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 PWP: The Holiday Special - Darren Maddox vs. James Shark

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Josh C. Duncan
Josh C. Duncan

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PostSubject: PWP: The Holiday Special - Darren Maddox vs. James Shark   Thu Dec 05, 2013 6:42 pm

1 RP Max. 300 word minimum. Deadline is December 18th at 11:59 PM Eastern.

This match is contested in a Steel Cage! The only way to win is by escaping over the cage or through the door. There are NO pinfalls, submissions or DQs!

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Darren Maddox
Darren Maddox

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PostSubject: Re: PWP: The Holiday Special - Darren Maddox vs. James Shark   Mon Dec 16, 2013 1:56 am

It is never easy getting to where you want to be in your career. There are the ups and the downs and that is when you just gotta learn to roll with the punches. For me, I want to get as much out of myself as I possibly can. I did not sign on with the Pro Wrestling Project to simply be a part of it all. I am a leader, not a follower. I am here to make everyone stand up and take notice and to realize that there is more to Darren Maddox than what meets the eye. My victory over three other men in that Four Way Elimination Match was just the beginning of what I plan to do here in PWP. I am not just going half way with this. I am going all the way and God help anyone who tries to stop me.


Not Quite The Man I Wanted To Become
Chicago Wrestling Alliance
April 2007

It was early evening and I was sitting on one of the workout benches packing up my gymbag after just finishing up some more training with a few of the guys in the ring. We were all getting very good in that ring and soon I knew that I would be stepping up to the next level. But by the look of things, I wouldn’t be the only one to advance to the next division in this place. Another guy by the name of Dean Andry was also doing an excellent job at showing exactly what he was made of. He was very much like me. Did that scare me or make me feel threatened? Not really. Because after meeting him and talking to him after awhile, I grew a lot of respect for him and our take on things and our goals were very much the same. As I got to know him, I started to see what he was really all about and I just had to admire the guy. We both were out to dominate the wrestling industry. Sounded like a good plan to me. So as the weeks went by, we became buddies and were watching each other’s back. What were friends for right?

I could hear someone coming up to me and I looked up to see Dean standing there with that small grin on his face that made him look so god damn sinister.

Darren Maddox:  “What did you do this time man?”

Dean Andry:  “What makes you think I did anything?”

Darren Maddox:  “The look on your face says it all. Spill it.”

Dean Andry:  “Okay fine. But… uh… it involves you.”

Did I even want to know?

Darren Maddox:  “If you told bossman Zolinski that I’m still on parole, I’m gonna fucking kill you.”

Dean Andry:  “No way! That ain’t it. I would never tell him about that. I wouldn’t risk your chance for advancement to the next division. What do ya take me for?”

Darren Maddox:  “A sinner like me. But no, seriously, what’s up? You’re never in a smartass mood for nothing.”

He paused for a moment and kept the grin on his face as he was looking at me.

Dean Andry:  “Ya know that girl we met briefly at the bar over the weekend?”

Darren Maddox:  “Yeah, what about her?”

Dean Andry:  “I uh… kinda got ya a date with her.”

No way. I wasn’t hearing this correctly.

Darren Maddox:  “What the fuck are you talking about? Since when are you my relationship advisor?”

Dean Andry:  “You told me yourself that you liked her and you wouldn’t mind seeing her again after the whole ten seconds you had to talk to her at the bar. If her friend hadn’t been in such a hurry to leave, then you guys would have had more time to talk.”

Darren Maddox:  “Stop stalling and tell me how you pulled off arranging a date for her and I.”

Dean Andry:  “Well it’s real simple. I ran into her again at the House of Java on Weston Street. I reckon she might live in that area, but anyway… I stopped her when she was paying for her latte and I pretty much flat out told her that my buddy, that being you, is very interested in talking to her again. Maybe… ya know… goin’ out on a date or somethin’ like that.”

I shook my head. His guts and nerve to go ahead and do things without fear just blew my mind most of the time.

Darren Maddox:  “I gotta tell you right now that I’m really not impressed by this. You’re my pal and all man, but I don’t need you trying to hook me up with anyone. I’m quite capable of doing that on my own.”

Dean Andry:  “I beg to differ on that. You haven’t asked a girl out in how long now? I believe it’s been what, three months now since—“

Darren Maddox:  “Don’t….Don’t even say her name alright? She hurt me enough and I never wanna hear her fucking name again.”

Dean Andry:  “Heartbreak city isn’t always easy to recover from now is it?”

I stood up from the bench and zippered up my gymbag, then I picked it up and put the strap over my shoulder so I could carry it. I looked back at him, still annoyed that he appproached some potential girlfriend for me on my behalf.

Darren Maddox:  “Just because you arranged for me to go on some date with this girl, doesn’t mean I have to actually go on it. Call her up and apologize, then just forget the whole thing.”

Dean Andry:  “Not a chance man! Dean Andry does NOT say sorry to women and you know that. It makes me feel inferior to them which I am not.”

I took a deep breath. Granted, Dean was a great friend, but… BUT… he sure could be a royal pain in the ass at times. This was one of those times.

Dean Andry:  “Look… just… give this a chance. What do ya got to lose by seeing her again?”

Darren Maddox:  “It’s not what I have to lose. It’s what I have to gain. MORE HEARTACHE.”

I turned and started to walk towards the gym doors in an attempt to just avoid the topic of dating. Plus I was eager to hit the showers and head home to be with my mother who was nursing yet another left eye that was black and blue after my father used her for a punching bag lastngiht.

I was not the only one going through heartache.

Dean shouted out to me just before I left the gym.

Dean Andry:  “Her name’s Meghan! 6pm tomorrow night at Benny’s Bar and Grill! Just go and give it a shot man! She’s expectin’ ya!”

I kept walking out of the gym without bothering to look back at him.


The next evening…

The bar wasn’t busy yet which was a good thing. That meant that if I happened to get into another bar fight, there wouldn’t be as many witnesses like there was the last time. I had been sitting at one of the tables to the side of the entrance so that when Meghan showed up, she would be able to see me there. A short time later she arrived and she noticed me, smiled, then came over to me. Her long brown hair rested beautifully on her shoulders. I stood up and looked at her and I had to say, it felt awkward just because of the way this whole date was set up for us. It might have been time to find myself a new best friend, but one thing I could say about Dean was that he always had my back and he had never done me wrong. I knew I could trust him. Friends like that didn’t come along all the time.

Meghan:  “I remember you from the bar. Darren is it?”

Darren Maddox:  “Yeah, that’s me. I already know your name. Dean told me.”

Meghan:  “You know, if you want to leave, I would understand. Your friend told me that you kinda liked me when you saw me at the bar the other night. I wasn’t expecting him to go this far and make a date for you and I to meet up.”

Darren Maddox:  “Don’t worry about it. That’s just how he is. He has a tendency for taking the initiative when he shouldn’t. Not that I’m complaining about being here with you. You’re a very pretty woman. If you wanna stay, then… we can stay.”

She smiled at me as if she was somewhat of a shy girl. I picked up on that right away. We both sat down at the table and the waiter brought us each a cold beer and we started talking about different things.

Meghan:  “So, how old are you?”

Darren Maddox:  “I’m twenty-one years old.”

Meghan:  “We’re the same age then. I just got my driver’s license and I’m graduating from university next year.”

Darren Maddox:  “That’s really good. You know what you want in life and you’re going after it. I can relate. That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I’m training to be a professional wrestler and it’s looking great for me. I’ve had excellent feedback, so I just have to keep believing in myself and I’ll eventually hit the big leagues. You’re looking at a future main eventer right here.”

She chuckled a bit.

Meghan:  “Well then, you’ll have to get me front row tickets for when that happens.”

Darren Maddox:  “Done deal. You got it.”

Meghan:  “While you’re making your impact in the ring, I’ll be making my own impact in the world of business and finance. I’m going to open my own company. My parents wanted me to get into the fashion world and were even ready to pay for my plane ticket to Europe so that I could start taking the runways by storm. I appreciated their offer, but I declined. That’s just not what I wanna do, and ya gotta be happy in life right?”

I wasn’t happy with my life right now. Not as long as I lived in the same house as my old man. No one knew just how bad the abuse was getting at home except for a few close friends of mine.

Darren Maddox:  “Yeah… I suppose.”

She just gave me a slight smile, but the way she was looking at me, it was like she wanted to say something but was holding back.

Meghan:  “I kinda sense that you’re feeling down about something. I’m not trying to pry into your problems or anything. But, if you need to talk about it, I’m here to listen.”

How many times had I heard that line before. Too many times. My parole officer and all of those counsellors who were supposedly trying to “help” me with my anger issues would tell me endlessly that they would always be there to listen when I needed it. However, in my mind, they didn’t really do anything for me.

The way I saw it… Darren Maddox was just another statistic who fell through the cracks of the system.

Darren Maddox:  “The shit that I’m going through right now… I could never burden or corrupt that safe, innocent mind of yours. The things that are trapped in my mind are things that need to stay out of yours.”

Meghan:  “You used the word “trapped”. Why are you feeling trapped?”

I was starting to feel a bit agitated by her very caring nature. It was something I wasn’t used to. I didn’t need anyone caring about me. All I needed was myself. Me against the world.

Darren Maddox:  “With all due respect Meghan, but this is supposed to be a date, not some therapeutic session where I only have forty-five minutes to talk about what I’ve been through for the past three years.”

I knew I sounded cold and I didn’t mean to be that way. I was just a very angry young man right now because of the problems in my personal life.

Meghan:  “I’m… I’m sorry. You don’t have to explain anything to me.”

Darren Maddox:  “It’s not your fault. It’s not you. It’s me. I just have some trouble at home that I’m trying to deal with and I don’t like talking about—“

There was a sudden look of great fear on Meghan’s face as she sat up more in her chair and looked up at this guy who had just walked up to our table. I looked at the guy, then looked back at her and in that instant I knew that his sudden presence was making her VERY uncomfortable. She continued to look up at him.

Meghan:  “What are you doing here Randy? I told you to stay away from me.”

Randy:  “You and I have unfinished business. You dumped me two weeks ago and now you’re already onto the next guy. Really Meghan? I mean really??”

This guy was bad news. I could hear it in his voice. I knew a violent man when I saw one. I saw one every morning when I looked in the mirror.

Meghan:  “You’re just upset because I broke it off with you. I couldn’t take your verbal abuse anymore. Saying I was no good. Saying that I would never amount to anything. Keeping on me all the time about how FAT I am just because I gained three fucking pounds! I couldn’t take it anymore Randy. I wasn’t happy anymore. Now please… just walk away and leave me alone.”

Her voice was so fragile. She was scared as hell right now. He continued to look down at her threateningly.  

Randy:  “I’m not done with you bitch.”

A sudden flashback came into my head of my old man saying the same fucking thing to my mother…

My Old Man:  “I’m not done with you bitch.”

I started to get very angry. I no longer saw Randy standing there. I saw my father. I no longer saw sweet Meghan sitting across from me. I saw my loving mother. I slowly rose up from my chair and looked at him. My fists had already clenched moments ago.

Darren Maddox:  “She just told you to walk away and leave her alone. That is what I need you to do. Walk away…”

He slowly turned to face me. He wasn’t going to back down. His 6’2” frame hovered over me. But… that was just fine by me. The bigger they were, the harder they fell. And trust me… this guy was heading for a fall if he didn’t leave within the ten seconds before my fists started to fly.

He started to talk real smug to me.

Randy:  “I’ve seen you around punk. Don’t think I don’t know all about you. Everyone talks in this neighborhood. I know all about your run ins with the law. And it doesn’t stop with you either. Your mama is a Friday night whore who doesn’t—“


I started unloading on the son of a bitch!! He was fighting back but it did nothing for him. My shots were too powerful. We were both throwing punches on each other’s face and the fight was so intense, we both fell backwards onto the empty table behind us. The people in the bar were cheering it on while Meghan stood watching with her hands over her mouth. As I continued to take the fight to Randy, he fell onto the floor and was on his back coughing. I didn’t stop. I went right for one of the vodka bottles that was sitting on the bar and I picked it up. I raged back over to Randy, got down to his level, grabbed his throat with my left hand and held up the bottle in the air with my right hand. I was about to smash him in the face with it. He deserved no mercy. Meghan suddenly lashed out.

Meghan:  “DARREN, NO!! DARREN, STOP!!”

She grabbed the glass vodka bottle from my hand before I had the chance to finish him off. I quickly stood up and looked right at her amid my anger and rage.

Darren Maddox:  “YOU SEE HOW I AM NOW??!! THIS is why I can NEVER have a girlfriend!! You see how I get when I lose control??!!”

She just stood there and she started to cry a little. She was upset and it was my doing. But, I would not stand back and let a man hurt a woman, no matter who it was. I had a huge issue with that. And living in a household of violence was not helping me any. If it wasn’t for my mother begging and pleading for me to not hurt my father, he would have been a dead man by now.

I spoke firmly to her as I tried to catch my breath.

Darren Maddox:  “You need to keep away from me Meghan. Keep as far away from me as you can. I never wanna hurt you. I know we just met and all, but you need to just forget about me. You’ll find a good boyfriend someday. Someone who you won’t have to be afraid of.”

I turned around and I grabbed my jacket from the back of the chair. It was time for me to get the fuck out of there and away from her. I didn’t trust myself at this moment. My temper was hard to control, even for me. Besides that, I didn’t want a night in jail.

I looked at her and she was looking back at me. She was already afraid of me. I could see it in her eyes.

Darren Maddox:  “Goodbye Meghan.”

I quickly walked out of the bar just as a police car was pulling up with its flashing lights on at the top of the vehicle. The two cops got out and headed into the bar. I kept walking away and disappeared into the dark night.


Please Wake Up
St. Louis, Missouri
December 3, 2013

I had met Lycra right here in PWP two months ago. I remember that day very well actually. I was in the hallway hoping to get some apple juice from the vending machine, but the damn thing didn’t have any, so… let’s just say that I kinda vandalized it a bit and kicks a few dents into it. Lycra saw what I did and came right up to me and put me in my place about it. Ever since that day, her and I were becoming friends and were getting to know each other. I had gained a lot of respect for her the more that her and I talked.

But now, our growing friendship had come to a halt because she was now laying here in the bed in her hospital room in a coma. I was sitting in the chair beside her bed and I just kept looking at her and kept watching for any signs that might indicate that she knew I was here for her. Her daughter Jetta was taking this very hard and I felt so helpless because there wasn’t anything I could do. My plan was to help Lycra get her life back on track again, but now, her life was thrown another obstacle that she wasn’t expecting to have to face. The woman already had a hard enough life in the past and I was going to help make her life look brighter than it had ever been before. I cared a lot about her. In fact, I cared a lot more for her than what she realized.

The nurse came in to check on her as they so often did, but there was no change. She was just laying here looking peaceful. Every time I came here to visit her, I would sit and talk to her so that maybe if she heard the voice of a friend, she would fight to wake up. She was known to overcome pretty much everything under the sun that you could throw at her, so I had to believe in her and believe that she was going to come out of this alright.

I was looking at her as I began to speak.

Darren Maddox:  “Well, here I am again. Just thought that I would come and sit with you for a while. I know you probably can’t hear me right now, but that’s not gonna stop me from talking to you. I think that it might help. Besides, I needed to see how you’re doing. I was really hoping that you would be awake by now, but… I guess you’re deciding to be your usual stubborn self and you’re gonna make us all wait a little longer.”

Someone as strong-minded as her always had to do things on their own terms. Did that bother me? Not in the least because I could sometimes be the same way myself.

Darren Maddox:  “I just need you to wake up… at some point… because… you and I haven’t been friends for long and I really want the chance to get to know you more. I know that your daughter’s worried to no end about you, and I also know that she doesn’t like me very much. I think maybe she feels I’m a bad influence on an already troubled woman like yourself. Maybe she doesn’t want you hanging around a bad boy like me. But, I’m not gonna stay away for no one. I care about you… more than you know. I haven’t been around much to help you and I’m sorry about that. A part of me feels guilty because I think that I should have reached out to you more than what I have been. I just got very busy with WXW and a lot of promotional shit that I had to do. What’s making me feel worse about this is that I didn’t even know that you were an addict. I had no idea that you were struggling with your prescription medication. Had I known, I would have said fuck work and I would have been around more to help.”

I didn’t like those rare occasions when I would end up letting people down. It made me feel like shit.

Darren Maddox:  “Now that I know what’s going on with you, I’m gonna start being around for you. I just have to get through this main event match that I’m in against James Shark. It’s a steel cage match, but that’s right up my alley. I live for the extreme. This guy doesn’t know what he’s in for once he’s locked in that cage with me. Just because he’s a multi-champion, he thinks he’s all that and more. He thinks he’s “DA MAN”. But he’s wrong. And I’m gonna prove him wrong. He’s TrashTalkRoyalT for a reason… because that’s all he knows how to do…is trash talk people. But… I guess you know better than anyone about trash talk, don’t ya Lycra. It doesn’t hold one cent of truth. The things Shark said online about my mother… that’s where he crossed the line with me. I’m gonna fucking kill him. No one talks about my mother like that and walks away free. No one.”

I was riled up and ready for this match against Shark. I wanted that fucker so badly, I could already feel his blood on my hands. And yes, his ultimate pain and suffering would definitely be by MY OWN HANDS.

Darren Maddox:  “He might very well be the shark with the empty belly who is in need of his night time feeding… but I’m the god damn dragon with all the fire and strength to get the job done. If Duncan won’t let me retire Shark after accepting his challenge for a retirement match, then I have other ways of putting that son of a bitch out of his homeboy misery. And I know that if you were awake right now, you would be telling me to go out there and kick his ass. Well, I’m gonna do a hell of a lot more than that. Everyone will see that he’s not all that he’s hyped up to be.”

I needed calm my thoughts. I was getting too pissed off inside myself. Save it for the match Darren. Just save it all for the match.

Darren Maddox:  “I’m sorry for venting on you like this. I shouldn’t be. Not when you’re laying in a hospital bed unconcious and you probably can’t even hear me.”

I looked away from her and took one glance around the room as I tried to calm myself down. I couldn’t have this temper of mine flaring up in a hospital of all places. Now was not the time or the place. I looked back at her.

Darren Maddox:  “I uh… I guess I should go now. You need your rest. But, I just want you to know that I—“

Suddenly the machine that was positioned next to her bed started beeping and I didn’t know what the hell it meant or what the hell was going on.

Darren Maddox:  “Lycra?”

I turned my eyebrows in and I looked at her, then at the machine, then back at her.

Darren Maddox:  “What’s wrong?”

Next thing I knew, a doctor and three nurses came rushing into the room. I quickly stood up and I was starting to feel a sudden rush of panic come over me. A sudden rush of fear. One of the nurses looked at me.

Nurse:  “You need to leave right now sir.”

Darren Maddox:  “What’s wrong with her?? Why is it beeping so fast like that?? WHAT’S WRONG??”

Doctor:  “The machine monitors brain activity. Sir, you need to leave the room now.”

Darren Maddox:  “So she can hear me then… She can hear us??”

I looked back at her while the doctor and nurses were doing what they needed to do and checking the other two machines that were in the room. I didn’t yell, but I spoke loudly.

Darren Maddox:  “You’re gonna be fine Lycra. Just hang in there. You’re gonna be fine.”

I turned and left the room, but I stayed right outside the door and was looking in at her and watching the staff do their thing. I wasn’t going to get in their way of helping her. I just wanted her to wake up and be alright. I mean, for fuck sakes, she had a daughter to live for. If she felt she didn’t have anything else, she at least had her kid to survive for.

A short time later, the doctor came out of the room. I went up to him.

Darren Maddox:  “Is she awake?”

Doctor:  “No. She’s not awake yet. But it’s looking hopeful. We just need all visitors to stay out of the room for now.”

I didn’t want to hear that, but I wasn’t going to complicate Lycra’s progress either. I would just have to stay out of the room until further notice. I walked back up to her hospital room door and I continued to look in at her.

She was a precious flower. I wanted to make her mine.


Some say that I am headed straight for a SHARK ATTACK. My response to that…

I am about to blow that theory RIGHT OUT OF THE FUCKING WATER.

In the dimness and silence of the room, the camera faded in as I sat alone. Focused. Clear. Ready.

Darren Maddox:  “The time has come Shark. Here we are. One on one. Locked inside a steel cage. We’re not getting our retirement match, but hey… two outta three ain’t bad.

Shark… I’m gonna be honest with ya. I don’t think this match really means as much to you as it does to me. Being voted into this main event by the fans to face you, in a steel cage no less, is something that I’m very much looking forward to. This is a big chance for me to further my career even more than what I’ve done so far. Six years ago, I was pretty much just starting out in this business. But look at me now. I’m not only a main eventer in my federation, but I’m a main eventer in PWP as well. I’ve got the momentum on my side and that won’t be slowing down anytime soon. I’ve got a lot… a LOT… riding on this match. I’ve got the company that I work for behind me every step of the way. World Xtreme Wrestling gave me the company ball and I’ve been running with it ever since. They’ve given me a chance to be somebody in this business, despite the fact that when I first walked through their doors, all they saw initially was a guy who had just finished up his time on parole. I was looking for a new start. A new focus if you will. They looked past my “bad ways”, for lack of a better term, and they realized that standing before them was a very angry young man who could unleash a violent rage onto any opponent who got in his way.

Well… James Shark… YOU are in my way… and I need to do something about that. I have every intention of beating your fucking ass from pillar to post and showing everyone the disgraceful being that you really are. It is time for Darren Maddox to take care of business and send you to your grave beyond six feet under so that you will never… NEVER… speak one more fucking word about my mother EVER AGAIN.

You think I have forgotten about the things that you said about my mother? You think I am going to let you walk away without any scars after the despicable comments you made about the woman who gave me life, breath, and skin? Don’t take me for someone who lets things slide Shark. You’ve pissed off the wrong person, and once I get you in that steel cage, I’m gonna make Judgement Day look like a god damn picnic!

Now, I know that you have this long list of credentials that you want me to be terrified of. But the truth is, I don’t give a fuck that you’ve done this and you’ve done that. Your achievements mean nothing to me. I don’t need to know what YOU have done in that ring. All I need to know is what I CAN DO in that ring. And rest assured, as I’ve already told you, I do not hesitate to take things to the EXTREME… and this time will be no different. You thought that I was joking. You didn’t take me seriously when I said that to you. That was your first mistake. Your second mistake was challenging me to turn this into a retirement match, and even though I publicly accepted your challenge, Duncan is not legally permitted to sanction such a match. However, your challenge brought about Duncan turning this into a steel cage match. So, needless to say, your plan backfired on you… because now I get you one on one in a fucking steel cage and you can bet your ass Shark that I am gonna take FULL ADVANTAGE of this sweet scenario that you’ve put yourself in.

No pinfalls. No submissions. No disqualifications. NO EXCUSES.


And I will tell you this right now… It will be a fucking cold day in HELL before I EVER let you escape from that cage before I do.

You think you’re this big, baddass shark that is not to be taunted or challenged. But you need to remember this… Sharks need water in order to stay alive. I’m about to take your water supply away. What happens then James? That’s right. YOU… DIE.

Looks like your time is up “BROTHA”.

Enough words. The rest of my talking would be done inside that steel cage.

Darren Maddox:  “My actions when I get you in that ring Shark will speak far louder than anything I could say to you right now. So… I only have one thing left to say to you…

Every battle… every war… ends with a winner and a loser. When this is all over…. you will have to be sure to tell me just how bad the bitter sting of defeat really is.


You can challenge me
But you will never beat me
For I am the warrior
Who will crush you in the end.
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PostSubject: Re: PWP: The Holiday Special - Darren Maddox vs. James Shark   Tue Dec 17, 2013 7:29 pm

Merry Christmas Faggox! Yo Momma’s a HOE HOE HOEEEEE but I’m sure you already KNOWWW.


PWP 5: The Holiday Special tho...

Christmas is supposed to be about the birth of Jesus. This Christmas is going to be different, at least for the PWP.

Here in the Professional Wrestling Project, we aint going to be celebrating the birth of Jesus, we’re going to be celebrating the DEATH of Jesus…. Err… momma’s boy who looks like Jesus that is.

Darren Faggox wants me dead? He doesn’t get what he wants, but me? I always get what I want.

I’m going to murder this dude, flat out kill him with my punches. When he’s knocked the fuck out, there ain’t going to be no type of smelling salt in the world that will be able to wake him up. I’m putting him to sleep just like Lycra.

All this tough act wannabe bad boy bullshit of his is going to get him dealt with.

He’s not going to be in a steel cage, he’s going to be inside a Shark Tank. When he’s in there, I want to see just how extreme he really is.

His last match was a simple elimination match, but he’s so extreme right?

He lost to two shitty ass Canadian Tag Team lovers called the Maple Leaf Muscle, but he’s so extreme right?

His finisher is nothing more than a basic spear… but he’s so extreme right?

What he is, is extremely untalented.

I can’t take none of his shit seriously, then again, how am I supposed to when his biggest insults are stuff like:
“You’re not a Shark! You’re just a goldfish swimming in a sea!”

Goldfish don’t even swim in the fucking sea, I mean, this is why I called him retarded. It’s going to be interesting to see him after the match when I pound his head in and knock out what’s left of his brain cells.

To be honest though? This whole thing has me tripping….There’s a couple of problems with this whole thing man, and I don’t think anybody but me realizes it.

First of all, this whole show is going to be streaming online. That right there is a huge fucking problem. A huge problem for PWP, a huge problem for Josh Duncan and a huge problem for the fans logging onto the site from all over the world.

On December 21st the internet will fucking break. The only people that will get to see me wreck Darren Maddox will be the people in the arena, as for everybody else online? It’s just not going to work.

Josh Duncan is going to have to deal with a lot of upset fans that night, they won’t even get to see the co-main event because it’s going to be laggy as fuck. Billions of motherfuckers are going to be tuning into that match JUST to get ready for mine. The whole site will crash right before their match ends, mark my words.

The fans listening to my promo right now will remember what I’m saying on the 21st and go
“Holy shit… that son of a bitch was right”.

Once they miss out on the whole thing, they’re only going to hear about the beating I put on Darren and they won’t even believe what their told. The stuff people are going to be saying about how I destroyed him will be like something out of a movie. It won’t be until after pictures are uploaded and a replay of the event is available online until people see the ass whooping with their own eyes and see what transpired that night, but even then, they won’t believe it. They’ll think their eyes are lying to them.

That’s how bad it’s going to be.

Now Darren’s probably over in his mommas couch aka his bed, watching this promo right now, nodding his head thinking
“Just keep talking nigger, that’s all it is” but the thing is, it’s not. Unlike him, I back up my talk, word for word.

I’m not Trash Talk Royalty because I’m the BEST trash talker… nah, as a matter of fact, there’s probably tons of dudes who have better punch lines and better mic skills. I’m Trash Talk Royalty because unlike the majority of the loud mouths in this sport…. I follow through with what I say.

With that being said, the second big problem with this thing is the match stipulation. A steel cage is all fine and dandy BUT the only way to win is to ESCAPE THE CAGE? Be it by the door or climbing out of it?

Who says I want to escape it? What kind of a fucking way to win is that? I’m not running away, I’m not going anywhere, why the hell would I want to exit it?

Darren goes in his promo and he says
“There’s no way I’m letting you escape!” Fuckin faggot, this match could go on for hours, I don't give a fuck, I’m NOT escaping, don’t worry about that part. Don’t waste your time guarding the door or moving around the cell walls… I ain’t going anywhere. I’m going to be in the center of the ring, in your fucking face the whole night.

I have no problem just staying inside that cage and giving you an ass beating until a bunch of security guards break through that cage door and pull me off of you and that’s exactly how I see this match playing out.

You’re going to try your best to escape and it won’t be to win, it’ll be to survive. You’re going to regret voting for yourself. You’re going to regret it every single day of your life.

This loss is going to do numbers to you. You’ll wake up every morning beating yourself up. Who knows when you’ll ever get an opportunity at a big name ever again? You had your chance and you blew it.

You’ll go:
“Maybe I should’ve done this, maybe I should’ve done that”

It won’t be long till you realize that there was nothing that you could’ve done to actually get you the win.

You could’ve executed your game plan with no mistakes. You could’ve come in with a hundred other back up plans had that one not work.

You could’ve came in with no injuries. Training camp could’ve gone perfect.

No matter what, you still would’ve lost, and fuck knows when you’ll realize that.

Maybe it’ll be as soon as you wake up with the reff shining a flashlight onto your eyes. Maybe it’ll be once your phone blows up with notifications of
“James Shark retweeted your tweet” only to see that I’m retweeting every single cocky tweet you sent me talking about how you were going to beat my ass.

Or maybe, just maybe, it’ll be the day after when you’re looking through your local newspaper, trying to find a job listing, when all of a sudden, you flip the page and see your ugly ass face plastered on the headline looking more ugly than usual after my fist gave you a makeover.

It won’t matter when, what matters is you’ll realize that no matter how much it kills you, you’ll have to respect me. This is going to be a lesson learnt in not only in the career you once had as a wrestler, but your life.

Lesson being that I’m better than you.

On the microphone.
On television.
In the ring.
In the bedroom.
Everywhere and anywhere at anything and everything.


For the king has returned once more. Get on your knees like your whore of a mother and bow the fuck down to a nigga that’s above and beyond you.

Friday December 13th 2013 –
The Allen Arena–
Nashville, Tennessee–


I could hear my name being chanted from the actual arena, all the way up to my locker room, it was just fucking insane. A smile crossed my face due to the atmosphere.

After a while of bobbing my head up and down to the rhythm of the chants, I turned around and looked up at a group of my friends who were already munching on some treats.

Shark: Damn…

They turned around and all looked at me, both their mouths and hands full.

Every time I had to travel for a promotional event, whether it be for media obligations like this one or a wrestling match, I always brought a select few group of my friends with me. I really had little to no friends in the wrestling business.

The wrestlers I was cool with were more like co-workers to me. I always kept them at a distance because you really couldn’t trust anyone in this game. Besides, we were all at war, you never knew when you could be booked against one another.

It was also great for my friends who weren’t famous to go on and share my life.

Experience the cameras, experience the flashy lifestyle. Right now, they were all doing just that, eating away at a large buffet that was setup for me in this locker room.

Luckily for them, I myself didn’t feel like eating. If I was in the mood to eat, there would be no buffet for them, I could eat like a damn horse. It was weird though because I was feeling nervous and that’s why I wasn’t feeling food right now. I was nervous for this promotional thing. It had been a while since I’ve done something like this with a huge crowd, let alone been a while since I’d been on camera.

It had only been two months. Two months since the world had really seen me, but yet it felt a lot longer than two months. Two months really felt like two years.

Based on all the name chanting I could hear and the reception the fans were giving me from inside the arena, it must’ve felt much longer to them as well.

There was no doubt that they missed me.

Shark: Can you believe this shit?

Daniela: What?? I haven’t eaten all day, don’t judge me.

Javari: And don’t judge me either my nigga, someone’s gotta eat all this food, can’t let it go to waste now.

I shook my head laughing, neither of them understood what I was referring to and the other four were too busy eating to even react to my comment in the first place.

Shark: Not yall man, I mean those people. It’s crazy bruh, they stay cheering my name and based on how loud it is, that’s practically the whole arena right there.

They didn’t seem too surprised.

Daniela: Yea… and?

Shark: The fuck you mean and? That’s it, that’s all. It’s unbelievable if you think about it.

Javari: Nigga you tripping right now

Daniela: Yea… aren’t you used to this kind of stuff? What? Did you think after two months people would forget about you? You’re still James Shark, besides… September wasn’t too long ago.

I sighed, again shaking my head.

Shark: I ain’t used to this shit at all, if anyone is tripping it’s you two along with these fans yo. Since when have I gotten a reception like this?

Daniela: Last time you were in the ring….

Shark: Okay but that was in New York, that was my territory, my house, mi casa. This ain’t New York, this is fucking Tennessee.

They both shrugged, they weren’t really grasping how odd this was. They always looked at me as such a megastar and so did I, but things just didn’t add up. Where the hell were my boos? They were practically my theme song.

Shark: Man, all I’m saying is if these motherfuckers start booing Maddox and cheering for me, I’m going to flip my shit.

Javari: That’s probably how shit’s going to work tho no? I ain’t ever seen a crowd cheer for two people in a one on one match.

I shook my head even harder than the last two times now.

Shark: That’s going to piss me off. That pussy can’t be given the satisfaction, he tries too hard to be the bad guy. This is a guy that bleaches his hair, brags about being in prison and gets angry panties over momma jokes. “I’m going to kill you for talking about my mother! I’m going to bury you six feet under! I’m going to-” man, shut the fuck up, you ain’t going to do shit with your keyboard fighting ass. He’s going to bury me six feet under? Before or after I bury my dick in his mother’s pussy twelve inches deep?

Everyone around me laughed out loud, including my other friends who were eating, in fact, they almost choked.

Javari: Man, say that again, let me get it on camera or something. That boy gets so mad when you say something about his momma.

Shark: That’s cause he still lives with her.

Daniela: What??

Shark: Yea, read up on it, his father beats his mother too, throws her around the house and uses her as a punching bag.

Javari: And what Darren do about that?

Shark: Nothing, he’s a bitch. He’ll stand up to me online for saying something about his mom, but when his daddy puts hands on her, he won’t do a damn thing. Dude is just afraid he’ll catch a beating from pops too.

They all nodded their heads, laughing and agreeing.

Daniela: So what did you say about his mother anyways?

Shark: Man.. I didn’t even diss her, when I brought her up, I was insulting Darren, not her. This bitch is sensitive yo. ALL I SAID WAS like… “Yo, your mom musta been on something when she was pregnant with you cause you came out retarded” And I was serious too, that hoe must’ve been snorting coke, swallowing a ton of cum, she just must’ve been doing something wrong because little baby Darren came out without a brain.

Javari got on his phone and began to search for the tweet I was talking about, but before he could get to it, he got to a different tweet and laughed out loud, showing his phone to the rest of the group as they read the exchange and laughed.

As they all huddled around his phone and continued to read the twitter war that I grew so bored of, Daniela walked over to me and sat beside me on the couch.

Daniela: So I was hoping to see Chante here, but again, you didn’t bring her along.

I nodded my head. Daniela and Chante were besties so I expected her to ask me about that at some point.

Daniela: Why do you keep leaving her out? I go everywhere with that girl, you put me in a tough spot when you invite me to come along with you because then she finds out and it’s almost like I’m ditching her or something. Then she asks me if she can come and-

I put my hand out as if telling her to drop the subject.

Shark: Chill out Dee. Like for real, you making this out to be something that it’s not, as if I’m beefing with her or something.

Daniela: Well are you?

Shark: Nah, me and her still cool, she knows that but-

Daniela: But you avoid the hell out of her.

Shark: We still hang out here and there but I can’t be taking her with me or hanging with her as often as I do with yall man. You know that, they know that, she knows that. I ain’t got nothing against her but right now my relationship is going perfect. Me and Brooklyn are still engaged, she just gave birth to two beautiful twin boys, I mean, I’m happy right now and I don’t need any drama.

Daniela: Chante isn’t drama. She apologized to Brooklyn didn’t she? Besides, she didn’t even pull a move on you until AFTER you and Brooklyn had broken up. When you and Brooklyn were together she always respected that.

Shark: Yeah well It ain’t right yo, next thing I need is for me to start hanging with her and the media to take pictures of us, putting out false rumors again. All that highschool drama bullshit is behind me and Brooke, right now we’re happy, I don’t want to fuck things up.

Daniela: The media will always pull a rumor out of their ass, since when were you worried about what people say anyways? If she’s still your friend, treat her like one. She misses you, come on.

Before I could respond, one of the staff members from the arena walked into my locker room and interrupted our conversation. He gave me the thumbs up and that was a sign that it was time to go and get things started.

Now I was nervous all over again, stomach hurting, mind spinning, body chilly. I had to get a hold of myself, what the fuck was I getting so worked up for? All I had to do, was go out there and do what I do best, talk trash.

I took a few deep breathes and got up to my feet. I grabbed my shirt and put it over my tank top along with grabbing my cross chain and hat before leaving the locker room. Some of my friends followed me out, I could see that Daniela wasn’t one of them.

Javari: Ay something wrong with Dee?

Shark: She all upset over me ignoring Chante and shit. It’s whatever tho, she’ll get over it.

Javari: pshh… fuck Chante and her annoying ass, you know I can’t stand that broad. Forget about it.

I didn’t really listen to what he was saying because I was more concentrated on this moment. The chants of my name were only getting louder as me and my team walked closer to the stage. Once we walked through the curtains, I was amazed.

Friday December 13th 2013 –
The Allen Arena–
Nashville, Tennessee–

The whole arena, jam packed, and this wasn’t even a match. This was nothing more than a promotional event, a chance for me to address the fans, get them all hyped for the PWP Holiday Show, talk to them and so on.

Yet, that didn’t seem to matter, I was looking at a sold out arena.


I leaned in close towards Javari so that he could hear me.

Shark: These chants still pissing me off bruh

Javari: Well you the bad guy right? Go ahead and get them to hate you.

A cocky smile formed on my face as Javari said that. He was right. It took me no more than about 3 tweets to get Darren Maddox pissed off. It was something that I was used to, before every match, I was able to anger my opponents.

If I could do it to my opponents, then why not these fans, right here, right now?

As we continued to walk forward, we could all see that there was a huge stage setup inside the arena. As I looked around my surroundings, I could see that things were setup as if this was a press conference. The stage had a podium right in the middle of it with chairs alongside.

I walked past the excited fans and walked onto the stage. My team had already taken their seats. Being on stage, I headed straight to the podium and grabbed one of my biggest weapons, the microphone.

Although this was setup as some sort of conference, I knew it wasn’t. This was all about me, all about James Shark, all about my return. At this day and time, Darren Maddox didn’t matter and neither did Taryn or Frankie.

I had a job to do right now. I waited for the whole arena to quiet down for a moment before tapping on the microphone and speaking through it.

Shark: I’mmmmmmmmmm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

As if the cheers couldn’t get any louder, they did. For a moment it was as if this whole arena would erupt.

Shark: Look man, I ain’t really got a whole lot to say. I’ve been itching to get back into the ring and lay a beating on somebody, turns out, that somebody is actually a nobody in Darren Maddox.

I cocked a smile as they continued to react in cheers. I knew that in my mind, this wasn’t what I wanted. If I wasn’t going to lose them with my confidence then I knew it was a matter of time before I lost them with the disrespectful words that would come along with my confidence.

Shark: Like for real, check this shit the fuck out yall… a long list of opponents destroyed, a long list of records beaten, a long list of championships gained, and a long list of goals accomplished. At 25 years young, I gots a shit load to brag about. I can brag for fuckin years without being repetitive. Darren Maddox has been in this sport for over six years. Over six fucking years and JUST NOW he’s bragging about being in Main Events. Just fucking now yall.

I threw my hands out into the air as if asking the world: “What took him so long?”

Shark: Can someone say “Finally”? Like how can you react to something like that anyways? Are you supposed to clap for the guy, throw him a party and celebrate it? Or are you supposed to put your arm on his shoulder, look that nigga down, and tell him straight up… “bitch, you suck”?

It seemed as though the crowd was beginning to turn against me just a little bit.

Maybe it was because of the cursing I was doing, maybe it was the way I was making out Darren Maddox, maybe it was a mix of both. Either way, the small boos that were beginning to break out of the cheers were only fueling me to keep on going.

Shark: I’ll be the one to tell him he sucks. People think that the talking stops once the bell rings but not with me. I’m going to talk to this dude during the match. Every time he misses, “What the fuck was that? You suck.” Every time I land on him so easily, “Put your hands up, defend yourself, you fucking suck”. Every time I throw him to the floor with my wrestling “You aint your mother, get off your knees, you suck”. Anytime I do anything, it's just going to be: “You suck”.

I shrugged my shoulders.

Shark: It took him six years to get to the Main Event level and from what I see, he STILL isn’t ready for it. What? Is a kiddy little elimination match against cans like Timothy Hunt, Adam Banz and Andrew Storm supposed to tell me otherwise? I’m not Hunt, Banz or Storm, I’m James motherfucking Shark and I can fucking fight. Darren Maddox thinks that I’m supposed to scare him with all the accomplishments I have under my belt. That stupid ass buttfucking white boy couldn’t be more confused. Everything I’ve done in this sport shouldn’t scare him, it should TERRIFY him.

Now the boos began to roll in more easily. Every time I presented myself in such a rude, disrespectful manner, the boos came along and after I used the term “buttfucking”, they came in at rapid fire.

Shark: What? You gonna tell me this kid ain’t gay? I call him Faggox cause here you have a guy, who bleaches his hair, paints his toe nails and tells me “I’m going to blow you out of the water”. Here’s a guy who is threatening to blow me so I can gay bash the cocksucker all I want.

The butterflies in my stomach had certainly flown away because now I was starting to recapture my rhythm. The crowd at attendance began to not just boo me, but flip me off and yell things at me. Of course I paid them no attention, but this was where I wanted to be.

Shark: AS I WAS SAYING, That boy should damn well lose sleep over this match. It should keep him up at night that he’s stepping into a ring with a guy that has done a hell of a lot more in this sport than he has, even though he has more in ring experience than me. Fuck Christmas, I should’ve faced this bitch leading up to Halloween cause this the type of stuff that should haunt him.

Now I found myself trying my best to talk over their boos, even with a microphone I found that task challenging.

Shark: But whatever, it is what it is. This Christmas season, I find myself on Santa’s naughty list yet again huh? First I was being cheered, now I’m being boo’d? It’s okay. Any match up, any opponent, I find myself being the bad guy and this time around, it’s no different.

One of the staff members came up from behind me and whispered to my ear, telling me to try and cut things short because they were concerned of a riot happening. I waved him off, if they wanted to riot, l’d let them.

Shark: Go on, keep booing, is that as loud as yall can get?? I don’t have a problem playing this role. I love this shit. Music to my motherfucking ears, keep on going.


Shark: This holiday season fatso Santa Claus don’t need to hand a nigga some gifts because a nigga got so much cash in the bank he can get his own gifts! I’ll go ahead and get into the theme of the show, I’ll go ahead and get into the season…. I won’t just buy myself gifts but I’ll go ahead and do Darren a favor.

At this point, I didn’t even know if they could hear me or if they were too busy yelling things at me, but what I did know is that the cameras heard me and the fans watching online at heard me too.

Shark: Hey, listen up, I said I’m doing Darren a favor this Christmas Season. After I absolutely wreck this motherfucker, I’m paying his hospital bills. After his mother has to go through the trauma in watching her pathetic daughter get hospitalized, I’m paying for her rehab treatment. After I play the role of the Grinch and I steal Christmas… guess what?

I gave in a short pause before continuing with a slick smile on my face.

Shark: I’m stealing the show too.

After a wink to the cameras, I raised my hands and continued to welcome the boo’s. I was about to get ready to make my run back to the curtains and dodge the bottles that I was sure were going to be thrown my way but before I could, I found myself pulled to the side by an Interviewer who was wearing one of my championship shirts.

Interviewer: JAMES SHARK! By my side, all smiles, he’s not fazed by the reaction of these fans.

He took his eyes off the camera and faced me as I was still laughing at all the angry faces I could see.

Interviewer: They were cheering for you not too long ago but it seemed like you reminded them what you’re all about.

Shark: This ain't what I'm all about. What I do in the ring is what I'm ALL about but yeah, fuck em, I don’t care. I don’t even fight for them homie. I’ve said it time and time again, I fight for the money, that’s it.

Interviewer: Of course it’s the fans that generate the money but you probably don’t care about that either. Anyways, how are you feeling brother??

Shark: I’m feeling on top of the world bruh! Speaking of these fans, I think they were expecting me to be a changed man with the birth of my twins and to return to the sport all humble and what not, but these motherfuckers ought to know…. James Shark ain’t ever going to change.

Interviewer: Your last few outings, things haven’t really gone your way, your last impressive victory came off against the legendary Flex Johnson, but since then, you’ve been up and down, off and on, which leaves many of us wondering… Which James Shark will we see show up December 21st?

It took a while for me to answer that one. When I was training in the gym leading up to this match with Maddox, I was definitely sharpening up my skills and improving on the mistakes that I made in my last outings.

The loss to Inferno

The No Contest to Zero

Even that Lackluster win against Audrey James

I knew that those matches didn’t represent me at all, that’s why I pushed myself in training and tried new things in the gym. I wasn’t going to let myself make the same mistakes again.

Shark: You won’t see the unmotivated James Shark and neither will yall see the aggressive, hungry, killer James Shark. What yall will see, is a completely different James Shark. 2013 didn’t go the way I wanted it to go, I started the year off huge but mid-year I started to get sloppy. There’s no doubt I’m going to be looking to end 2013 with a bang.

Interviewer: When you were up on that stage you seemed to have respond to things that Darren said about you, I’m taking you saw his promo huh?

I laughed and shook my head, placing my arm on the reporter’s shoulder.

Shark: Come on son, as if I ain’t got better things to do. What happened was some of my boys told me about some things he said, but nah, I ain’t seen it.

Interviewer: What do you make of the things he said?

Shark: Meh. Same shit, different toilet. It’s the usual, generic “I’m going to make you pay for what you said” “I’m going to win, you’re going to lose” I know that he’s been calling me a motherfucker… and he’s right, cause maybe I am a motherfucker.

I knew that the cameras were on me and I knew that Darren had to be watching. I was already in his head at this point so I made sure to stay there. I turned over and looked right at the camera.

Shark: I fuck your mom all the time homie. I fuck her before your dad beats her, after your dad beats her, hell I got my dick up her ass while your daddy’s beating her. So yeah, maybe I am a motherfucker, cause I fuck your momma, and I fuck her good. Do something about it come December 21st.

The interviewer probably had more questions for me but I wanted to end the interview off with those words. I knew how to get under my opponents skin. I found the one thing that Darren truly hated when he constantly told me, over and over again, “Don’t talk about my mom” and now, I was using that against him to the fullest of my abilities.

I walked away with a smile on my face, regrouping with my team as the arena security tried their best to shelter us from everything the crowd threw at us as we all made our way back to the locker room.

Monday December 16th 2013 –
Sharklyn Mansion-
New York, USA–

Every time I look at my twin boys, Levi Carter and James Shark Jr, I think to myself, “Damn… what a blessing”. Me and Brooklyn were truly blessed from the start. Blessed with talent, blessed with each other and now blessed with these twins, these two meant the world to us.

Once she gave birth to them, I was just about done with the sport, I didn’t want anything to do with it, all I wanted to focus on, was being a father.

That was something that was important to me. I didn’t have a father growing up. I didn’t have a man in my life to teach me how to be a man, I didn’t have that father figure in my life to tell me what was wrong and what was right.

My mother couldn’t even teach me those things, she was always out whoring herself for any bit of drugs she could manage to get. My life was a tough one and that’s why I didn’t talk about it much.

People see me flash my dollar bills, show off my new rides and new mansions but the thing is, I can do all that now and rub it in people’s faces because that’s exactly what people did to me when I was younger.

Back when I had nothing, all the rich white kids would show off their new phones, their new clothes. Back when I was younger, I couldn’t even dream of all the stuff I have now.

I was never supposed to be this good, I was never supposed to be famous, I was never supposed to get with a super model looking queen in Brooklyn Carter, I was never supposed to have a family.

All of this happened because of my hard work.

I went through so much bullshit in life, so much struggles, I didn’t want the same for my kids. Unlike my father, I wanted to be in their lives and give them everything I didn’t have growing up as a child.

That’s why I was away from the ring, that’s why my last few matches “weren’t me”.

However, every wrestler couldn’t stay away from the sport for too long. There was an itch in me to get back in that ring, an itch in me to whoop on someone, an itch in me to hear the voice of an announcer declare me the winner.

Wrestling was an addiction, it was a drug, and on Saturday December 21st I knew that I was going to get my fix in destroying Darren Maddox.

I lifted Levi Carter up in the air, his little baby ass was naked but I didn’t care. As I held him in the air, I looked up at him with such joy.

Shark: Daddy’s going to whoop some ass this Saturday Levi, you want to come? Yes you do! Oh yes you do! Yesss you dooo

As my mouth was open, he began to pee all over my face, some of it going into my mouth as I began to choke. I instantly let go and dropped him as he fell on the bed.

Brooklyn: SHARK!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! LEVI!!!

Brooklyn saw what had happened and quickly ran across the room and over towards where me and Levi were. Before she could get to where we were, I quickly ran into the bathroom in the master bedroom as she went over to Levi who was crying. She didn’t hesitate to pick him up and cradle him in her arms.


I ignored her angry screams, she sounded like she wanted to murder me. I began to cough and spit out the nasty taste in my mouth while washing my face with ice cold water at the same time.

After a few minutes, the crying had stop and I felt like I was good to go. I turned off the sink and unlocked the door, slowly opening it as I made my way out into the room. There, I could see Brooklyn sitting on the edge of the bed, cuddling Levi in her arms.

Shark: No wonder that nigga has the Carter last name yo, fucking pissed in my mouth, legit gave me a golden shower.

Brooklyn: And you fucking dropped him!

Shark: On the bed tho!

Brooklyn: Ugh, doesn’t matter where, even on the bed, it's dangerous, you don’t just drop a baby fool.

Shark: Yeah, okay, so I guess I should’ve just kept him up in the air and just allowed him to continue using my mouth as a urinal. OH, OH, MAYBE, maybe I should’ve also opened my mouth a bit wider, brought him a little closer too!

Brooklyn: You could’ve just turned him away from you asshole.

Shark: Yeah, next time I’ll just turn him towards YOU, so he pisses in YOUR mouth. Then we’ll see how you like it.

She shook her head and ignored me, looking down at Levi as his eyes were wide open, looking up at us both.

Brooklyn: Daddy is just a bald little coo coo head, ain’t he Levi? Aweee haha, I bet he’s agreeing with me right now, it’s almost as if I can see it in his eyes.

Shark: FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

I screamed out loud, startling both Brooklyn and Levi, Levi began to cry again as Brooklyn looked at me in shock, confused as to why I yelled. I was looking down at my shoes in anger.

Shark: He got piss on my kicks too yo! I JUST copped these bad boys.

Brooklyn slowly got off the bed with Levi in her arms and calmly walked over to me. I thought she was going to comfort me or something but instead, out of nowhere, she lifted her right foot up and threw a push kick at me, causing me to lose balance and fall on my ass.

Shark: YO!?

Brooklyn: If our babies first words are profanity then you’re going to have a date with Ms.Chete because if it works out that way, we’ll both know who taught them it.

Shark: The hell? You were swearing too yo

She rolled her eyes, as she turned her attention back to Levi. It didn't take long for him to stop crying.

Shark: Besides… Levi ain’t about that life, that’s why he got your last name. Now… James Shark Jr on the other hand… he might have some interesting first words. What does it matter anyways? I guarantee you that both of their first words will either be “daddy, dad or papa” Why? Cause I’m the bestest and their number one favorite.

Brooklyn: No, mommy is.

Shark: Nah your tripping yo, watch this…

I got up onto my feet and walked over to both Brooklyn and Levi, leaning in towards Levi and standing right in front of his head just in case he needed to pee again. I got his attention as he stared up at me as I smiled at him.

Shark: Who’s yo favorite? Huh? It's daddy ain't it?

Levi gave me a cute little smile before turning away and hugging onto Brooklyn tight.

Brooklyn: Stop talking, your scaring him with your bad breathe

I immediately stepped forward and began to breathe all over Brooklyn’s face as she closed her eyes, turned away and laughed.

Shark: My breathe bangin

Suddenly, James Shark Jr who was also in the master bedroom with us, on the bed, began to cry. Me and Brooklyn both looked at each other.

Brooklyn: Great, nice going, you woke him up.

She looked at me with an angry look on her face but then all of a sudden her expression changed.

Brooklyn: Actually… don’t mind the sarcasm, it’s a good thing you woke him up, he’s been sleeping all day. What a great idea naming him after you!

Shark: HAHA! OH! HAHAHA! WOW shut up.

I shook my head and walked over to James Jr. It was weird because even though she made that joke, we both knew that despite their names, Levi acted more like me and James acted more like Brooklyn. I picked James up and smiled at him.

Brooklyn: Don’t drop him now

Shark: Nah James cool, he won’t take a leak on me.

As I had James Jr close however, I began to smell an awful stench coming from him, it didn’t take me long to realize that it was from his diaper.

Shark: Oh…. Oh hell nah. Brooklyn, gimme Levi

Brooklyn: Why? I thought little James was cool?

Shark: Brooklyn yo, for real, hand Levi over, we about to trade, Lil homie made a poopie and he has a diaper that has your name all over it.

Brooklyn: Are you sure you’re not smelling your own breathe?

Shark: BROOKLYN YO FOR REAL. STOP. This is serious! I don’t know what to do damn it.

Brooklyn: You know damn well what to do, just change it, you know where the other diapers are.

I shook my head and began to speed walk over to Brooklyn, trying to hand James Jr over to her but she backed away from me.

Shark: BROOKLYN!!!!!

Brooklyn: Shark, just change it.

Shark: NO, YOU!!!!

Brooklyn: Stop shouting…. Ugh, oh my god, I swear I have three babies in this house.

“What is going on here?”

Me and Brooklyn both turned around to see Sharon at the door, Brooklyn’s mother.

For a moment, I forgot that she was even here with us, visiting for the day. My first reaction was an easy one, I quickly walked over to Sharon and handed her James Jr.

Shark: He wants his grandmother yo

She gladly accepted James in her arms.

Sharon: Aweee, Hello there James, was daddy right? Did you want gran….wait a minute. What is that awful smell??

Brooklyn: Shark

Sharon quickly looked at me as if I was the one that stunk. I gave Brooklyn a dirty look then turned back to Sharon.

Shark: She meant Shark Jr

Brooklyn: Nope, I meant Shark

Although Brooklyn continued to try and annoy me, Sharon realized that it was James Jr, she looked up at me again, this time with a disappointed look in her face.

Sharon: Really James? You’re not going to change your son’s diaper? You just hand him over to me to do it?

Shark: Damn… you know, I would, I really, really would but the only problem is….i mean… look at the time. Time must fly when you’re having so much fun cause it’s…. it’s….uhh…

We had a clock on the wall behind Brooklyn. I was trying my best to look at it and see the time but Brooklyn was in the way, probably on purpose.

I tried my best to look for another clock as I could feel Sharon and Brooklyn burning a hole right through me with their piercing eyes.

Shark: it’s uh…. Umm…. Time to go yo!

I quickly ran past Sharon and out of the room, down the hall and opened the connecting door that led me to the Confidence Gym. My very own gym and training center that was connected to the mansion, I shut the door behind me and wiped the sweat off of my forehead.

Shark: Shit… that was close.

I couldn’t even catch a break because it was Clayton Paris, my head trainer that saw me. He raised his arms up in the air.

Clayton: SHARK! Back already?

Shark: aw…fuck

Clayton: What’s that?

Shark: Nothing, I just…ya

Clayton: um….alright

He looked at me as if I was weird but then he flashed a grin.

Clayton: I’m not even going to ask, but I’m glad you came back, earlier when you were getting your training going, I saw something and… well, I wanted to talk to you but didn’t get the chance to.

Thank God, I thought he was going to try and convince me to train some more or something. I nodded my head and walked with him over to the corner of the gym.

Shark: Aight, what’s up?

Clayton: Well when I saw your interview the other day at the arena, I tried to ignore you when you said that your fighting for the money.

Shark: I’ve always fought for the money tho? This ain’t news to you

Clayton: Yeah and that’s fine but.. after a while of being in the sport, you had nothing left to fight for because you were fighting for something you already had. All these mansions, all these cars, I mean at this point, your life is set. You don’t need money anymore and you know that. That’s why you weren’t taking your matches seriously anymore, that’s why you didn’t feel motivate to travel all around the world and get to your matches, that’s wh-

Shark: Ay man, you got it all wrong. The motivation, the desire, all that bullshit was cause of my kids, I didn’t want to be off in some other country missing their birth, I didn’t want to be wrestling instead of taking care of them. This is still about the money.

Clayton: You have to get that out of your mind because it won’t take long for you to lose interest in this sport again if you’re thinking that way. I saw you training today and you could’ve done a lot better. You didn’t have as much motivation as I’ve seen you have before.

Shark: Well is it my fucking fault I’m facing a piece of shit in Darren Maddox? Hard to get motivated for a guy you know won’t bring it huh? Hard to get motivated fighting in an ONLINE match, hard to get motivated when I’m not getting paid as much as I would if I was fighting for a title against a TOP LEVEL opponent.

Clayton: Money isn’t everything Shark

Shark: Money isn’t everything. It’s the ONLY thing Clay. That’s what I learned growing up, that’s what I learned growing up from the bottom without anything. A lot of wrestlers tell the world that they would do this shit for free, that they just love doing what they do, but that’s bullshit.

Clayton: And it once was about the money for you because you didn’t have it, but like I said, NOW you have it.

Shark: If it isn’t about the money, then what the fuck is it about? Passion? Nah, don’t give me that.

Clayton: Not passion, but family. That’s what you have now. A soon to be wife, three kids, a sister, and so on, now you have a family James and that’s what it’s about. Every time you step into that ring, you should be fighting for Levi, for James Jr, for Brooklyn. Every time your stalking your opponent in that ring, you should be thinking “Man… here’s a guy that’s trying to hurt my kids, my fiancée, here’s a guy that’s trying to make sure I don’t come home to them, here’s a guy that’s trying to take food off of their table.”

I heard him out for a while and after a few minutes, he said that his work here was done. He must’ve saw a change in me or something. When he was talking about me fighting for my family, he must’ve seen fire replace the disinterest in my eyes.

Right now I was pumped up, motivated and eager than ever before to step into that ring.

He had a point.

Maybe that itch I had to return to the ring wasn’t because wrestling was just something that I loved doing. Maybe that itch I had to return to the ring was because I myself, just wanted to stand up for my twins.

Continue wrestling, continue fighting, to just make them proud and accomplish so much more so that when they got older, they had someone to look up to, they had someone they wanted to be exactly like, they had someone to pass the torch over to them.

After some deep thoughts, it hit me.

This wasn’t just my return to wrestling, this wasn’t just some holiday special. It was so much more than that.

PWP was not the biggest company and Darren Maddox was in no way one of the big names in this sport but this had to be by far, the most important match-up in my career to date due to what I was fighting for and what was on the line.

I said “Loser retires”. I put it on the table, I put it out there, and Darren accepted it. Although Josh Duncan said he would not be able to put it on paper, it didn’t NEED to be put on paper. We both agreed to it and as grown men, we should be able to follow through with what we agreed with following the outcome.

There’s no way in hell I’m retiring, no way in fucking hell. I’m only 25 years young, I have my family to fight for and my name to protect. Maybe retirement will come ten years from now, but not now and never will it ever come by someone’s hands.

If I retire, it’s my decision.

I’m going to retire Darren Maddox. I’m going to do it because when I return to that ring, I’m re-claiming my sport and I’m letting him know that untalented cocky fuckers like himself don’t deserve to be in the same ring as me, the same company as me or the same career as me.

When he’s done kissing the sport of professional wrestling goodbye, he can go ahead, crawl over, and kiss my natural black ass as I tell that dude “I told you motherfuckin so”

December 21st… I’m taking away his Christmas, his money, his future, his goals, his career…. And you know what? Fuck it, when I put him to sleep, I’m going to be the prince in Lycra’s life. I’m putting my lips on that bitch and waking her up just like a fairy tale.

No more games.

He’s done.
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PWP: The Holiday Special - Darren Maddox vs. James Shark
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