The Showdown of Stars From Around The World Of Wrestling
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 PWP: The Holiday Special

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Josh C. Duncan
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PostSubject: PWP: The Holiday Special   Sun Dec 29, 2013 8:10 pm

Taryn Robinson vs. Frankie Emerson

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first….

("Whatta Man" by Salt N Peppa hits, and the fans begin to boo instantaneously. Frankie bursts through the entrance curtain, pointing at himself, soaking in the "love of his fans".)

Randall Jobbs: From New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 215 pounds… Representing PWS… Frankie Emerson!

(He stops and high fives anyone who will give him the time of day as he walks down to the ring, usually singing his own song obnoxiously loud. When he gets down the ramp, he swings to the side right as the song screams out "WHATTA MAN WHATTA MAN WHATTA MIGHTY GOOD MAN". All the fans boo and try to push Frankie away from the barricade as he yells out "THAT'S ME... A MIGHTY GOOD MAN... THEY LOVE ME!". He rolls into the ring, and hops around a little waiting for his match.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

“Dirty dirty dancer”

The sounds of “Dirty Dancer” by Enrique Iglesias featuring Usher and Lil Wayne comes over the PA system. The camera moves over to the stage where the flawless beauty from New Orleans, Louisiana is standing. A beautiful smile is on the face of “the dirrty diva” and her hands on her hips. The fans cheer for the stunning diva as she lifts her right hand from her hips and raises her arms into the air.)

Randall Jobbs: From New Orleans, Louisiana, weighing in at 125 pounds…Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation… Taryn Robinson!

“She’s a dirty dirty dancer dirty dirty dancer,
Never ever lonely
She’s a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer
You’ll never be her only”

After a few moments of pandering to the fans, the Dirrty diva places her hands to her side as she begins to walk down the ramp. Keeping her smile on her face, she walks down the ramp with swagger. As she makes her way to the ring, Taryn begins to give the fans hi fives on her way down to the ring.

“She don’t wanna love she just wanna touch
She’s a greedy girl to never get enough
She don’t wanna love she just wanna touch
She’s got all the moves that make you give it up”

Making her way down to the ringside area, Taryn goes over to the stairs and starts to walk up. After getting onto the ring apron, the dirrty brunette stands by the turnbuckle near the stairs. With a smile she puts her hands on the top rope and jumps into a seated position atop the top turnbuckle. As the fans continue to cheer, Taryn raises her hands into the air before she drops into the ring. Making her way to center, the dirrty diva raises her hands into the air as the fans continue to cheer for her, the sounds of “Dirty Dancer” fade out.)

Roy Hardy: Thank you for joining us tonight, ladies and gentlemen! As you can see, we are not wasting any time and getting things kicked off with some action!

Jesse Watson: And I couldn’t think of any better way to kick things off, than a match likes this!

(As soon as the bell rings, Frankie runs at Taryn and swings at her, going for a cheap shot but she sees it coming and ducks it. She spins Frankie around and lands several rapid forearm shots to the mouth. She shoots Frankie off into the ropes and as he comes off of them, she catches him with a quick arm drag. They both get up at the same time and Frankie comes running at her again and this time she catches him with a Japanese arm drag. They both get to their feet and Taryn hits Frankie with some slaps to the chest, backing him up into the ropes.)

Roy Hardy: Taryn is not playing around here tonight! She’s making her in-ring return to wrestling and she’s looking to make an impact.

Jesse Watson: I have to wonder though, if there’s going to be any rust. She hasn’t wrestled in a while and Frankie’s been in the ring consistently.

Roy Hardy: If there’s any rust, she isn’t showing it yet.

(Taryn attempts to send Frankie into the ropes again but this time he reverses it. As she comes off the ropes, Frankie goes for a back elbow but she ducks under it and hit’s the ropes again. As she comes off of them this time, she connects with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors take down. Frankie pops up to his feet, staggering around the ring. He runs at Taryn and she side steps him, catching him with a drop toe hold and Frankie lands with his throat against the bottom rope. She hit’s the ropes and goes to jump on the back of his head but Frankie moves and she goes sliding to the outside, landing on her feet.)

Roy Hardy: It’s a good thing she had the presence of mind to keep her footing as she went out of the ring. That could have been a nasty spill.

Jesse Watson: No kidding. It’s an easy way to break a tailbone, landing like that on the floor.

(Frankie slides out of the ring, behind her and when she turns around, he drills her with a right hand shot. Frankie then grabs her by the hair and slams her face into the ring apron. He smiles, acting really proud of himself and strutting around.)

Roy Hardy: Frankie Emerson should change his name from “The Face” to “The Ass” because that’s what he’s acting like right now.

Jesse Watson: That’s not nice! You take that back. Frankie’s great.

Roy Hardy: I will do no such thing. He’s a creep.

(As Frankie turns around, Taryn delivers a hard slip to his chest. She then begins to hit him with a barrage of slaps to the chest and forearm shots to the mouth. In a move out of desperation, Frankie shoves her away and she goes flying face-first into the ring post.)

Roy Hardy: Come on! That wasn’t necessary!

Jesse Watson: Sure it was! The goal is to win the match and you do whatever it takes to win. That’s what Frankie is doing. This isn’t a nice guy contest.

(Frankie rolls into the ring, breaking the ref’s count and rolls back out. As Taryn is climbing back to her feet, Frankie lifts her up and body slams her onto the floor. He then gets her up and rolls her back into the ring, sliding in behind her. Frankie hit’s the ropes and then lands a knee to the back of Taryn’s head as she’s trying to get up. He then mounts her, grabs her by the hair to lift her head off of the mat and lands several right hands before slamming her head down onto the mat.)

Roy Hardy: This Frankie Emerson really is a jerk.

Jesse Watson: Why do you say that?

Roy Hardy: Look at the way he’s acting! He doesn’t need to be like this.

Jesse Watson: He’s trying to win a match! Just because he isn’t shaking hands and kissing ass, you don’t like it.

Roy Hardy: He doesn’t need to do that. Just be respectful. Is that too much to ask?

Jesse Watson: Respect is overrated.

Roy Hardy: It’s pretty sad that I expect that from you.

(Frankie goes for a pin..)


(Taryn tries to crawl away after kicking out, going to the ropes. She gets to the second rope and as she does, Frankie drives his hip into the back of her head, choking her against the rope. The ref counts to 4 before Frankie breaks the choke. Frankie then hit’s the ropes and goes drive his hip into her head again but she moves and he crotches himself on the second rope. She then gets up and starts shaking the ropes up and down, driving it into the groin area of Frankie, until he finally bounces off and into the ring, holding himself.)

Jesse Watson: Hey! That should be a DQ!

Roy Hardy: Like hell it should! Great presence of mind by Taryn to get out of the way in time!

(As Frankie is on his hands and knees, trying to get up, Taryn delivers a stiff kick to the ass before getting him up and taking him down to the mat with a snapmere. She follows that up with a couple of hard kicks to the back. She drags Frankie back to his feet, grabs his arm and starts to twist it. Taryn lands several hard elbow shots to his shoulder before grabbing him in a standing arm bar.)

Roy Hardy: Really good technical ability on display here by Taryn, now.

Jesse Watson: You call driving the ring ropes up into a man’s jewels ‘technical ability’?!

Roy Hardy: I’m not talking about that! You seem a little too focused on Frankie’s private parts.

Jesse Watson: What exactly are you trying to say?!

Roy Hardy: Nothing… Nothing at all.

(Taryn spins Frankie out of the arm bar and then delivers a kick to the stomach and follows it up by planting him with a bridging northern lights suplex…)


Roy Hardy: Great move by Taryn! Almost got him with it.

(Taryn gets Frankie up and looks to go for a German suplex but Frankie blocks it, hits her with a few back elbows to the mouth and spins around behind her and plants her into the ring with a release German suplex.)

Jesse Watson: Now talk about what a great move THAT was by Frankie!

Roy Hardy: I’ll admit, it was a great move. Definitely a game changer, in my book.

Jesse Watson: Thank you. It’s about time you said something nice about him.

(Frankie gets Taryn to her feet and quickly locks her into “The Adorably Abominable Abdominal Stretch.” She looks like she’s going to tap out but she finally makes it to the ropes and grabs them just in time, forcing him to break the hold.)

Roy Hardy: That was a super close one for Taryn, there. I thought it was over.

Jesse Watson: You know, I think I saw Taryn tap out.

Roy Hardy: You did not!

Jesse Watson: Don’t tell me what I did and didn’t see! I know what I saw!

Roy Hardy: Next thing you’re going to tell me is you saw Sasquatch in the building today.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, I’m sitting next to him.

(Frankie pulls Taryn away from the ropes and locks her into “The Adorably Abominable Abdominal Stretch” again. He can’t keep it locked in as long this time, as Taryn quickly counters it, hitting him with a hip toss. Frankie staggers up to his feet and leans against the ropes but Taryn gives him no time to breathe as she charges and clotheslines him over the top rope.)

Roy Hardy: This is Taryn’s chance to get back into this!

(Taryn hit’s the ropes and as Frankie is turning around to face the ring, she dives through the second rope and hits Frankie with a suicide dive.)

Roy Hardy: Taryn taking to the air!

Jesse Watson: Where is all of this energy coming from!?

Roy Hardy: She has been worn down but she clearly isn’t out of this yet!

(Taryn rolls Frankie into the ring and then gets back in herself. Frankie rushes to his feet and swings at Taryn but she ducks it and slides behind him, rolling him up with a school boy pin …)


Roy Hardy: SO CLOSE! She was THIS close to winning the match!

Jesse Watson: I think my heart stopped momentarily! Roy, am I still breathing?

Roy Hardy: Much to the chagrin of some, yes.

Jesse Watson: The hell is that supposed to mean!? I’m getting tired of your mouth tonight, Junior.

Roy Hardy: Good, now you know my feelings towards you most of the time!

(Both of them rush up to their feet and Taryn drills him with a spear. She hooks the leg for another pin…)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

(Taryn stalks Frankie as he gets up and then grabs him, setting up for “The T.S.D.” But Frankie spins out of it, lands a punch to the kidneys and then hits her with “The FTF.” Frankie makes the pin…)


Jesse Watson: Yesss!

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall at the 13:05 mark, Frankie Emerson!

Roy Hardy: Damn it! I was really pulling for Taryn to get the win…

Jesse Watson: And you call ME biased!

Roy Hardy: Because you are! I’ll admit, I was routing for Taryn 100% in this match, but only because Frankie acted like such a pompous ass leading up to it.

Jesse Watson: Who won the match?

Roy Hardy: You know who won.

Jesse Watson: I want you to say it. Tell me, who won the match.

Roy Hardy: Frankie.

Jesse Watson: Exactly. And that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter how he acted, what he said or anything like that. The only thing that matters is the end result.

Roy Hardy: Well, in the end, that is true. It’s about getting the win and that’s what Frankie did. But I take nothing away from Taryn. She made an impressive debut here in the PWP and I truly hope to see her back with us in the future.

PRE TAPE INTERVIEW #1 - Robert Saints

Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Robert Saints: I’m a fourth generation wrestler so my family has been in this business for a long time so I have wrestling flowing in my blood.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Robert Saints: I have been wrestling for about ten years or so.

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Robert Saints: My biggest accomplishment to date is being the reigning and defending WXW World Heavyweight Champion in World Xtreme Wrestling.

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Robert Saints: I’ve seen and done about everything in this business but if I had to do something that I haven’t done yet, it would be probably to mentor a group or tag team to the tag team championship.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Robert Saints: The biggest disappointment of my career was allowing myself to step back from the business when my former girlfriend needed me the most and because I did, she decided to end her life and that’s something that I have to live with the rest of my life.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Robert Saints: I have decided to compete for PWP because I liked the competition here and I am always up for a challenge.

Josh Duncan: You’ve been in several wrestling companies throughout your career.  Which do you consider to be your favorite? Why?

Robert Saints: I consider that I work for WXW to be my favorite not because I’m their World Champion but because I’m good friends with the Gibbs family who is helping another friend of mine John Owens run World Xtreme Wrestling.

Josh Duncan: What about your least favorite? Why?

Robert Saints: I have no real least favorite company that I worked for because I always  took the advantages that that company provided until they decided to close their doors for one reason or another.

Josh Duncan: Who do you consider to be your biggest rival of all time?

Robert Saints: My biggest rival of all time I would have to say would be my twin brother Phillip because he knows a lot about me since we used to be a tag team before he turned his back on me and I may have the championship now but I know that deep down he’s not happy with the fact that I’m in the lime light and he’s being looked over even if he’s a legend in this business.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Robert Saints: I have faced many wrestlers in this business and I’ve also not wrestled others but if I could face anyone one day it would have to be a guy by the name of Marcus Cage.


Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Candy: I went to beauty school and was doing hair for girls in a local company in Malibu and they taught me to defend myself!

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Candy: Ummmmm a really long time! like since forever! Since I was about 20

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Candy: Winning Queen of the Ring twice in PWS!

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Candy: I'd love to have the chance to win the tag team titles with Marcus! I'd also love to get a chance to run a company and be on that side of things!

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Candy: I really don't consider anything in my career a disappointment. I've been pretty successful in my career and made a lot of awesome bestest friends! I really can't say that something disappointed me becuase you can't dwell on stuff, ya know?

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Candy: Because it looked like FUN!

Josh Duncan: Who do you consider to be your all time toughest opponent?

Candy: HMMM... I think that it was this guy a long time ago named Joker. He was a meanie head and a bully but with Marcus's help I defeated him.

Josh Duncan: You’ve wrestled for a long time. What’s the most controversial thing you’ve ever, personally, seen in wrestling?

Candy: When Trisha bought my contract for $5. That was bad and mean!

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you regret?

Candy: This one time I drank about 4 red bulls and couldn't sit still for like an hour! Oh! Also I do regret failing to bring home that super cute Koala bear from Austria.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Candy: I'd love to have a chance to fight Laura Phoenix! She's really talented and would be amazing to work with in the ring!!!

PRE TAPE INTERVIEW #3 - Darren Maddox

Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Darren Maddox:  Growing up, I saw a lot of fighting and violence, mainly in my own house thanks to my old man abusing my mother all the time. The more I saw, the more angry I became and I had to find a way to channel it. I started out in martial arts, then I took an interest in wrestling, so I pursued it and got very good at it. Then I hit the indy feds and worked my way up. Been flying high ever since.  

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Darren Maddox:  I started wrestling when I was 21 years old. Gotta start out young if you want to get into wrestling.  

Josh Duncan: What goal do you have your eyes set on right now?

Darren Maddox:  Dominating your company Duncan! What else?? Aside from that, my goal right now is to win myself some titles in WXW. At the rate I’m going, it won’t be long before that happens. There is no other direction for Darren Maddox except to move up the ladder in World Xtreme Wrestling.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to sign with WXW?

Darren Maddox:  I initially checked out other wrestling companies and something about this place just stood out for me. It offers opportunities that other companies can’t offer. That’s where I need to be at right now in my career. I need to be in a company that actually gives a damn about their roster. I go out there and I deliver not only for myself, but for them as well. I’m not saying I’m perfect because trust me, Darren Maddox is far from perfect. Been in shit too many times with the law to be able to say I’m flawless. But when it comes to WXW, I think that signing with them is going to prove to be the best decision I’ve made in a very long time.

Josh Duncan: When it comes to wrestling, what’s your biggest fear?

Darren Maddox:  When I’m out there, I keep it fast paced and I’ve been known for my risky wrestling style. I make a lot of people nervous when I’m out there. So my biggest fear would be getting myself hurt one way or another. I have all the confidence in the world in my abilities in the ring, but let’s face it, any one of us could make a mistake in there and it can prove to be our last mistake we ever make if our career gets ended because of it.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Darren Maddox:  Stupid question Duncan. I joined PWP to make your life a living hell! Seriously… For the competition. I want a wide range of challengers. I’m a guy who likes to take on anyone and everyone. You’ll never see me sitting on the sidelines… ever. In PWP, I have the opportunity to be a part of a very diverse environment. You never know who you’re gonna be thrown against and that’s what keeps you at the top of your game because you never know what to expect.    

Josh Duncan: What did being in your first PWP main event match mean to you?

Darren Maddox: It was great man. To go against those three other guys really hyped me up and got the blood boilin’ for me. Any main event does that for me. I’ve been in main events before and I’ve never buckled under that kind of pressure. You just gotta go with it and bring your best to that ring every single time. PWP for me is like the secondary land of opportunity after WXW. I’ve gained a lot of respect for you Duncan. That I will say. You’ve done great with the project. The kind of businessman that you are, I can see PWP doing nothing except growing stronger into the year 2014.  

Josh Duncan: Do you feel any pressure being looked at as sorta the flag bearer of the WXW, in PWP?

Darren Maddox:  Of course there’s gonna be pressure in a position like that. But I never let it bother me or let it fuck with my head. I represent one of the best companies out there. I know what’s expected of me every time I’m booked to go out there and represent WXW. All of our roster and the management team are keeping a close eye on the progress that I’ve made so far in PWP. World Xtreme Wresting has a strong voice in Darren Maddox. We take a back seat to no one.

Josh Duncan: What’s the biggest difference you see in the competition that you face in WXW from PWP?

Darren Maddox:  There’s not really any difference. I mean, every opponent has their own wrestling style and their own personality. You have to be ready for any challenger you’re up against, whether they’re from my company or from PWP or from any of the other federations.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Darren Maddox:  No one specific comes to mind. I just wanna beat up whoever makes the mistake of standing in my way.


Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Eddie: Well, It all started when my dad took to me to a wrestling show back in 1985, and I fell in love with it. He took me to wrestling shows every Saturday after that. So, that’s how I got into wrestling because of my father.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Eddie: 16 years, and one match in 1996 but for some reason they didn’t count it.  

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Eddie: Well, winning the International title, and feeling the crowd’s reaction when I did and plus for a short time it started “Lo-sanity”.

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Eddie: Win the United Title, but I can live without it. It’s not a really big deal, I mean I’m not going to pull out my hair because I have troubles getting it, why should I.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Eddie: When I was forced to miss a year and a half with a torn acl/MCL. That killed me, because as a wrestler, you live to go out there and perform in front of the crowd every day or every week. But I had to sit home and do nothing but watch as the days go by. The only thing at home that I loved seeing everyday was my daughter.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Eddie: I contacted you, Josh Duncan, and said I’d help the best I can, and I did. I also felt that it was a new ground unexplored for me and I wanted to give it a try and I did. I gotta say, I love the format of this place, but because with me busy and having a teenage daughter, I have to be selective with this place.

Josh Duncan: You’re one of the longest tenured PWS superstars. What’s the difference in the company from when you first got there, to where it is now?

Eddie: It’s a HUGE difference. I mean they had guys like me, Xavior, Duke and Mike Dunn running the place, we were pretty much the main draw there. But now, everyone is picking up the load and that’s what I like to see.

Josh Duncan: Not counting PWP, have you ever considered wrestling anywhere other than PWS?

Eddie: Well, my contract for PWS is set to expire in December, so If someone out bids PWS then I would have too. But deep down, I don’t really want to leave PWS, because I consider it my baby, and everything I helped build will be for not.

Josh Duncan: How much longer do you see yourself wrestling?

Eddie: Whenever my body breaks down, but I’m hoping another 10-15 years, so that’ll take me to my mid 40’s.  But because of the ACL surgery I had when I was younger, I don’t know if that’s possible. But you also got to remember, I’ve been wrestling since I was 16, 17 years old, and nonstop.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Eddie: Well, I would say my dad, My first match was a tag match and I was teamed with him. If he’s still alive by time I retire, I want to finish it out with him.

(The camera goes backstage where we see Darren Maddox standing in his locker room pulling out some things from his gymbag. He hears someone come into the room, but doesn’t look to see who it is. He simply continues to unpack his bag.)

Darren Maddox:  I told you guys already. No more interviews. Just leave me be.

Voice:  And leave my son alone? Like that will ever happen. I love him too much for that.

(He stops for a few seconds, then turns his head and looks over at the person in the room. It is his mother Arianna. He starts to look somewhat angry.)

Darren Maddox:  What are you doing here? I told you never to come and see me. That I would always come to you for our visits.

Arianna Maddox:  You haven’t come to see me in a long time now. I couldn’t stay away any longer. I had to see you.

(She slowly walks over to him and stands in front of him. He keeps an angry expression.)

Darren Maddox:  I don’t want you anywhere near my world. It can be a cruel and dangerous place.

(She speaks softly.)

Arianna Maddox:  There was a time when I lived every day of my life in a dangerous place. You of all people know that. You got me out of that house... away from your father.

Darren Maddox:  DON’T call him my father. It takes a real man to be a real father.

Arianna Maddox:  Yes… I know.

(He turns his head away from her and looks to the side of them towards the floor.)

Arianna Maddox:  I’m worried about you son. Travelling non-stop. Always on the go. Never time to rest.

Darren Maddox:  I knew what I was getting into. I’m fine.

(She gently pleads to him.)

Arianna Maddox:  Don’t burn yourself out son. Please.

Darren Maddox: That’s not gonna happen.

(He continues to look away from her while she is looking at him with concerned and loving eyes.)

Arianna Maddox:  Do you know how proud I am of you? Here you are, making a great success of yourself. Silencing every person who doubted you. My boy has worked very hard… and now he is in the main events. I found out that the wrestling fans were the ones who voted you into this match. They love you. They love my son.

(She smiles at him in admiration and is happy for him. He looks back at her.)

Darren Maddox:  Mom… don’t. These people don’t love me. Look… you need to go now. I need to prepare.

(She starts to get a serious expression.)

Arianna Maddox:  Yes… You need to get ready to go into a steel cage… to fight a multi-champion.

Darren Maddox:  Nothing I haven’t done before.

(A look of confidence comes onto her face as she keeps her eyes locked on his.)

Arianna Maddox:  You go into that cage… and you show him what my son is made of.

Darren Maddox:  I plan to. He doesn’t fully understand what he’s walking into. He’s blinded by his own ego and arrogance. But deep down inside… I know that he knows I am someone who can take him down.

(He pauses for a moment.)

Darren Maddox:  I’ll beat him. I will not settle for less.

(He gently places his right hand on his mother’s left shoulder and continues to look at her.)

Darren Maddox:  I’m sorry I’m not the man you wanted me to become. But… the anger… the violence… They keep me alive. They push me to go beyond my limits… and that is how I succeed past the competition.

(She takes a deep breath.)

Arianna Maddox:  It is your choice. If you want this life… then… this is the life you shall have.

Darren Maddox:  I don’t want you worryin’ about me. I know my own strength. I can handle this world I live in. And I can handle anyone who tries to break me down.

(They remain standing there as the camera fades out and goes to a commercial break.)


Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Adam Banz: My family has always been immersed in wrestling because of my dad. He was a professional wrestler since his early 20's and is now a trainer and owner of his own company. I have six siblings and he's never pressured any of us to follow in his footsteps. We're all into sports but as my older brother Mike and I got older, we developed an interest in wrestling as a career.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Adam Banz: Professionally on my own, I started late last year in December in this major federation called World Elite Wrestling. Before that, I wrestled with Mike as a tag team in our dad's company. We were just trying it out while pursuing my college degree and his martial arts instructor job. Despite our dad's guidance, we didn't really know much about the business. I gotta admit it was difficult juggling that and school.

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Adam Banz: Winning the World Elite Wrestling world championship... without trying so hard. I just made my successful debut on the preshow and to move up to the main show Animosity the week after which was in a serious state of chaos. Everybody hates one another and the management just sat there in the back, sucking on their thumbs and doing jack shit. They were probably lost on how to handle the madness and so naturally I came up with a plan to make it worse. There was an intense feud between two of their so-called top stars, the then world champ Chance Rugani and Brian James, and they were attacking each other like little girls at the playground. So what I did was simply walk into the GM office and ask for a world title shot. They found it to be a dumb request yet they thought it would be fun to make me "work" for it for their own amusement. They tried to embarrass me of course, putting me up in a handicap match against three women including that fugly guest host. But I still got the winning pin anyways in their stupid little game. For the weeks leading up to the Vegas PPV show, I stole and kept the world championship title from that Brazilian nut until actually winning it at the PPV. Poor Brian. Wah wah. Yeah that's what he did. Go on YouTube and see him cry for weeks after that match. Oh I'll give ya a link afterwards to this awesome music remix someone did. It’s hilarious!

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Adam Banz: Be a world champion in every company I sign to. Duh.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Adam Banz: I was very badly injured in my last WEW match and decided not to renew my contract because I needed to heal. And if you hear another story that tells you they let me go, don't listen to their lies. It was honestly a matter of putting my health first. I swear on Chance’s father Lucifer. Really. Yeah that’s his name. I know right? Who could take someone seriously with a name like that? ...Wait, what’s the question again?

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Adam Banz: Curiosity. I heard it's pretty chill with the shows being held once a month and that its very first one had some of the biggest names in the biz. So of course I had to be there.

Josh Duncan: Who do you consider to be your all time toughest opponent?

Adam Banz: Myself. And maybe that Brazilian nut Rugani. Maybe.

Josh Duncan: What’s the most interesting/odd thing to ever happen to you, since getting into wrestling?

Adam Banz: Some people are so threatened by the up and comers of the biz that they feel the need to constantly talk us down and say how they’re the face of the company or “legends” when they’ve only been wrestling for a year or two. It’s so sad that it’s funny, which is why I love to see their reaction when I steal their spotlight. They make it way too easy!

Josh Duncan: Are there any companies that you haven’t wrestled for yet, that you would like some day?
Adam Banz: I've got my eye on Insurgency Wrestling Federation. There's a point in time when I heard a lot of buzz about them lately with regards to chaotic management and rosters on different shows fighting each other. It sounds quite tempting. Another one is Platinum Dynasty Wrestling which has a pretty nice mix of talents that I'm just itching to mess with. Same goes with Ice Dog Fight Night.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Adam Banz: I can't answer that because I haven't been working in this business that long yet. But I can tell you that some guys in WEW have been asking me to come back and kept challenging me to matches. I guess I do have some unfinished business with those putos there so maybe I'd go back again just 'cause. Who knows?

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PRE TAPE INTERVIEW #6 - Nick Madison

Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Nick Madison: When I was a teenager I saw wrestling live and it just...kinda clicked immediately. It was one of those things where, the minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. I knew I belonged in this business.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Nick Madison: Uhhhhh, I guess I'd say about twelve years or so. Hard to believe its been that long.

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Nick Madison: I've held many titles throughout my career, but coming up at the end of December, I'll be inducted into the PWS Hall of Fame. That is my greatest accomplishment.

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Nick Madison: Hmm...wrestle in Antarctica? Haha, realistically though as far as my in ring career, I would like to headline Destiny or Crusade one time before I hang up the boots.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Nick Madison: That one's a tough one. I've managed to accomplish quite a lot in my career, and I feel like I still have quite a bit left to achieve. As far as biggest disappointment...I guess in my first year in PWS, I came in second in the rumble, that was bittersweet cause I was so close, and losing out to a PWS legend in Mack Payne. But as far as outright disappointment...I guess that'd have to go to the first time I challenged Shane Fuller for the PWS Heavyweight Championship and lost. That was heartbreaking after making it so far and working so hard.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Nick Madison: I thought it was a great opportunity to get a feel for something different, help get the PWS name out there and all that. Just a chance to do something fun, and I always like new challenges.

Josh Duncan: Your nickname is “The Extremist.” What’s the most extreme thing you’ve ever done in wrestling?

Nick Madison: Welllll, there was the time I did a moonsault off a ladder laid between two production trucks onto a guy who was wrapped to a table. Then there was the matches I had with Omen where we damn near killed each other with tacks, fire, trash name it, we used it. The All or Nothing Elimination Chambers I've been in, I've done some crazy stuff. But I think the moonsault is where the nickname really stuck.

Josh Duncan: For those that don’t know, you’re with Laura Phoenix. What’s the most challenging thing about being a couple in wrestling?

Nick Madison: Being in this business, you know how it feels when you're just not at the top of your game for any number of reasons, and you know how you react in those situations. But, not everyone reacts the same, so it's a trick to know how the other would react to each situation and how you can help make it better. It's funny that we're both kinda alike in that, after a big loss, we like our space for a bit, but then we're right back in the gym training. We've both become accustomed to that, and know how to deal with it. Of course, after a big win, there's lots...and lots...and lots of partying haha.

Josh Duncan: What are your plans for after wrestling, whenever you decide to retire as an active competitor?

Nick Madison: Hmm, I've thought about going into the behind the scenes part of the business, maybe a road agent or something. Or maybe opening up my own wrestling school. Not sure, but I figure I have a bit before I have to worry about that, at least another year.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Nick Madison: One guy that I've seen compete in PWP that I'd like to face, Flex Johnson. The guy is incredibly talented, and I think if he and I were to have a match, we could put on a match that would steal the show, no matter who else was on the card.

Unsanctioned returns for it’s second year! Show dates are February 1st & 2nd. Includes such wrestling stars from all over, such as: Dom Harter, Madman Szalinski, Adam Stryker, Blake Jones, Pat Gordon Jr., Chaz Holiday, Kevin Hardaway, Kelly Fury, Car-I Riot Loyal, Gordon Fury, Dan Herrera, Josh Anderson, Flex Johnson, Frankie Emerson and much more! For more info, go to -


Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

James Shark: Money and nothin but money.

Yall gotta understand that I aint know a damn thing bout wrestlin nor gave any fucks bout it, I always just ignored the whole sport. In them streets we fought with our hands, none of that grapplin bullshit. If you rocked a dude and he took your ass down to the ground, the group around yall would stand you both up. The whole wrestlin thing was frowned upon, we looked at that like some cowardly ass shit.

Once I took that Kimbo Slice route into fame and got discovered off of street fighting along with some matches from a Underground MMA Fight Club type thing, I started to get a lot of offers from professional wrestlin companies. I ignored the majority of em cause I was getting paid more on the streets doing my own thing, but once I got an offer from the NLWF, that was the type of money you couldn’t refuse, I didn’t hesitate to grab the stash and get in that ring. It’s all history from there.

Josh Duncan:  How long have you been wrestling?

James Shark: I debuted in 2009 but still had my old school boxing style.

That really didn’t take me nowhere. I was able to do good against guys with average wrestlin cause all I had to do was keep my distance, watch for their takedowns and clip em with my hands but once I started to face high level wrestlers I got dominated and tossed around.

I vanished from the major leagues, fucked around in some small time companies and didn’t start working on my wrestling till 2011 when I got back to the big times and signed with IWF.

So damn… I guess 2011? That was only like two years ago, and I’m one of the best. You can’t hate on that shit.

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

James Shark: Winning the IWF Full Throttle Championship and I ain’t kidding either man.

That title don’t even fucking exist no more and back when it did, it was the lowest ranking title in the company, but do you know why that’s my biggest accomplishment? Cause it meant so much to me. That right there was my first title ever and I earned that motherfucker.

When I joined IWF it was my return to the sport, my return after a year of criticism about me being overhyped, untalented, not built for this game, yada, yada, yada. I took a year off, trained my ass off, sharpened up my skills, came back, wrecked shit up, and won that title. That title was also the beginning of my success, because after that, I hit a few speed bumps and had some setbacks, but it ain’t take me long to get to the top and stay there.

Josh Duncan:  Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

James Shark: In this sport? Nah, outside of it? I could write a book bout the shit I haven’t done yet that I’d love to do, but as far as this sport goes, I’ve done everything there is to do.

I retired legends, stopped rising stars, dethroned champions, won titles, become a world champion a number of times, set records, ended records, headlined, main evented, I mean shit… I’m just waiting on them hall of fame inductions.

All there is for me to do in this sport is face people that I haven’t faced yet and that’s it, cause when it comes to accomplishments, there’s nothing I don’t have under my belt. I got so much accomplishments that I can give about 100 of them over to Darren Maddox and the list of my remaining accomplishments would still be legendary status yall.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

James Shark: Sleeping with both Serai Leone and Lya Sanchez, they’re sisters right? Cousins? Who the fuck knows man, but those two are dirty sluts, I’m lucky I didn’t catch nothing.

You know what? Sabrina Artois, yeah, fucking with that poopie fetish hoe was a regret too man.

Those really be the only disappointments I have, I know that ain’t got much to do with my career but peep my rap sheet, my career is golden. The matches that I lost that hurt me the most… I went back, had rematches, and whooped those fools. I really have no disappointments in my career let alone one big one. If I had some, I wouldn’t be at the top, I’d probably be way down under, call that Darren Maddox level.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

James Shark: To show the world that I’m the best. When I’m on, focused and ready to go, nobody can beat me.

When I heard PWP was starting up and it was a company with the idea of having these super shows once a month with people from different companies facing each other, I was all for it. I don’t know how long I’ll last here though, so far I haven’t seen any super fights.

Shark vs Audrey James? Shark vs Darren Maddox? Come on son, those aint super fights, those are super easy wins that nobody wants to see. I think me and Flex Johnson were the only big names involved with PWP and a match between us wouldn’t have even been special cause I already faced him in IWF and won. Come February, that PWP Championship is mine cause there aint a damn person in the PWP that can match me let alone beat me.

Josh Duncan: You’re considered to be, easily, one of the most controversial wrestlers in the game right now. Has there ever been a time when the controversy caught up to you in a negative way?

James Shark: Ya mon. Back before my black ass got shot with that cupid arrow and I fell for Brooklyn, I had all these dumbass rumors bout me having some kind of STD.

Shit was annoying as fuck, there was a time where I had respect for being a player and all but I guess all the hate caught up with me and jealous niggas decided to spread rumors. The rumor probably got started from some dude that lost his wife to me or something.

Josh Duncan: What’s the craziest rumor that’s been spread about you, that you’ve heard?

James Shark: I had a bunch of crazy ass rumors put on me but the craziest one in my opinion are all the old rumours along with ongoing rumors of me cheating on Brooklyn Carter and shit like that.

I got a cheating past with my exes and I may flirt with some girls in a FUNNY type of way with no serious meaning behind any of it but I’d just never do that to her or to myself.

Brooklyn’s my life yo, so when people question my commitment to her or spread a rumor bout me towards her I just wanna bust a nut in they eyeball for that stupid shit. It’ll never happen, this thing we got going is something straight out of a corny ass chick flick romance film, we were meant for each other.

Josh Duncan: Are you afraid that your outspoken ways will somehow alienate yourself from the wrestling business?

James Shark: Nah and that would never happen, even if it did, I wouldn’t give two fucks.

I’m not in this business cause I love this sport, I’m not in it cause I love the fans. I hate this sport, I hate these fans even more than I hate the sport. I’m in it cause I love the money. Right now is an example of me being outspoken too but this is how I am, I say it how it is and I’m fucking real bout it.

Nobody likes two faced peeps or fakes, people can hate on me all the way but what they gotta respect is how real I am. Besides, this whole outspoken thang sells, these dumb motherfuckin fans eat this stuff up along with my trash talk, it gets them hyped for an event, stuff like this would never alienate myself from the business.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

James Shark: I can’t name one person. I got a long list, but really it’s all the big names you douches ain’t seen me take on yet for different reasons, whether it’s cause we in different companies or the match just never got made. I’m talking about the real super fights and real champions, legends, and people who retired that I never got to take on before they left.

80% of wrestlers out there that are hearing this will probably think that they are on that list but chances are they’re not. There’s a lot of cocky fucks in this game that think they’re high level, people like Darren Maddox who  are unknown but think that the whole world knows their name. People like Darren Maddox who haven’t done anything worth mentioning in their career but for some odd reason, act like they’re a fucking legend. I want to face killers and always have. Easy matches like Darren Maddox and Audrey James are not what I’m about.

Coming Soon: Sh!taki Pro -

PRE TAPE INTERVIEW #8 - Laura Phoenix

Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Laura Phoenix: Honestly looking back and trying to remember, I was at this local show in New York with a bunch of friends, because they were getting me out of the house and literally as I’m watching this show I am amazed by it. Here you have these men and women who for a living going from show to show to perform these amazing feats in the ring. I knew I had to be apart of it by the time that show was over.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Laura Phoenix: I was 18 when I began training and I am 28 now, so it’s 10 years. I worked my way up, I was the only female in my training class going through local small promotions.

Josh Duncan: What’s been your biggest accomplishment to date?

Laura Phoenix: Becoming a multiple time champion. People say that it’s just a gimmick winning those belts but what people seem to miss is that when you are a champion you are the face of that company. Becoming the face was something huge for me. Because I got to do all this traveling and meet all these wonderful people.

Josh Duncan: Is there anything you haven’t done yet, that you want to?

Laura Phoenix: Oh I’m sure there is I just can’t think of anything at the moment. I think I would really love to face people that I haven’t had a real chance to face yet, but not just one match and done, a REAL program with them.

Josh Duncan: What do you consider the biggest disappointment in your career?

Laura Phoenix: Not really a disappointment but I think that in PWSWF that Omega could have been a lot bigger than it really was. I think we all felt really constricted with what we could say and do in all of that and we were the heels during that.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Laura Phoenix: I wanted that challenge of facing something new. There are times that things get mundane and if you face someone new it helps improve your game that much better. It wasn’t really about proving myself but just helping me.

Josh Duncan: You’ve made a big name for yourself in two major companies - PWS and PWSWF. What do you consider to be the biggest difference between your success in both?

Laura Phoenix: In PWSWF I was kinda thrown in with the big boys really really fast. I teamed with the Unholy Alliance so I was kind of thrusted into the spotlight. When I came into PWS I came in with just a simple contract where I was feuding with Shane Fuller. Yeah at that time he was main event but it wasn’t for anything big. In PWSWF it took me less than a year to main, in PWS I took the slower path and was there for 2 years before I even sniffed the main event. I made sure to build and earn the stripes. I love both companies dearly and they will always be my homes.

Josh Duncan: You’ve had a lot of high profile matches in your career, throughout both of the previously mentioned companies. Is there one that stands out above the rest?

Laura Phoenix: There’s more than one but if I have to narrow it down there is two. When I showed myself in my first Elimination Chamber for PWSWF, though I didn’t win I truly proved myself at that point what I was capable of. For PWS, it’s actually when I became the number one contender for the PWS Title. It was the moment that I really stepped up and said that this company has something special with me and I was out to make myself a true main event stand.

Josh Duncan: Since you’ve achieved such great success in the last 2 companies you’ve been in (PWSWF & PWS), have you thought about branching out and trying to repeat that success elsewhere?

Laura Phoenix: I had thought about it for a while, I’ve done the working for multiple companies in the past and it stretched me and damn near broke me down so I am happy with just where I am now which is PWS but who knows maybe in the future I might step into somewhere else and start the process all over again.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you’ve never faced, but you’d like to one day?

Laura Phoenix: Oh that’s a long list of “never could be” but....Legit, it would have to be Levi Russow. I have never faced him and I at this rate it might never happen. I was suppose to go one on one with him in PWSWF a long time ago but things happened and it just never came to be. The guy is better than SOME give him credit for and he’s a true craftsman of this business. I think him and I could just tell the greatest story in that ring together.

PWP 5: The Gold Rush
History is made! A champion is crowned!
February 22nd, 2014.


Josh Duncan: What got you into wrestling?

Riley Owens: Well, I’ve been training in various martial arts for years. One day during Muay Thai training we had a professional wrestler come in and train. We hit it off pretty well; he gave me his business card, and offered to train me in wrestling. So, I thought about it, gave him a call—after that I started training.

Josh Duncan: How long have you been wrestling?

Riley Owens: Four years.

Josh Duncan: Since you’ve just started, you obviously don’t have any accomplishments yet. So I ask you this - realistically, what is the first thing you’d like to accomplish in your young career?

Riley Owens: You know, I’ve never really thought about it. Winning titles isn’t really in my sight right now. Right now I’m just trying to improving in the ring. So, I guess I’d just like to build a name for myself.

Josh Duncan: When it comes to wrestling, what is your biggest fear?

Riley Owens: I guess my biggest fear is not making it. My family has gave up a lot for me achieve my dream; I just don’t want to let them down.

Josh Duncan: Being a rookie, what do you consider to be your weakness?

Riley Owens: My biggest weakness is being inexperienced. Now that I’m in FGA and a couple of other places, I’m starting face veterans who have been wrestling a lot longer than I have.

Josh Duncan: Why did you decide to compete in PWP?

Riley Owens: I saw that PWP had a spot open for a match. I try to wrestle as much as I can, and everywhere that I can.

Josh Duncan: What are your first impressions of the company you signed a contract with, FGA?

Riley Owens: You know, I’ve been traveling the indie since I’ve started. I’ve wrestled in a fair amount of shady places. FGA is one of the most professional promotions that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working for.

Josh Duncan: Even though you came out on the losing end, overall, how do you feel your pro debut went?

Riley Owens: It was ok. You know, I’m a completive person, so a lose never sits well with me. But, I think FGA management saw what I could do out there. I feel like I made a good impression you know. So, that’s all that really matters now.

Josh Duncan: Do you see yourself as a one company guy or are you looking to be one of those wrestlers that travels all around, competing for companies all around the world?

Riley Owens: I’m definitely more of a journeyman you know. I guess that comes from traveling around on the indies.

Josh Duncan: Who’s one person in the wrestling world that you really want to face one of these days?

Riley Owens: Josh Anderson. I believe he works in Inferno at the moment. He has a style similar to mine. I think we would put on a show.

For more affiliates and friends of the PWP, such as Insurgency Wrestling Federation, Inferno Wrestling Federation, 220 Wrestling and more, head to PWP’s website and check ‘em out!

Main Event
Steel Cage Match
Darren Maddox vs. James Shark

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is our main event of the evening… And it is a Steel Cage match! Introducing first…

(Darren Maddox’s music starts, he comes out onto the stage and looks out at the crowd with a serious look at first, then he starts to grin a bit and makes his way to the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds… Representing WXW… Darren Maddox!

(Maddox climbs up the ring steps and walks through the cage door. He stands in the ring, waiting for his opponent.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(A loud screeching scream could be heard from a woman. Followed up by the scream is a bunch of other cries, the sound of splashing water can then be heard a long with the cries for help yelling out "SHARK, SHARK, SHARK!". The loud screams fade away until all that could be heard are the fans in the arena.

Told y'all niggaz
Ya just don't listen
Why must you be hard headed
Tried to explain, but ya didn't hear me though
Ya know, grrrrrr

The lights in the arena begin to flicker black and blue as a bunch of sexy females carrying AK-47's begin to walk out of the curtains and down the ramp. Each one of them wearing white t-shirts with black thongs. All the white shirts reading: "Team Shark" in bold black font.

They all stand in a vertical line on both sides of the ramp. The mini tron behind them display the words: Money Power Respect. Suddenly, as the theme song kicks in and blasts through the speakers, pyro begins to go off in front of the ramp.

One two one two, come through run through
Gun who, oh you don't know what the gun do
Some do, those that know are real quiet
Let me think you wanna try it, fuck around and start a riot
Niggas gonna buy it, regardless because I'm the hardest
rap artist and I'ma start this
Shit up foreal, get up and feel, my words
I make herbs split up and squeal

James Shark comes out from behind the curtains with both of his arms raised up in the air. Flipping off both the arena and the audience watching at home. As the camera zooms into him he looks right at it, beginning to talk shit about his opponent. He takes his eyes off of the camera and looks at all the sexy females standing on the ramp. A sly smirk comes across his face before he begins to walk down the ramp.

Ill is all I've been hearin lately
Niggaz hate me, wanna duck tape me and make me
put their brains on the wall, when I brawl
Too late for that 911 call
Niggaz stay beefin but a lot of them bluffin
But not me because I'ma nigga that can get out of them cuffs
You think a lot of them tough
Not just for frotin
When I hit them niggaz like 'What you want?'
the battle turns into a hunt
With the dog right behind niggaz chasin em down
We all knew that you was pussy
but I'm tastin it now")

Randal Jobbs: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 205 pounds… Representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation… James Shark!

(As James walks down the ramp, the females all turn around and point their guns at the fans, making sure none of them is reaching out towards him and trying to touch him. Once he gets to the bottom of the ramp, he walks up the steps and goes through the cage door.

Niggas is pussy
Keep me runnin from the werewolf, owww
Howling at the moon on the roof
Eh, ah, no, get em
Ten niggas on him, hope God's with him
Give me the bat, let me split him
I'll have em where the pillow and the casket won't fit him
Only reason I did him, he wouldn't fight back
Trieed to strike back
Left him like that, layin up with the white hat
Gettin right back at ya when I snatch ya
up out the grave, nuthin but bones and ashes
Hittin niggaz with gashes to the head
Straight to the white meat but the street stay red
But this girl gave me head for free

Shark begins to move around the ring, bouncing off the ropes and shadow boxing right in the center. He begins to demonstrate his incredible speed and foot work before the music dies off and the females all head backstage.)

Roy Hardy: This match is not going to be pretty. If you are wanting to see sportsmanship and good, clean wrestling, then this match isn’t for you. But if you want to see two guys who want to beat the ever living hell out of each other, you are certainly in the right spot.

Jesse Watson: And there is NOTHING better than two guys who just want to beat the hell out of each other!

(As soon as the bell rings, both men begin to brawl with each other, exchanging punches. Shark lands a knee to the stomach and follows it up with with several had punches to the side of Maddox's head. James grabs Darren and attempts to send him into the ropes but Maddox reverses it. As Shark comes off of the ropes, Darren catches him with a hip toss. Shark pops back and runs at Maddox, only to be caught by another hip toss. When James gets up again, this time he's met by a standing dropkick to the mouth.)

Roy Hardy: Darren Maddox is rolling here in the early going!

Jesse Watson: So far, yeah. But as good as Darren is, remember that he is in the ring with James Shark. One of the dirtiest fighters in the game.

Roy Hardy: That's what makes this match so intriguing. Both men are do not play by the rules and I don't think you'll see the fans cheering for either one, which you don't normally see. Instead, I think they will just be cheering on the fact that Maddox and Shark are kicking each other's ass.

Jesse Watson: Well the fans aren't always known as the smartest. If they had a brain, they would appreciate the ract that they're witnessing two of the best going at it. But this IS Tennessee and we all know that there's a major shortage in intelligence.

Roy Hardy: That's real nice. Insult the fans. The same fans that help pay YOUR bills, I might add.

(Shark starts to crawl away, looking to roll out of the ring, only to remember that a steel cage is trapping him in. As he's trapped against the cage, Maddox comes over, putting one leg through the middle rope and stomping on Shark)

Roy Hardy: Shark with a momentary lapse in memory, forgetting he's inside a steel cage, has him now stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Jesse Watson: Everyone makes mistakes. Even a guy like James Shark. Just not often.

(Maddox continues to stomp at Shark but James kicks the 2nd rope, driving it up into the crotch of Maddox, putting a hault to Darren's offense, as he stops and grabs himself in pain.)

Jesse Watson: Brilliant move by James!

Roy Hardy: It was definitely crafty and effective.

(James rolls back away from the cage and gets to his feet. As Maddox is hunched over, shark charges and lands a stiff kick to the side of Darren's head, taking him down. Shark sits Maddox up and reaches down, fish hooking him by mouth and pulling back with all his strength.)

Jesse Watson: It looks like Shark is trying to rip his face off!

(Shark lets go of his mouth and quickly delivers an elbow to the top of the head of Maddox. James gets Darren to his feet and drills him with a European uppercut, sending Maddox backwards and against the ropes. James lays into him with a few knife edge chops before sending him off into the ropes. Shark leans over for a backdrop but Maddox stops short and delivers a kick to the mouth. Darren hits the ropes but as he comes off of them, Shark lands a low dropkick to the knee, taking Maddox's leg out from under him.)

Roy Hardy: Maddox was looking to get back into this match but James Shark was quick to stop him.

Jesse Watson: I think we'll see that this match will be a seesaw contest for most of it's duration. Both men are willing to do anything and everything to win.

Roy Hardy: Even if it means resorting dirty tactics.

Jesse Watson: Exactly. That's why I like these guys so much!

Roy Hardy: You would.

(As Maddox as on his hands and knees, trying to get to his feet, Shark charges and lands a stiff knee strike to side of his head. James lands a few stomps to the back of Darren's head before getting him up and sending him into the corner. Shark charges in but Darren gets his foot up into his mouth. James staggers backwards, holding onto his mouth and as he turns around, Maddox comes charging out of the corner and nails him with a busaiku knee kick.)

Roy Hardy: Explosive move by Darren Maddox!

Jesse Watson: He caught him GOOD with that one!

(Darren gets to his feet and starts to climb the cage.)

Roy Hardy: We’ve got our first escape attempt coming up!

(Darren is only able to make it a few steps up the cage before James gets to his feet and runs over, landing several clubbing shots to the lower back of Darren. He grabs him by the back of the shirt and pulls him off.)

Jesse Watson: Gonna take a lot more to keep Shark down, in order to get the time you need to get out of that cage.

(Darren lands on his feet and goes to throw a punch at Shark but James blocks it and lands a knee to the midsection. James follows it up with several more before grabbing Maddox and smashing his head into the steel cage.)

Roy Hardy: I was wondering how long it would take before someone used the cage to their advantage.

Jesse Watson: I’m surprised it took this long, honestly.

Roy Hardy: I am too.

(Shark gets Maddox back to his feet and rams him head-first into the cage for a second time. This time James begins to climb up the cage.)

Jesse Watson: He might have it here!

(James gets about half way up, when Maddox gets up, yanks on Shark’s leg pulling him down and Shark lands on the top rope, crotching himself.)

Roy Hardy: That was NOT a good landing for Shark!

Jesse Watson: Not at all! That hurt my yam bag just seeing it.

Roy Hardy: Seriously? Yam bag?

Jesse Watson: What?

Roy Hardy: Ugh. Nothing.

(Maddox backs up to the center of the ring and then charges in, landing a dropkick to Shark, sandwiching him against the cage. Shark slumps off of the ropes and back into the ring. Maddox lands a few right hands before getting Shark to his feet. Maddox hit’s the ropes and as Shark is trying to get up, Maddox lands a low dropkick to the side of Shark’s head, as he’s on his hands and knees.)

Roy Hardy: This is what Darren has to do. He has to stay on James and not let him back into this match.

Jesse Watson: These are both men that will capitalize on every slight opening they can find. So not only does Darren have to stay on him but he has to make sure he doesn’t slip up.

(Darren gets Shark to his feet but Shark drives his shoulder into Maddox’s midsection. Shark grabs him and attempts to send him into the ropes but Darren reverses it. As Shark comes off the ropes, Darren catches him and connects with an overhead belly to belly suplex.)

Roy Hardy: This back and forth continues!

Jesse Watson: Neither man has been able to get a complete advantage over the other, yet.

Roy Hardy: You’re right. Just when it looks like one gets the upper hand, the other comes right back.

(It takes Darren a few seconds to get to his feet but once he does, he goes to the corner and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, heading out of the cage. He’s only able to get to the top turnbuckle though, before Shark is back to his feet. James grabs Darren’s foot but Darren kicks at him, shaking him off. Darren turns around and as Shark comes back at him, Darren jumps off, connecting with a diving clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Darren Maddox with a high risk move that pays off!

Jesse Watson: We’ve had several escape attempts but neither one have been able to get very far, yet.

(Maddox gets Shark to his feet and swings at him but James ducks his arm, grabs Darren and hits him with a t-bone suplex. Shark proceeds  to land several hard stomps to the chest of Maddox before dragging him to his feet. Shark grabs him and runs with him, driving his face into the cage wall. Maddox bounces off of it, going half way back across the ring. We get a good shot of his face and see that he is cut and starting to bleed.)

Jesse Watson: We’ve got blood!

Roy Hardy: We sure do. That last shot has busted Darren open right above his left eye.

Jesse Watson: That is not good for Darren. Climbing out of that cage is hard enough as it is, much less trying to do it with blood in your eyes.

(Shark brings Maddox back up and drills him face-first into the cage once again.)

Roy Hardy: Shark smells blood, no pun intended. He’s going to work at that open wound, now.

(James then stands over Maddox and hits him with some stiff right hand punches to the cut, working to make him bleed even more. Shark starts to get Maddox up but Darren grabs James by the legs and trips him down to the mat. He then catapults Shark into the air and he goes crashing face-first into the steel cage.)

Jesse Watson: Great counter by Darren Maddox.

Roy Hardy: Sure was. And a great way to stop Shark’s momentum and get back into this match.

(Shark staggers backwards and Maddox grabs him and drives him into the mat with an inverted DDT. Both men slowly climb to their feet at about the same time. Shark is the first to throw a punch but it’s blocked by Maddox and Darren hits him with a right of his own. Darren hits him with another one before sending him off into the ropes. As Shark comes off the ropes, Maddox catches him with a back drop. James gets up, holding his back and Darren runs and levels him with a clothesline. Shark gets to his feet again and this time Darren kicks him in the gut and hits him with a swinging neck breaker.)

Roy Hardy: Darren Maddox is definitely building up a great amount of momentum now!

Jesse Watson: He sure is. Shark has to do something to get back into this. And quick.

(Darren grabs Shark and brings him to his feet. He attempts to send him into the ropes but Shark reverses it. Darren goes for a diving forearm smash but Shark moves out of the way to avoid it and Darren crashes into the cage.)

Jesse Watson: GREAT presence of mind by James Shark! Not only did he avoid the forearm but he causes Maddox to hit the cage wall and inflict damage onto himself.

Roy Hardy: It goes back to what we said earlier about these two men being crafty. That was a crafty move, right there.

(As Maddox staggers away from the cage, holding his arm, Shark kicks him in the stomach and plants him into the mat with a butterfly suplex. Shark gets up and starts to climb the cage.)

Roy Hardy: That coulda been the opening that Shark needs to win!

(He gets about half way up the cage before Maddox is back to his feet. Darren goes to the corner and climbs to the top rope. Shark turns his body in Maddox’s direction and as he does, Maddox dives off, spearing him and both men crash to the mat.)

Jesse Watson: I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like that before!

Roy Hardy: That’s one of the most hellacious spears I’ve ever seen!

(Both men lay on the mat for a good amount of time. Darren is the first to get up, as he slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle and starts climbing the cage. James gets to his feet and climbs up to the top rope with Darren, stopping him. He clubs him several times in the back. James then grabs him and leaps off, driving him into the mat with a high angle suplex.)

Roy Hardy: And now James Shark with a high impact move of his own, suplexing Maddox off of the top rope!

Jesse Watson: This match is nuts! I love it!

(Again, both men are down for quiet some time. Shark is finally able to get to his feet and he goes to one side of the cage and slowly starts to climb it. He gets about half way, before Maddox also begins to crawl towards the cage door.)

Roy Hardy: It looks like we’re going to have a race to the finish line!…

(As the door opens for Maddox, Shark swings both feet over the top of the cage. Maddox reaches the corner.)

Jesse Watson: Someone get a camera ready because this is going to be a photo finish I think!

(James starts to descend down the other side of the cage, as Darren now has half of his body hanging out of the cage door.)

Jesse Watson: I’m sweating bullets! Who’s going to get out first!?

Roy Hardy: I honestly don’t know!

(Shark is about half way down the cage when he sees that Maddox has got 75% of his body out of the cage door and is about to climb out. Once he sees that, he decides to just let go and he falls and crashes to the floor, a split second before Maddox falls out of the door.)

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, at the 19:42 mark of the match, James Shark!

Jesse Watson: That was one of the closest finishes I’ve ever seen to a match in my entire life! So intense!

Roy Hardy: Intense is right! I had no idea who was going to win this until the bell rang! And even then, I wasn’t 100% sure until we got the confirmation from Mr. Jobbs with the official announcement.

Jesse Watson: And just think, the cage match stipulation wasn’t even originally part of the plan. This was added AFTER the fact!

Roy Hardy: That’s right. It was originally a singles match but after tensions ran high between the two men on Twitter, Josh Duncan told them they could settle their differences inside of the steel cage.

Jesse Watson: And man am I glad he did it!

Roy Hardy: You and me both. We just saw an instant classic because of it. Folks, thank you for joining us here tonight. We won’t be back until February so for my partner, Jesse Watson, happy holidays and from all of us here at PWP, we hope you have a great New Years! Goodnight!
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PWP: The Holiday Special
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