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 The Real Divas Of Miami

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Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: The Real Divas Of Miami   Sun Dec 08, 2013 8:08 pm

As you guys can see (or maybe haven't seen yet), there's been a new section added to the forum called "Real Divas of Miami." What this is, is a project a friend of mine is trying out. It's going to be a reality TV series, that follows around several women in the wrestling world. Kinda like "Total Divas" but they're not in the same company. I've let them post their show here, in hopes of cross generating viewers and interest for both PWP and Real Divas of Miami. I just wanted to give you guys a quick heads up about it but I'm going to let her give more details if she'd like to fill you guys in more about it.
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The Real Divas Of Miami
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