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 TJ Codair

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TJ Codair
TJ Codair

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***Name: TJ Codair
Age: 29
Location: Tenneesse
Twitter: I really hate twitter, so I just use it for my charector
Any form of Messenger:(AIM, Yahoo, etc.) yahoo, codair13 and of course facebook

Character Information: (In Character)

***Wrestler Name: TJ Codair
***Wrestler Age: 39
***Alignment: (Face/Heel/Tweener) Tweener
***Pic Base: (Who are you using for your wrestler's look? Wrestler, Celebrity, Custom, etc.) Chris Benoit.

***Wrestler's Entrance: (How your wrestler comes to the ring.)
"Whats yours is mine and whats mine is mine too. If you shake my hand better count your fingers."

The pre chorus for Dread and The Fugitive Mind kicks on the loudspeakers as TJ Codair steps out from the back and walks down the entrance ramp, the fans are chanting Codair's name, as he makes it down to ringside.

"What if I do get caught? What if there is no judgment?"

Codair gets in the ring.

"If Im right I loose nothing, if youre right I loose it all."

Codair walks over to the turnbuckles.

"I ought to get caught because Im doing something wicked"

Codair climbs the second turnbuckle and looks out to the fans.

"Im guilty haunted by my fear and the only consequences are dread and the fugitive mind."

The music stops as Codair drops off the second turnbuckle and gets ready for the match to begin.

Read more: Megadeth - Dread & The Fugitive Mind Lyrics

***Wrestler's Theme Music: (what music does your wrestler come out to?) Dread and The Fugitive Mind by Megadeth.

***Wrestler's Bio: Codair is one of the most controversial wrestlers in the world, being that he is one of the most outspoken. Well known for his mouth, and even more so for his technical in ring ability. Codair is quite possibly one of the best in the world also.

Born and raised in the irish projects of Boston Massachusetts in the neighborhood known as Charlestown. TJ learned how to fight at an early age. He learned a lot of things over his years and his near two decades in Wrestling has served him well as being an established wrestler in the ring.

The former leader of the stable of the Darkriders, and being a crucial member in many wars between factions in the various federations he has been in.

Recently inducted into the Hell House, by his very close friend, and mentor while coming up in the Wrestling world. Codair took up the mantle of Pestilence of the Horsemen, the guardians and destroyers of the Hell House. Codair joined with John Ojeda, Nikki Blade, and Matthew Prince, taking over Hell House, and honor Codair has been waiting for a very long time. He finally has had it bestowed upon him, and in turn it has finally set Codair free.

Upon his departure from wrestling due to the numerous amounts of injuries to his shoulder and neck. TJ Codair set out to do the one a whole lot of wrestlers would do. He started his own wrestling company and has opened the Doors for BW.

***What type is your wrestler? (Technical, Brawler, high flyer, etc.) Scientific/ Brawler/ Judo

***Move set(What is your wrestler's arsenal? Suplex, neckbreaker, etc.)
Please list 15-20 basic moves below.

1. Knife Edge Chop
2. Codairplex Variations
-Gargoyle (head arm )
-Northern Lights
-Belly to Belly
-Spinning Release Fisherman
-Spider (German from top rope)
3.Snap DDT
4. Short Arm Clothesline
5. Hiptoss
6. Arm Breaker
7. Shoulder lock
8. Driving Knees into face down opponents shoulders and head
9. Shoulder breaker
10. Russian Leg Sweep
11. European uppercut
12. Anaconda Vice
13. Swinging Reverse Neckbreaker
14. Dragon Sleeper
15. Jawbreaker
16. Rear headlock back breaker.
17. Snapmare
18. Dropkick
19. Samoan drop
20. Driving opponent shoulder into the ringpost.

Please list at least 2 signature moves.

Multiple German Suplex
Stomping on opponents, followed by knee drop onto where hes been stomping
Spinebuster (Arn Anderson style)
Choking STO
Arm lock ddt.

***Wrestler Finisher.

1. Oblivion(Spinning Reverse STO)
2. Falling From Grace (Diving Headbutt from top rope)
2. Machinehead (Crossface)
3. The First Seal of the Apocalypse (Hells Gate)
4. Hell or High Water (Torture Crab)
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TJ Codair
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