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 "Mr. Flawless" Jade Shocker

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Jade Shocker
Jade Shocker

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PostSubject: "Mr. Flawless" Jade Shocker   "Mr. Flawless" Jade Shocker EmptyWed Jan 01, 2014 5:23 pm

Name: Jade Shocker
Alias: "Mr. Flawless"
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 285lbs
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
Alignment: Heel
Pic Base: Scott Hall

Entrance Theme: "Bad Things" by Wednesday 13

Entrance Description: The arena goes dark except a set of strobe lights flashing on each side of the stage as "Bad Things" by Wednesday 13 begins to play throughout the arena. As always, there is a mixed reaction from the PWSi crowd. Jade Shocker's head is shown spinning around on the teletron with a white background until the first big hit of the song begins, at which time, Shocker's head explodes on the screen. "A BULLET IN YOUR HEAD!" Jade Shocker comes out onto the stage as blue spotlights hit him. His hair is slicked back into a tight ponytail and he's wearing a pair of white and blue tights white the word "Flawless" inscribed across the front and back. He wears a black T-Shirt that says "NOT your favorite Legend" across the front with a photo of the PWSI, PWSR, and PWSX seemingly hanging down his back. On the top of the back it says "Dunnit". He walks to the ring stopping periodically to point at the front and back of his T-Shirt." He rolls under the bottom rope and stands up pointing at his chest with his thumbs and mouthing words to the camera in front of him as fireworks go off behind him.

Character Bio: Short version- He was one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the PWSmarks as the only Triple Crown Champion in the History of the PWS. He spent his first 9 months undefeated before Main Eventing the company's biggest PPV, Destiny, in his first year with the company. He has been subject of a large amount of controversy over the course of his historic career with multiple federations. He has had epic battles with the likes of Duke Russell, Drake Demarco, Shane Fuller, Trisha Lee Moore, Alamar Agustin, Josiah Cena, Alpha Dog, Mack Payne... and the list goes on and on.

Shocker has retired multiple times from the world of wrestling, but always seems to return. More often than not, he returns with more fire than ever before. The idea of making a run with the PWP was brought up during a John-Jay and Rich radio show interview when Shocker called in and was questioned about his ability to still be a legitimate threat in the business. Shocker became irate. Rich told Shocker that there was a lot of young talent in the PWP that Jade would probably have his hands full with. Shocker made a few ignorant remarks about John-Jay's sexual preference and hung up the phone.

The following week, it was announced on that Jade Shocker had been spotted at a restaurant near the PWP Headquarters with his former girlfriend Christian Devyne of ICW fame, signifying to some, that Shocker had signed a deal to appear in some sort of fashion at a PWP event in the future.

Shocker took to facebook immediately insisting that he had not reached a deal with the PWP, and that he had only been in town to visit family.

Earlier this week, Jade Shocker and PWP announced that they have reached a deal, and Shocker is indeed, the newest member of the PWP Roster.

3x PWSR Heavyweight Champion
1x PWSX Heavyweight Champion
1x PWSI International Champion
1x PWSX XTreme Champion
1x FWF Champion (in 2002)
2x ICW Heavyweight Champion (in 2000)
1x ICW Internet Champion
1x ICW Intercontinental Champion
Inducted into the PWS Hall of Fame, Representing the PWS XTreme

Real Wrestlers you take after most (in ring):
Wrestling Style: Scott Hall, Matt Morgan, Barry Windham

10 Basic Moves (min, can do more if you want):
1: Kick to the gut
2: Spinning clothesline
3: Basic Standing Bulldog
4: Knife-Edge Chop
5: DDT
6: Guillotine choke on second rope
7: Snake Eyes on turnbuckle
8: Hip-Toss
9: Hammerlock
10: Snap Suplex

Signature Moves (please limit to 3)
1: Irish-whip to the corner, Clothesline in corner, Irish-whip to the opposite corner, another clothesline. Waits for opponent to stumble out and sidewalk slams them.
2: Jumping Leg-Drop in the center of the ring
3: Second rope bulldog

Finishers (2 or 3)
1: "Jaded Edge" Outsider's Edge
2: "Flawless Finish" Falcon Arrow
3: "Lightning Strikes Twice" Powerbomb (Not letting go), transitioned into an Alley Oop (Big Show's move)
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"Mr. Flawless" Jade Shocker
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