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 Jordan Caliban

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Personal Information
Name/Alias: Craig Warke
Age: 25
Preferred Method of Contact: Yahoo Jordan Caliban
E-Fedding Previous Experience: Only been at this a few months and have been moving around trying to find a permanent home, I normally move quite quickly though and most people think I have been at thIS for a couple of years

Basic Biography
Real Name: Craig Moore
Wrestler Name: Jordan Caliban
Nicknames: Jordy, Calibanned and whatever you guys wanna dub me
Age: 25
Home Town: Coleraine Northern Ireland
Height: 6.2
Weight: 175 lbs
Alignment: Never really known
Gimmick: Cocky, Young and intelligent with a serious sense of self awareness in what he is capable of

Overall Objective: Did this bit in character

There are things that have followed me throughout my career, names I have been dubbed and actions I have been accused of and all of them are built around the misconception that I think I am better than everyone else. I don't, I just know what I can do and if telling you that pisses you off enough to make a mistake I will do it over and over till your red in the face and ready to rip my throat out. I am here to make money doing the thing I love and bathe in spotlight as I do it


Physical Appearance:Medium long red hair, Slim but with obvious physical prowess, Very tattooed with the main piece being a sleeve dedicate to The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride.

Ring Attire: Full leg wrestling tights (white with black and purple candy skulls on either side and the word ATTENTION! written across the butt

Entrance Attire: comes to the ring in either a black hoodie with an hourglass on the back or a Mortal Kombat "keep calm and finish him" t-shirt which he either wrestles in or wrestles shirtless.

Casual Attire: Black skinny jeans, skate shoe high tops, Band shirt and a denim jacket with the hood up, also seen with a skateboard as a preferred mode of transport

Picture Base: Jordan Caliban 2dv6cmw


Theme Song:

Entrance: The song starts and the intro plays through and finally as the tempo picks up this Dude just saunter out onto the center of the stage cocky as all that, singing along with his own theme song milking every second of it swaggering from side to side on the stage, finally a Beautiful red head appears as if from nowhere behind him and places her hand on his head calming him and then she steps back as he drops to his knees pounding on the ramp and then coming back up CM PUNK style screaming


He rolls back onto his feet, the girl is standing behind him smiling at his behaviour, he is basically bouncing as he makes his way from the stage singing along with his own theme song and getting in the face of the crowd, the song speeds up again and Jordan runs at the ring jumping and sliding in feet first followed by a quick kip up into a standing corkscrew back flip landing back on his feet. The entrance ends with Caliban sitting on the top rope with the girl playing with his hair on the apron. Both are waiting watching the ramp or opponent intently


Finishing Moves:

Finisher Move 1: Caliboom: imploding 630 splash

Set-up Finisher 1: Angle Cutter: Grouped name for the 150 ways he can hit you with an Ace Crusher

Finishing Move 2: 2 tone passout: A crippler Crossface with the opponents free arm pull across the throat

Set-up Finisher 2: Ground floor knock out: a basement Hurricanrana sometimes onto a steel set up steel chair

Signature Moves

Worlds Scariest pile driver: Del sol driver (Bridging phenix plex)

Crack a smile Jawbreaker: Sliced bread from the hangman neck breaker position floating all the way over to a Jeff Hardy style Jaw jacker

Cyclone DDT: Jody Fliesch's 720 DDT

Regular Moves

super kick,

general kicks,

general strikes,

discuss forearm,

buckle bomb,

Suicide dive,

Cannonball suicide dive,

various other diving maneuvers (be creative)

450 splash,

shooting star press,

double foot stomp,

leg drop,

Tornado DDT,

arm bar,

Boston crab,

dragon sleeper,

a young master of holds and counter holds,

exploder suplex,

full nelson suplex (sometimes rolling back into a trifecta of German suplexes),

Running dropsault


Personality: Young, Brash and cocky but with a sense of respect for the people he calls the Architects of professional wrestling and is truly a fan through and through

Strengths: Intelligence, a sense of self worth well beyond his years, seems to be made of rubber and bounces up from some hellacious attacks

Weaknesses: The sense of self worth can give him an ego in the ring, tunnel vision, bad temper

Brief Background: Jordan Caliban has been making waves in wrestling feds all over the USA and has branched into some other parts of the world also, he has garnered attention and criticism alike, always the first one to a fight he is also normally the first one to start a fight. Young Cock and brash mixed with intelligence eerily beyond his years. He has faced owners of companies and driven them down, he is widely respected in his use of social media to further his own name and the name of the company he represents. His background however tends to confuse people, as a young man Jordan Caliban spent most of his life in a wheelchair after breaking multiple bones in multiple accidents. After a massive campaign headed by some people Jordy met on a make a wish trip to Florida in which he managed to convince Coach Scott D'amore to train him at the Can-am facility when he reached the age of 21. After making a deal that he would have to fund thousands of dollars of experimental surgeries just to get him close to ring fit. He then spent the next 5 years of his young life campaigning and raising money and thanks to the efforts and connections of D'amore and Jordy's tireless work he entered the can-am facility a year early, after 6 months there he was sent on a training tour around the country and eventually the world working with the chikara wrestle factory, ROH, the storm wrestling academy, the Texas wrestling academy and then after a month back home working in the Irish whip facility he first traveled to Japan to work in the Kaientai Dojo where he finally made his professional wrestling debut against the ex WWF star in a losing effort. From there his final stop was Combat Zone Wrestling's Pro Wrestling academy because Jun Kusai told him he needed to learn how to take a chair shot. At some point during all that time in preparation something happened to Caliban, something that seems to have had an adverse effect on a somewhat docile and fun loving Psyche, at points talking in multiple voices all at once something inside Caliban likes to be called the Punkin and he lives
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Jordan Caliban
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