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 The Rev

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Name: The Rev

Height: 6' 2'

Weight: 214lbs

Hometown: Rochester, NY

Alignment: Heel

Pic Base: Christian

Entrance Theme: "Formaldehyde" - Editors

Entrance Description:

[The lights go out inside the arena leaving the whole building plunged into darkness. The lights return and we see a morticians table either side of the entrance with a black bodybag on each one. After a few seconds the pounding drum beat of the Editors song "Formaldehyde" kicks in around the building as an acrid yellow gas rises from the stage]

"Would you butcher my love to understand it? To know where it lies?"

[The smoke continues to rise and some kind of acid begins scorching the arena floor. When the wailing guitars kick in and pan the song out the smoke stops and an intense white flashbang throws a blinding light out that fills the air]

"I'm yours to dissect now. Does every heartbeat burn a white heat in your blood? FORMALDEHYDE!"

[The Rev appears through the white light, standing with his back to the audience in the entranceway, arms up at his sides like a crucifix pose. Rev holds there for a few seconds, then spins around and begins to strut slowly down the aisle to the ring with white stroboscopic lighting on the stage behind him giving everyone a headache. Rev steps into the ring through the second rope and stands in the middle of the ring looking out into the crowd]

Bio: Very little is known about The Rev's past beyond the fact that he was born in Rochester, New York in 1978. He has mentioned in the past how his mother was a prostitute working in Manhattan and his father (allegedly) was a high ranking US politician that sought to keep the whole affair quiet. The Rev ended up living in Japan and became obsessed with philosophy as a young man and at some point his nihilistic thoughts and theories on life turned to a thirst for destruction, seeking to bring down the society that he despised.

The Rev started to learn Jujutsu at a dojo near his home during this time, and eventually got very into watching professional wrestling at the Tokyo Dome and the Budokan. After training with the New Japan Pro Wrestling academy, Rev was picked up by Dave Diamond and signed by Pro Wrestling Smarks in 2009. Throughout his time in PWSR, Rev brought fear and widespread panic to the locker room as his mindgames, sprawling plots and complicated masterplans led various unsuspecting babyfaces to their demise.

After beating Jade Shocker in his final PWS match in July 2013, The Rev vanished from the wrestling business altogether, not even accepting offers to do interviews or convention appearances.

Real Wrestler(s) Your Character Wrestles Like: Ric Flair, Mitsuharu Misawa

Signature Move(s):

An End Has A Start (Overhead bicycle kick - used to set up a finisher)
The Racing Rats (Hadaka jime)
The Last Resort (Package piledriver)
Thunder Road (Emerald Flowsion)

Finishing Move(s):

Riot Act (Springboard Cutter)
Deus Es Mortuus (Nagata Lock III)


1x Pro Wrestling Smarks Champion
PWS Moment of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011
PWS Wrestler of the Year 2010
PWS Match of the Year 2010
PWS Storyline of the Year 2010, 2011
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The Rev
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