down. Always someone wanting to challenge me.

She went quiet for a moment, then put the focus back onto the tournament.

Lycra: So, is that James Shark guy in this tournament as well?

I cleared my throat as I started to get aggravated at the mention of his name.

Darren Maddox: Yes. He is.

Another pause from her. She was wanting to say something right then and there. I knew she was. It was like she was afraid to bring up this rivalry between myself and Shark. I decided to just come out with it so that she wouldn’t have to.

Darren Maddox: If you have something to say about that, then just say it. No need to hold back Lycra. Nothing’s changed in my viewpoint of him. He’s an arrogant asshole and I can’t stand him. When him and I faced each other back in December, I pushed him hard and I know he didn’t like that. Yes I lost the match to him. But that doesn’t make me any less of a man than what he is.

It was clear in my voice that I was already getting riled up over my recent history with one James Shark. She just sat there and stared at me.

Darren Maddox: What? Why are you looking at me like that? Because I’m speaking the truth? Because I’m being honest? Oh wait, I forgot. Darren Maddox isn’t supposed to speak the truth or be honest about anything. I’m just the bad guy in the eyes of everyone, right?

She paused before speaking.

Lycra: I’m going to ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me. And for the record, I know that you are capable of being honest. I’m not like other people who think that you’re a terrible person who’s gonna burn in Hell.

I kept looking at her in frustration.

Lycra: Answer me truthfully. Did you enter this tournament for the chance to win the PWP title, or… did you enter it for the chance to fight Shark again.

I sat there looking into her eyes. I had lied to her once before when I told her a bunch of bad shit about her best friend Alexis. Shit that wasn’t even true. I could not, would not, lie to Lycra again. I would be honest with her in my answer.

Darren Maddox: I entered into it… to face Shark again.

There it was. My admission. This was something I hadn’t told anyone else. I wanted it kept to myself, but of course this woman always found a way to get me to talk and to tell the truth. I got up and went to stand to the side of the room. I ran my hand through my hair and crossed my arms over my chest. She got up a moment later and came to stand beside me. She placed her hand on my shoulder and looked at me.

Lycra: I didn’t mean to upset you. I just wanted to know the truth.

I took a deep breath, but said nothing.

Lycra: This match you had with Shark was two months ago. Why can’t you just let it go Darren? Why do you feel the need to beat this guy?

I turned my head and looked right at her.

Darren Maddox: I defeated three other men in that PWP Elimination Match, and yet, I couldn’t beat Shark in that steel cage match. How do I get past three guys in one match, but I couldn’t get past Shark? He’s just one man Lycra. I gave him everything I had, and he did the same. I forced him to give me everything he had in him, and he took the win by a thread. By a thread. If only I had been just a millisecond faster than he was. I would have made it out of that cage in time to beat him. And now, he has it in his mind that because he won that match, Darren Maddox is no good. Darren Maddox isn’t worth a damn thing. He thinks and talks like I’m not even a challenge to him in that ring!

I looked away from her and there was a dead silence for a moment, then I began to speak again while she listened quietly.

Darren Maddox: I want James Shark to know that I have what it takes in me to beat him. I want that second chance to show James Shark that I’m not just some fucking nobody who can’t accomplish anything in this business. He is so wrong about me. So wrong. I want to PROVE him wrong.

She kept silent for a few seconds, then started to give me a comforting smile.

Lycra: You have such a fire in your heart Darren Maddox. You’re a fighter. I hear the passion in your voice. You want so badly to show people that you have greatness in you.

Her hand was still on my shoulder. I was damn lucky to have her at my side at all. I was way out of her league. But still, I was not heartless, like most people believed me to be. Lycra could see the good in me that was buried underneath all my sinful ways.

I turned around and finally looked at her.

Darren Maddox: No more talk about Shark. He’s my problem, not yours. I just need to go into this tournament, and do what I need to do.

She was looking back into my eyes. I could see the concern for me on her face.

Lycra: I care about you Darren. Please just be careful. Don’t do something you’re going to regret where Shark is concerned. It’s consuming you… and I don’t like it.

She didn’t need to be concerned about me. It was James Shark who needed to be concerned.

Darren Maddox: One way, or another, I am going to fight Shark. I am going to beat Sister Liliana, and he is going to beat Peyton Von Licht. I know he will. And then, him and I will fight… and that is when I am going to show him that he underestimated Darren Maddox, and I am going to prove to him that I CAN, and WILL, beat him.

Lycra didn’t say a word. She only continued to look worried as I stood there feeling my determination overflowing inside of me.

Darren Maddox: When this is over… James Shark WILL respect me.

Lycra: Why is this so important to you?

I didn’t quite know the answer to that.

Darren Maddox: I don’t know. It just is. I want him to respect me. I NEED him to respect me.

We stood there close to each other and looking at each other as the scene faded out.

Phase IV
Sister Liliana, You Haven’t Got A Chance In Heaven Or Hell Against Me
On Camera

I am so uncomfortable being here right now. I’m giving this ten minutes, then I’m out of here. The things I go through to make a god damn promo.

I slowly walked through the doors of the church not far from the arena. I looked straight ahead of me and I could see a pipe organ a short distance away. I instantly thought of Sister Liliana and that ridiculous pipe organ music she used every time she came down to the ring. I watched the footage of it. Not entertaining in the least. I shook my head and proceeded to walk towards the side of this huge place of holiness. I was almost at the end of the aisle when I was approached by a man who, going by the way he was dressed, was obviously a pastor here.

Pastor Thomas: Hello there. I’m Pastor Thomas. Are you here for confession?

I gave him a look that was sure to let him know I didn’t like what he had just said. I was immediately offended.

Darren Maddox: Confession? Fuck no. What is it that makes you think I have anything to confess? My bleached hair? The Def Leppard tshirt that I’m wearing? You know what Pastor? Don’t take this personal, but just because I look like a misfit or Satan’s understudy, doesn’t mean that I am one.

He didn’t know that if I was to confess all of my sins here today, I would be here all afternoon. I would spare the man that much grief.

Pastor Thomas: We have confession at one o’clock.  That’s why I thought that that’s what you were here for.

Darren Maddox: I’m just here to—

I had to stop myself. I couldn’t possibly tell him I was here to make a wrestling promo. He would think I had lost my marbles.

Go ahead. Lie to him! Lie in the house of the Lord!

Darren Maddox:  I’m here for silent prayer.

He smiled.

Pastor Thomas: By all means. I will leave you alone.

Yes. You do that. Just leave me the fuck alone!

He walked away and once he had disappeared into another part of the church, I went and sat down in one of the dark, secluded areas of the church which happened to be near a desk with a stack of Bibles on it. I shook my head and proceeded to look into the camera.  

Darren Maddox: First of all Sister Liliana, I really gotta ask you this. What the fuck is with the black mask and the black veil? You mean to tell me you’re coming down to that ring to fight me in a fucking black get-up like THAT?? Here’s what you need to do. You need to uncover that face of yours and show yourself to me like a REAL woman would. Face me and fight me like a REAL woman would. Don’t hide yourself behind some fucking mask and veil because, honestly Sister, that just makes you look like a total coward. You’re going into battle Sister. Cowards do not last long in battles such as the one you’re about to step into with me. This first round will be your last round in this tournament.

Is that mentor of yours Father Jones filling your head with the false hope that you’re actually going to win the PWP Championship? Is he telling you that you can beat Darren Maddox and that it’s all gonna work out for you just as you and him have planned? I’m sure he is. I’m sure he’s telling you a lot of things, isn’t he Sister Liliana. It’s just a shame that you need someone at your side to guide you and tell you what to do and what direction to go in with your career. See, by now, I would think that you would be able to handle things on your own with your career. That’s what a champion knows how to do, and see, if you can’t do that and you need Father Jones to always “show you the way”, then, that means that you do NOT deserve to win this PWP title.

See, I never had anyone to tell me where to go in life. I never had a yellow brick road to follow. It was always just me, taking care of business ON MY OWN. Now, I know that you’re still pretty young and you’re still finding your way with your “puppet master” Father Jones always standing behind you pulling the strings. But Sister, what you need to do is branch out and fly on your own like the heavenly angels do.

I’ll be honest Sister Liliana. I’ve done my homework on you and I gotta say, I just don’t like you. Everything about you makes me think of you as a joke who shouldn’t even be in this business. If you want to wrap yourself up in black cloth and black veils, then the wrestling ring is no place for you. I think the world of fashion design is much more up your alley.

When you show up for our match Sister Liliana, be ready for everything and anything. Because you see, I’ve got a lot riding on this, and, well, I have no choice but to beat you because I will be damned if I let you get in the way of getting my hands on Shark again.

Be ready Sister. Be very ready.

I stood up and started walking towards the doors of the church where I had initially entered through. Pastor Thomas had resurfaced and came over to me with a welcoming smile.

Pastor Thomas: Well, did you enjoy your silent prayer with our Lord?

I started to give him that devious, smartass grin of mine.

Darren Maddox: Oh yes… I sure did. I told the bitch exactly how it’s gonna be!

Pastor Thomas suddenly looked completely shocked at what I just said. With the grin still on my face, I walked out of the church and the camera faded out.
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PWP 5: The Gold Rush - Darren Maddox vs. Sister Liliana
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