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 "She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson

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Real Divas of Miami
Real Divas of Miami

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"She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson  Empty
PostSubject: "She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson    "She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson  EmptyThu Dec 12, 2013 12:33 am

"She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson  130321-JaclynSwedberg-0097w

Alexis Robinson

Taryn Robinson

June 8, 1982

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Miami, Florida


125 Pounds



"She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson  Uvztby0

“Dirty Dancer” by Enrique Iglesias ft. Usher and Lil Wayne

*TWITTER: @TarynSooDirrty
*AIM: aliffy555

The T.S.D (That’s So Dirrty!) – Hangman’s Facebuster -

Dirrty Driver – Dudley Dog -

Snapmare Cutter
- Normally done after countering an attempted clothesline from her opponent. Once they turn around, Taryn wraps her hands around the neck of her opponent before sweeping their legs out from under them sending them to the mat face first and falling with them.


Diving Sunset  Flip

When whipped to the turnbuckle  and her opponent runs at her, Taryn quickly jumps onto the top rope in a splitting position. This causes her opponents to crash into the turnbuckle. Then Taryn flips over into a sunset flip.

1. Elevated Surfboard
2. Wheelbarrow Bulldog
3. Diving Crossbody
4. Tornado DDT
5. Headscissors Takedown
6. Flapjack
7. Running Front Dropkick
8. Hurricanrana
9. Wheelbarrow Arm Drag  
10. Handspring Back Elbow

High Flyer/Technical

Jaclyn Swedberg

XWA Women’s Champion


[color=fuchsia][center][b]“Dirty dirty dancer”[/b][/center][/color]

The sounds of “Dirty Dancer” by Enrique Iglesias featuring Usher and Lil Wayne comes over the PA system. The camera moves over to the stage where the flawless beauty from New Orleans, Louisiana is standing. A beautiful smile is on the face of “the dirrty diva” and her hands on her hips. The fans cheer for the stunning diva as she lifts her right hand from her hips and raises her arms into the air.

[color=fuchsia][center][b]“She’s a dirty dirty dancer dirty dirty dancer,
Never ever lonely
She’s a dirty dirty dancer, dirty dirty dancer
You’ll never be her only”[/b][/center][/color]

After a few moments of pandering to the fans, the Dirrty diva places her hands to her side as she begins to walk down the ramp. Keeping her smile on her face, she walks down the ramp with swagger. As she makes her way to the ring, Taryn begins to give the fans hi fives on her way down to the ring.

[color=fuchsia][center][b]“She don’t wanna love she just wanna touch
She’s a greedy girl to never get enough
She don’t wanna love she just wanna touch
She’s got all the moves that make you give it up”[/b][/center][/color]

Making her way down to the ringside area, Taryn goes over to the stairs and starts to walk up. After getting onto the ring apron, the dirrty brunette stands by the turnbuckle near the stairs. With a smile she puts her hands on the top rope and jumps into a seated position atop the top turnbuckle. As the fans continue to cheer, Taryn raises her hands into the air before she drops into the ring. Making her way to center, the dirrty diva raises her hands into the air as the fans continue to cheer for her, the sounds of “Dirty Dancer” fade out.


Alexis Robinson was born June 8, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana. She is oldest of four kids (Tori 28, Sarah 26, Kennedy 22). After graduating from high school in 2000, she competed in the Miss Teen Louisiana competition finishing in the top ten. Afterwards, Alexis went on to study at the Louisiana State University majoring in broadcast journalism. After graduating from LSU in 2004, Alexis went on to do weekend reporting at a local news station. By the time she was twenty-three, Alexis left Louisiana and headed for Los Angeles. Upon landing in Los Angeles she began modeling and was eventually discovered by talent scouts for the Xtreme Wrestling Association (XWA) in 2008.

After reporting to developmental training in June of 2008, Alexis started to vigorously work at fine tuning her craft in the ring. Wrestling under the ring name Dakota Drake, Alexis would have matches with some of the future stars of the company such as Stacy, Angel Love, and Jennifer Runnels. In July of 2009, Alexis was called up from developmental and was given the ring name Taryn when she made her in ring debut against Mickie James on an edition of Vendetta. Winning a spot in a number one contenders tournament, Taryn lost out in the fatal four way finals match to Ginger Thomas. She went on to compete in many great women’s wrestling matches with the company including a submissions count anywhere match with Heather Marie, and six diva lone wolf match. After the King of Xtreme pay per view, Taryn was hoisted into the role of the only female member of the New Age Icons. After three months with the group, she parted ways with them, and then boyfriend Alex Firecracker effectively turning her heel.

Going into 2010, Taryn went from one of the most adored divas, to one of the most hated. After six months of going at it on her own, she aligned with Angel Love, and then XWA women’s champion Stacey to become the most successful female stable in the company’s history, Simply Flawless. At Interpromotional Wars, Taryn was assigned to be the special guest referee for the sadistic madness hardcore match between Stacey and Angel for the women’s championship. Angel was victorious, but Taryn was written off of XWA television for the next two months. Returning to XWA TV in 2011, Taryn went on to have a vendetta against the women of flawless. Back to being a face, Taryn went on to take the XWA Women’s Championship off of then champion Brianna Scott at the first episode of XWA Allure. Less than a month into her run, Taryn injured her knee causing her to vacate the women’s championship.

In November 2012, Taryn made her return to the company and was brought in to a triple threat match at XtremeMania 4 to face Diana Valentine and Anna Chen for the women’s championship in a losing effort. After the match, Alexis asked for and was granted her release from the company. Since her release Alexis has been working on training girls to get in the ring.
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"She's soo Dirrty" Taryn Robinson
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