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Height:5' 8"

Weight:165 lbs

Hometown:Seattle, WA


Pic Base:Gina Carano

Entrance Theme:"Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns N Roses

Gimmick Description Strong, beautiful woman who right now is trying to get back to her old hardcore streetfighting ways and is being prevented from doing so.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Beth Phoenix

Signature Move(s):
Roll Up, Bridged Crossed Leg
Description -The victim is on their back, the attacker grabs the victim's legs and crosses them and holds them with their arms. The attacker flips forward and lands on their feet, bridging and pinning the victim to the mat while hooking their legs.

Cat's Cradle

Once an opponent is prone on the mat, Savannah locks her legs with them at the knees and grabs their arms, slapping them in the back if they're reluctant to let her. SHe then rocks back until she is able to lift her opponent into the air over her, letting gravity do her fighting for her.

Finishing Move(s):

Description -Faline drags the body of her nearly beaten foe into position then mounts the second rope. As her opponent gets to their feet she launches- spearing them and sending both to the mat. After impact she grabs the leg and goes for the pin.

Accomplishments (Optional):

12 Nov 2009 - Faline's introduction on GEW Thursday Night Chaos

22 Nov 2009 - First match/First PPV (Pushed to the Limit)/ First Title (GEW Tag Team belts w/ Youthful Image)

22 Jul 2010 - Won GEW Sterling Championship.

29 May 2011 - Won GEW Extreme Chaos Championship.

22nd, September 2013 - Won IWF Tag Team Championship
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