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 Jordan Caliban social media reel

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PostSubject: Jordan Caliban social media reel   Mon Dec 23, 2013 12:31 am

We get a black screen with an old man's voice reciting a passage of poetry which also runs across the screen in green type

The creature you face is a Caliban, a thing made of 2 creatures, different feet and hands, it will tear out your throat and take all that it can. Why would you ever face a Caliban

The highlight reel starts with a young man swaggering out onto an unknown stage somewhere with the name Jordan Caliban written across the screen, it then switches to him sprinting to the ring for a triple threat match, the video goes to the starting sequence with a luchadore taking the first shot with a strong roundhouse style kick toward the ribs of another wrestler. He swings another, but the unknown wrestler blocks it, only for Caliban to connect with a sharp elbow to the face. the man stumbles backwards, and Jordan follows it up with a big jumping kick that takes him to the mat. Caliban lands and spins around, the luchadore catches him with a strong side kick that sends him stumbling into the ropes. the luchadore tries to follow it with a running cross body, but Caliban manages to use the luchadore's momentum to throw him over the top rope and down to the floor he then jumps up on the middle ropes triple H style and celebrates. we switch to Jordy on his back fighting up against ending with him Kipping up into an ace crusher we end with the imploding 630 shot on the unmasked opponent

Montage of Calibans promos with no sound and just him joking and messing around backstage We switch to Jordan sitting on the top rope watching another masked wrestler and waiting for the bell to ring during their match, we quickly switch to the handshake and then to the 2 men exchanging kicks and blocks in the ring before he finally lands a dropsault on the masked man sending him out of the ring to the floor only to be followed by a Mascara Dorada inspired dive using the middle of the ring ropes as a ladder before springing out of the ring with a shooting star press, we get a quick montage of the worlds scariest pile driver and the cyclone DDT, We see Caliban's pissed frustration at the end of the match and we get an abridged recap of him tricking the ref and cracking the luchadore over the head with a chair before putting him in the two tone pass out to end the match

The music dims and then a hand appears holding something in a spotlight, a voice emits from the shadow

This is a hand grenade, the pin for now is securely placed on the trigger mechanism, but when the time comes this grenade will blow the glass ceiling to shit and leave everyone in front of me bleeding in the shards

The hand grenade is thrown up into the air and it becomes a single light bulb hanging from the roof swinging back and forth, as the camera pans down a young man is standing in the light, he has a black mask pushed up onto his head so you can see his face

My name is Jordan Caliban, I kick harder, think faster and fly like a fucking bird circling a worm. I'll make this clear, Im here to kick the shit out of someone and just like every good warrior I already have the best among you in my sights, you don't know who I am but I know you. I am here to make my name and you are the one I want to walk over to do it

With this Caliban bursts into fits of laughter and his head falls back, when it comes back up the mask is on and he is giggling, when he speaks his voice is higher and more manic, he speaks quickly

Some things should stay in the dark but most of these things in the end come to light, this is a warning... the Punkin walks among you

And with that the mask is pulled back up but this time there is another beneath it, pure black showing no features, once again he speaks but this time the voice is old and seemingly filled with dust

We are what comes next in the world of professional wrestling, we will never claim victory until we take it with our own 2 hands, and these hands are the ones you all want to avoid

The lights flash on and we are in a large warehouse building, pieces of rafter are falling off and in the distance is a small maze of corridors and a set of stairs to the basement

Pretend this is our world and somewhere here in this building there is a door and behind that door is a room full of dust and dirt and shit build up over years, and housed in that room is the life timers of the careers of every single one of you in this locker room. Wanna know what happens when the sand runs out? Just watch what we are capable of

And with that he starts to laugh going through all 3 voices in reverse order


He then takes a Joint out of his shirt pocket and lights it pulling his hood up and with a wink and a smile at the camera the shot ends

The highlight reel of a title match opens with Jordy making a slightly different entrance wearing a strange black mask resembling a Pumpkin, He stands at the top of the ramp crosses his feet and drops down into a cross legged sitting position soaking in the crowd and then lifts the mask up to wink at the camera, we start with a slightly more experienced looking wrestler slapping Jordy, with the mask back on, across the face and Jordy quickly coming back with a DDT, we switch to a frog splash and then another shooting star press to the outside, this time with a running single leap up onto the top rope, we see the older wrestler take over stomping on Jordy and playing to the crowd, we see him lock Caliban in the sharpshooter and Jordy getting the ropes. We switch now to a stand off with both men nailing each other in the face with punches, then another DDT and Finally the Caliboom, the song in the background ends and you can hear a crowd chanting "your going home in a fucking ambulance" the screen goes black as the chanting continues. The green type appears again along with the voice

Something undeniable this way comes
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Jordan Caliban social media reel
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