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 James Shark News Story

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PostSubject: James Shark News Story   Thu Dec 19, 2013 12:35 pm

Return or Retirement?
Ring Magazine

James Shark photoed above after victory over Audrey James (PWP)

As we grow closer to the special night PWP has planned on Saturday Night, fans are beginning to wonder what type of James Shark they will see come fight time.

The flamboyant superstar took a leave from the sport, vacating his PDW Bloodshed Championship just a while back in September being 1-1-1 in his last three outings. It wasn't the first time Shark had been out of the ring as earlier in the year he was suspended numerous amounts of times along with being sidelined with injuries on several occasions. The last few times Shark had entered the ring, many had noticed the lack of interest and motivation on his part as it showed in his performances.

Earlier in the week, Shark briefly commented about this in an interview, stating that the world would see a brand new, completely different James Shark in early for the New Years. However, a loud mouth and confidence was something that James always had, even with his last few matches.

In order to be better informed about Shark's mindset leading up to PWP 5, Ring Magazine took a trip over to the Confidence Gym & Training Center in New York to speak to Shark's long time head trainer, Clayton Paris.

Highlights from the Interview below:

Ring Magazine: James Shark had retired back in September, he changed his mind rather quickly, now he's back. Can you just comment on his last few outings and tell us what changed his mind to step back in the ring?

Clayton Paris: Yeah, I think people were expecting too much out of him. Of course with him being a huge star that trash talks heavily, people expect to see him dominate his opponents but it doesn't work out that way. In his level, it's almost impossible to dominate an opponent due to everybody being extremely talented and god gifted. There was clearly a lot of mistakes and lackluster from his part but the matches weren't as bad as people are making them out to be.

Him and Zero McHannon fought in a 'Match of the Year' type match-up, it ended in a No Contest. That very SAME night, while Zero went home, or to he hospital, wherever the hell he went... James Shark went on to enter a battle royal filled with big names. Everybody in that battle royal was fresh, Shark could barely even walk, his body was beat up and bruised but he was able to make it to the very end. He was the last man in that match along with Arkia.

Then of course with his match against Audrey James, a match that he won, everybody gave him shit for that match because of how competitive it was. Audrey James never got the credit she deserved, she's a former champion and she showed a lot of heart along with determination to win. She was fighting for her family and that gives you a lot of strength, it's the same thing James will be fighting for this Saturday Night.

Ring Magazine: But everybody said he had no motivation in those matches, including Shark himself.

Clayton Paris: He didn't and I believe if he did, he would've defeated Zero and won the battle royal. Look, you can have all the talent in the world but if you don't have the motivation to use that talent, you can't do shit with it. James Shark's power was still there but his wrestling was all over the place, he wasn't focused. I've been working with him on his wrestling since 2010 and he has improved in that department a hell of a lot. The wrestling I saw in these previous matches reminded me of his 09 days.

Ring Magazine:
So now he has the motivation?

Clayton Paris: He does. He didn't have it back then because he didn't want to be in the ring, instead he wanted to be at home with Brooklyn, waiting with her for the arrival of their twin boys. Now that their out and he's played the father role, he wants to get back into that ring.


Ring Magazine: Both Darren and Shark agreed for this to be a retirement match, but Josh Duncan, the owner of the PWP didn't officiate this stipulation due to them both not being directly signed with the PWP. In Shark's promo released the other night, he said that as a man, the loser should retire just because they agreed to it. Your thoughts on that?

Clayton Paris: Yea, I don't like that one bit. People have their bad days, losses happen and although I am extremely confident that Shark will win this match, I didn't like the offer he put out there because anything can happen. We don't expect Darren Maddox to retire if he loses, he's been in this sport for a while now and he still has a bright future after this match, but if Shark loses, he told me he's out.

Ring Magazine: So this is either return or retire for him?

Clayton Paris: Correct, he's a man of his word.

Ring Magazine: You gave credit on Darren Maddox a bit there though. I'm surprised.

Clayton Paris: I don't trash any of Shark's opponents. Their all tough competitors in this sport.

Ring Magazine: Do you think Shark is underestimating him?

Clayton Paris: We both feel like Darren is the one underestimating Shark. However, Shark is smart enough to know that Darren poses a threat. No matter how much he downplays Darren's victory in PWP's last event, we know that Maddox will pose a challenge and Shark's ready for it.

Ring Magazine: Do you see any weaknesses from Darren?

Clayton Paris: We saw some flaws in his previous match-ups, but everyone is a different person in each match, it's the styles that make the matches. The only thing I can tell you is that Shark did his thing, he hyped up this match, talked his shit and now it's easy to see that he's in Darren's head.


We were unable to ask Clayton about the recent rumors regarding Shark that came in due to the interview being conducted a day before hand. The new IWF BattleGrounds card was released earlier and there was speculation all week long that James Shark was supposed to be placed in it, returning to the company he once took over.

Rumors have it that IWF recieved a call from Shark's camp, notifying them that Shark had requested to be booked the following week in order to focus 100% on his match with Darren Maddox.

This rumor sounds unlike Shark as the superstar has been known to double book himself, so if this is indeed true, then we are looking to see a very game and serious James Shark come Saturday Night.

The PWP 5: Holiday Special Event is shaping up to be a very anticipating night. Fans can view this event which includes Shark vs Maddox and Taryn vs Frankie LIVE and FREE exclusively on - this Saturday Night 8 p.m. EST (7 p.m. CST/6 p.m. MST/5 p.m. PST)

To view the FULL uncut video Interview with Clayton Paris click here:‎videos/interviews/clayton_paris_12182013
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James Shark News Story
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