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 Peyton von Licht

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Peyton Von Licht
Peyton Von Licht

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PostSubject: Peyton von Licht   Peyton von Licht EmptyFri Jan 03, 2014 6:59 pm

Name: Peyton von Licht
Age: (Barely) 20 [ December 21th, 1993 ]
Nicknames / Monikers:

  • The Young Emperor: A nickname given to him by his father for their lineage. However, Peyton hardly believe that he should own up to such a nickname. But his father insisted that he tells every booker about it. Begrudgingly, he does.

  • The Light: This nickname started off as a horrible joke by his siblings for how pale he is. But, Peyton lovingly began to call himself that as a moniker. No one knows about the origin, but he’ll come up with any elaborate story that he can to make it stick.

  • That Young Psychopath: This is the only nickname that Peyton doesn’t know about. He was given this nickname after a brutal backyard wrestling match that made him famous in Newfoundland’s backyard wrestling scene.

[*]*insert company's name here*'s Personal Hero: After V trained Peyton, he began to call himself "Sunrise's Personal Hero" as he only fought heels who were too arrogant and vicious. Soon, he began to keep it and take it to every federation (except Inferno, currently).

Height: 5’10” / 180 m.

Weight: 172 Ib / 78 kg

Hometown: Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, Canada

Alignment: Face

Pic Base: Peyton von Licht 1ee2b7835dee6ce28de0a9687e55bd88_large

Entrance Theme

  • In normal matches: Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler

  • In hardcore matches: Fallen Angels by Ra – He doesn’t know why they play that; he just assumes that it is because the atmosphere of a deathmatch. He also thinks that the booming sound will intimidate his bloodthirsty opponent. It hardly works. -

Entrance Description:

  • Normal matches: The light begins to dim down. Only one light hovers over the entrance as the introduction of “Holding Out for A Hero” by Bonnie Tyler. Smoke begins to rise from a smoke machine out of view. When the beat picks up, Peyton comes out. He is wearing a hooded cape, his head lowered. He flicks off the hood and throws up his arms, yelling out to the crowd.

    He then picks up his pace, walking down the ramp, hitting the hands of the crowd. He hops onto the side of the ring. He stands up on the turnbuckle, screaming out “I am your hero!"

    As he enters the ring, he bounces around the ring, keeping his energy up. (Depending on the match or who he is facing, he might try to the crowd behind him or stay serious).

  • Hardcore matches: A more serious Peyton walks out. Usually, a weapon is clutched in his hand as he precariously walks to the ring. His eyes never leave his opponent as he walks down the ramp. As he makes his way to the stairs, if he has the weapon, he’ll bash it against the stairs, shocking the fans who sit too close. With a roar, he enters the ring, ready to mutilate his opponent before him.

Gimmick Description:
Ever since he was young, Peyton destined to become a wrestler. His father would prevent him from watching Vince McMahon’s wrestling programming, out of spite over the Montreal Screwjob. So, he grew up watching Puroresu. His favourite wrestlers were Shinsuke Nakamura and Jun Akiyama. Yet, he would sneakily watch only one wrestling promotion in America. That was ECW. ECW was considered mindless garbage by his father, but the creativity that the company had impressed the young Peyton.

Soon, he would start wrestling in backyards, hoping to fulfil his thirst for wrestling. His father did not condone his actions, but he eventually had to accept it. It was better than allowing his son to sit on his bum. But word began to get to him, his son had potential as a technical wrestler, but he had a mean streak to him. One day, his father went to see the end of a feud that Peyton was involved in. His father left horrified. His son had sadistic tendencies. Yet, these tendencies were covered by his taciturn personality.

Outside of the hardcore aspects, Peyton was a joyful individual. He had confidence in himself, but his stature made him usually the smallest wrestler in groups. He would try to hide away, keeping his words to himself. In promos, he would speak intelligently, not trying to ignite the ire of his opponents, but still manage to slide a cryptic insult. Well, he didn’t mean for it to be as such. He loves entertaining fans, as they bring his lifeforce. He’s an actor if anything. Crowd power can bring forth the best in people.

Do not call him the underdog. He doesn’t think himself the role. He is just a scrawny wrestler, trying to make his way. But there seems to be a deep, hidden sadistic quality in Peyton. He might be in denial that it exists or maybe he's too oblivious to it.

Sunrise changed him. As he met V, the top contender in the now defunct federation, he adopted a slight superiority complex. This gained him confidence he needed to speak out against those he called “villains”. Peyton calls himself a “hero”, born to punish the evildoers. He believes himself to be an extension of his mentor, V. She taught him to be confident. So, he is. Combining arrogance with a tender, peace-loving side (his mother), Peyton tries to speak only on matters that are true. He will not say he can beat you unless he has before. It is a strange balance that fans in Sunrise didn’t know how to respond. He is either your hero if he’s facing your least favourite or he is your villain if he is facing your favourite.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like:

  • American: Rob Van Dam, Lance Storm, Tajiri, Sabu, Terry Funk, Cactus Jack, Super Crazy, and Chris Jericho, and William Regal

  • Japanese: Shinsuke Nakamura, KENTA (recently), Kenta Kobashi, Jun Akiyama, Keiji Mutoh, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and Stan Hansen

Wrestling Arsenal: Peyton’s primary skills are his budding technicality and creativity. Due to his small stature, Peyton has to create ways to takedown his opponents, resulting in unorthodox strikes and movements. He did go to Japan once to train with Puroresu. His knowledge of the style is minor, if anything. He knows how to throw sharp kicks, but the teachings did not do him complete justice. Do not expect him to kick an opponent to pieces, unless he gets the confidence too.

  • ½ Technical - He is able to do intermediate technical wrestling moves.

  • ¼ Puroresu - His kicks and strikes have some strength to them.

  • ¼ High Flying - He's able to do some incredible stunts with great agility, but don't ask him to do 450s or other things. He's scared to do so.

Signature Move(s):

Shining Knight: Peyton sets up for a Shining Wizard, but runs off the rope and hits a low Buisaiku Knee Kick. -

Midnight Sequence: Peyton hits a Moonstomp off the top rope, but then rolls back. After regaining his balance, he rushes in and hits a Standing SSP onto his opponents.

Finishing Move(s):

Emperor Arsenal I – Spinning Roundhouse Kick -

Emperor Arsenal II – Spinning Wheel Kick -

  • Emperor Arsenal II.V – Flying or Springboard Spinning Wheel Kick -

Holy Light Chokehold – Dragon Sleeper with Scissors, preluded by Enter the Light -

Anaconda Cross -

Accomplishments (Optional): He won a backyard championship, but he just casually disregards it. It’s not impressive.
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Peyton Von Licht
Peyton Von Licht

Posts : 7
Join date : 2014-01-03
Age : 25

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PostSubject: Re: Peyton von Licht   Peyton von Licht EmptyThu Feb 13, 2014 1:18 am

Updated entrance, gimmick, and nicknames.
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Peyton von Licht
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