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 PWP 4: Back For More

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PostSubject: PWP 4: Back For More   Thu Dec 05, 2013 5:00 am

(The show opens up, right to a shot of Roy Hardy and Jesse Watson, with the theme song, “Berzerk“ by Eminem playing in the background.)

Roy Hardy: Thank you for joining us tonight, ladies and gentlemen! I’m Roy Hardy and this is my partner, Jesse Watson.

Jesse Watson: I don’t know about you Roy, but I’m excited. I feel like tonight is going to be great!

Roy Hardy: Me too. That’s why we’re not going to waste any time. We’re going to kick it to a quick advertisement for one of our wonderful sponsors and then get into the first match of the night!

WXW Presents -

Skullbreaker vs. Noble Domino Jr.

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first …

(low Catacombs by Jim Johnston & Dale Oliver plays over the arena as Christopher Darko and Skullbreaker makes a slow descent down to the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: From parts Unknown, weighing in at 323 pounds…Skullbreaker!

(Before actually getting into the ring, the ring ropes catch on fire while Skullbreaker just looks at the fire as a friend before walking through the flames to get into the ring where he raises his arms causing pyro to explode from the turnbuckles while at the same time putting out the flames engulfing the ring ropes while Christopher Darko waits in his client's corner.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(Noble Domino Jr. comes out onto the ramp as his music plays as he gets onto the rampway red white and blue pyros shoot up from the stage, and smoke also comes up.)

Randall Jobbs: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 260 pounds…Noble Domino Jr.!

(He pauses behind the smoke for a moment leaning down, he comes back up stretching his arms out in front of him pointing to the crowd. As he begins his way down the rest of the rampway he shakes hands with the fans. After getting to the ring, he climbs over the top rope, and walks to the corner turnbuckle and climbs up on top.)

Roy Hardy: We’ve got a battle of first timers here in the PWP, so this should be interesting!

Jesse Watson: I’m very interested to see what this Skullbreaker has in him.

(The bell rings and Skullbreaker goes right after Domino but Noble ducks the punch attempt. He pushes Skullbreaker into the corner and then hits him with some rapid punches to the head and kicks to the midsection, trying to wear him down. It doesn’t seem to affect Skullbreaker much as he reaches out and grabs Domino by the throat. Skullbreaker walks out a few steps and then tosses Domino into the corner.)

Roy Hardy: The strength of Skullbreaker is down right scary, Jesse.

Jesse Watson: Forget his strength. Skullbreaker, all around is scary!

Roy Hardy: You got that right.

(Skullbreaker begins to lay into Domino with some hard punches of his own, nailing him square in the jaw. He pulls Domino out of the corner and then sends him into the ropes. As Domino comes off the ropes, Skullbreaker swings at him but Domino slides between the legs of Skullbreaker. Domino jumps to his feet but as he charges at Skullbreaker, Soul hits him with a big clothesline.)

Roy Hardy: Domino tried to use his speed and agility but Skullbreaker caught Domino before he could capitalize.

Jesse Watson: I don’t like Domino’s chances tonight. This guy is an absolute monster.

Roy Hardy: I’m glad I’m not in there, that’s for sure.

(He gets Domino up to his feet and leads him over to the corner, smashing his face off of the top turnbuckle. Skullbreaker begins to beat down Domino with some right hand shots, to the point that Domino slumps into a seated position. Skullbreaker pulls him out of the corner and gets him to his feet. He sends Domino into the ropes and as he comes off the ropes, Skullbreaker nails him with a big boot to the chops.)

Roy Hardy: Wow, what a thunderous boot to the mouth of Domino!

Jesse Watson: Skullbreaker is not giving Domino any breathing room. I like this guy!

Roy Hardy: Of course you do.

(Skullbreaker drags Domino over to the ropes and sets him up so that his throat is over the middle rope. He then drives his knee into the back of Domino’s head, choking him against the rope. The ref starts counting …)


(He breaks the choke and shoots a nasty look towards the ref before putting his focus right back on Domino. He gets Domino to his feet and then lifts him up into a vertical suplex but then drops him, ribs-first, over the ropes, hanging him there. Skullbreaker then begins to hit him with some right hand shots before Domino finally slumps off the ropes and crumbles to the mat.)

Roy Hardy: This Skullbreaker is one relentless man.

Jesse Watson: That’s what you’ve got to be if you want to be successful.

(He gets Domino back to his feet again and sends him into the ropes. Domino comes off the ropes and Skullbreaker connects with a back drop. He gets Domino right back up and sends him into the ropes again. It looks as if he goes for another backdrop but Noble stops in time and then connects with a swinging neck breaker on Skullbreaker. Both men pause for a second and then they both work their way up to their feet.)

Roy Hardy: It looks like that neck breaker hardly even effected him!

Jesse Watson: This guy is scary strong!

(Domino then begins to unload a barrage of lefts and rights to the head of Skullbreaker, staggering him backwards a couple of steps into the ropes. Domino runs into the opposite set of ropes and clotheslines Skullbreaker to the outside of the ring, Domino falling over as well as his momentum takes him over.)

Roy Hardy: It seems like Domino is gaining some momentum here! It looked as though he was out of the match only a few minutes ago.

(Both men get up and Domino grabs Skullbreaker. He attempts to slam his head off the ring apron but Skullbreaker blocks it and slams Domino’s face off of the apron. He then slides Domino back into the ring. Skullbreaker climbs up on the ring apron and steps over the top rope, getting back into the ring as well. He gets Domino up and gives him a sit-out choke bomb.)

Roy Hardy: I think the end is nearing for Noble Domino Jr..

Jesse Watson: You THINK? I can smell it in the air …

Roy Hardy: Sure it’s not your incredibly bad choice of cologne?

Jesse Watson: Hey! I’ll have you know this is very expensive, thank you very much.

Roy Hardy: Decided to get something from a place other than the dollar store, huh?

(Skullbreaker looks as if he’s going to pin Domino but thinks twice about it and gets Domino back up to his feet. He sends Noble off into the ropes and as he comes off of them, Skullbreaker hits him with a spear. He then makes the pin…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of the match, via pinfall at the 7:04 mark of the match, Skullbreaker!

Roy Hardy: Thankfully, for Noble Domino Jr., this match is over. I was beginning to fear that Skullbreaker was going to drag this match out until he completely destroyed Domino.

Jesse Watson: Domino should count his lucky stars that Skullbreaker got bored with him and decided to finish the match. Who knows what this … Monster, can do when he really wants to.

Roy Hardy: I shutter to think, Jesse. I really do. This guy is dangerous and if he gets out of control .. God help us all.

Jesse Watson: I know one thing. If this guy snaps … More than he already has … You won’t see me around. It’ll be “adios amigo” for me!

Roy Hardy: I won’t be far behind either. But, back to the match, you have to give Domino credit for sticking in there. He’s got guts, that’s for sure.

Riley Owens vs. Rob Colton

Riley Owens vs. Rob Colton

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first…

(The pulsating guitar riff of "American Slang" kicks in and blares out around the arena, as a shower of golden sparks light up the front of the stage. Rob Colton makes his way out through the pyro display, posing on the ramp with his arms up, taunting the crowd.)

Randall Jobbs: Introducing first, from Toronto, Canada, weighing in at 227 pounds… Representing PWSi, Rob Colton!

(He slowly - excruciatingly, annoyingly slowly - makes his way down the ramp handing out signed 8x10 photos of himself to all the unimpressed children around the ringside.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(“Carpe Diem” by August Burns Red begins to play over the speakers. Owens walks out onto the entrance ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: From Boston, Massachusetts, weighing in at 200 pounds… Riley Owens!

(He adjusts his wrist tape and then slowly walks down the ramp. Owens slides into the ring. He heads to the nearest turnbuckle; he climbs the turnbuckle and raises a fist. The hops off the turnbuckle and gets ready for the match.)

Roy Hardy: Time to get this match under way!

Jesse Watson: This is going to be a great contest of contrasting styles. These two are polar opposites.

(The bell rings and the two of them lock up but Rob quickly goes behind Owens with a waist lock. Riley quickly battles out of it though, grabbing Colton’s arm twisting it. Before he can do too much damage though, Colton hurries over, grabbing the ropes and the ref forces Riley to let go of the arm.)

Roy Hardy: Good ring awareness there by Rob Colton to get over to the ropes quickly.

Jesse Watson: I’m surprised you’re giving him props, Roy. I thought you’d call him a coward or something for doing it.

Roy Hardy: No, because unlike you, I actually try to stay as unbiased as I can throughout a match.

(Owens gives him a clean break and the two then begin to circle around one another. They look to be going for another lock up but this time Owens goes for one of Colton’s legs and gives him a single leg takedown. Owens then drops an elbow to the inside of the knee and wrenches on the leg. Owens then slides over and grabs Colton in a side headlock, trying to slowly ware down the challenger.)

Roy Hardy: Riley Owens really catching Colton off guard here, I think.

Jesse Watson: We really don’t know what to expect from Riley. He’s still new on the scene, here.

(Colton begins to battle to his feet, Riley still hanging on to the side headlock. Rob gets to his feet and shoots Owens off into the ropes. As Owens comes off the ropes, he hits Colton with a shoulder block, taking him down. Colton rushes right back to his feet and Owens runs into the ropes an slides between Rob’s legs and pops up. As Rob turns around, Owens hits him with a standing dropkick and Rob rolls out of the ring to catch his breath.)

Roy Hardy: Riley Owens is looking tremendous here in the early going!

Jesse Watson: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch, Roy. It’s still early.

Roy Hardy: That it is. It’s still anyone’s ball game but Owens is looking good so far.

Jesse Watson: Colton’s just feeling him out. Soon, this will be all Rob.

(Owens motions for him to “bring it” and Rob gets up onto the ring apron and steps through the ropes, back in. Colton then challenges Owens to a test of strength and as Riley reaches up for Colton’s hand, Rob delivers a kick to the midsection. Colton then hits him with a huge knife edge chop, knocking Riley onto his back. Rob then runs against the ropes and drops an elbow into the heart of Owens.)

Jesse Watson: I told ya Roy. Rob is about to take this match!

Roy Hardy: Colton is certainly back in this thing but I don’t think it’s over by a long shot.

(Colton gets Owens up to his feet, taking him over to the corner and slamming his face into the top turnbuckle. Rob then attempts to send Owens into the opposite corner but Owens reverses it and Colton goes into the corner. Owens charges and hit’s a wheel kick into the mouth of Colton.)

Roy Hardy: Wow, what a very unique move there executed by Owens!

Jesse Watson: Pfft, flash won’t win the match, Roy. You know that.

Roy Hardy: Flash might not win a match but if it’s effective, it could.

(Colton staggers out of the corner and Riley takes him over with a snapmere takedown. Owens then does a double stomp to the midsection of Rob.)

Jesse Watson: Now that was uncalled for!

Roy Hardy: Hey, if Colton can’t breathe, he can’t wrestle. Smart move by Owens.

Jesse Watson: But there’s no need to jump on a man’s stomach like that!

Roy Hardy: Why not? It’s a totally legal move!

Jesse Watson: It … It’s just not nice!

Roy Hardy: Since when have you cared about nice?!

(Owens then grabs Colton in a rear chin lock, trying to wear him down. Colton slides out of his grip though and the two of them rush to their feet. Colton swings at him but Riley ducks under it. Owens grabs him from behind and plants him with a back suplex. Some how though, Colton gets right back to his feet before Owens does and as Owens turns around, Colton runs and blasts him with a big lariat, turning Riley inside out with it.)

Roy Hardy: Man, did Rob almost take Owens’ head off with that lariat!

Jesse Watson: What superhuman strength by Rob!

Roy Hardy: Superhuman is pushing it just a bit…

(Rob gets Owens to his feet and tosses him out of the ring and Colton follows him to the outside. Colton gets him up and plants him on the hard floor with a piledriver.)

Jesse Watson: What a move by Colton! Owens might be out cold!

Roy Hardy: A piledriver is a dangerous move to perform in the ring and one that could end a match as it is! Much less delivering one on the outside of the ring on the unforgiving floor!

(Colton grabs a TV camera cable and starts to choke Riley with it, as the ref tries to get him to stop.)

Roy Hardy: This isn’t a no disqualification match, ref! Get him off or DQ the bastard!

Jesse Watson: Hey! Watch your mouth!

(Colton does and rolls back into the ring, taunting the fans. The ref gets to a count of 6, when it’s obvious that Owens isn’t gonna make it back into the ring and Rob goes back outside, breaking the count.)

Jesse Watson: Smart move by Colton!.

(Rob picks Owens up and rolls him back into the ring, following right behind him. As Rob gets to his feet, Riley tries to fight back, lunging and throwing a punch at the midsection of Colton but Colton comes right back with a boot to the head of Owens. Owens does it again, connecting with a punch to the stomach but Rob delivers another kick to the head, keeping Riley down. Owens with his fighting spirit keeps coming back though, landing a few more shots to the midsection of Rob.)

Roy Hardy: Owens ain’t going down without a fight, Jesse.

Jesse Watson: He can fight all he wants but he’s just delaying the inevitable.

Roy Hardy: I don’t think so at all. Owens may look out of it right now but he’s got so much heart in him, I don’t think it’s nearly over.

Jesse Watson: That’s just wishful thinking on your part.

(Owens fights to his feet, delivering a few right hands to the mouth of Colton. Owens hit’s a boot to the stomach and looks to go for a piledriver of his own but Rob reverses it with a back drop. As Owens is sitting up, Colton follows it up with a hard kick to the chest.)

Roy Hardy: Good grief, that echoed!

Jesse Watson: He’s gonna have the outline of Colton’s foot tattooed on his chest after that one!

(Owens rolls out of the ring, trying to catch his breath, but Colton comes right behind him, hitting him from behind. Colton gets him back up and hits him with a snap suplex onto the entrance ramp.)

Roy Hardy: Oh man, that’s gonna take a lot out of Owens!

Jesse Watson: That just sealed the deal in my opinion! Stick a fork in him, he’s done!

(Colton gets him back up and tosses him into the ring. Colton gets back in as well and he gets Owens up. He sends Owens off into the ropes and then catches him by lifting him up and plants him with a backbreaker. Colton goes for a pin …)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Yes! He’s not out of it yet! There’s still something left!

Jesse Watson: He’s so stupid! Just lay down!

Roy Hardy: He’s not like that and you know it. The only way Colton is going to beat him is making sure he is down and out.

(Rob gets Owens to his feet and sends him into the corner. Colton charges, going for a clothesline in the corner but Owens moves out of the way just in time. As Alamoar staggers out of the corner, Owens runs and hit’s a spinning heal kick right to the mouth. Owens then climbs up to the top rope and as Colton gets back to his feet, he turns around and eats a big missile dropkick from Riley.)

Roy Hardy: Owens is on a roll now!

Jesse Watson: Come on Colton! Don’t let him get back in this! You got this!

(The momentum of the kick sends Colton rolling to the outside of the ring. As he gets back to his feet, Owens runs and does a suicide dive right onto Colton, on the outside.)

Roy Hardy: Riley going high risk again and it pays off!

(Riley starts to get Colton to his feet but Colton hits him with an elbow to the midsection. Colton then lifts him up and drops him, throat-first, across the steel guard rail.)

Roy Hardy: Right across the wind pipe of Riley Owens!!

Jesse Watson: Maybe we’ll all get lucky and it damages his voice and he can’t talk!

Roy Hardy: I wish you couldn’t talk!

(Rob rolls Owens into the ring, placing his throat across the bottom rope. Colton then pulls down on Riley’s head, choking him across it and not breaking it until the ref gets to a 4 count. Colton gets back into the ring and begins to taunt, motioning with his hands that he deserves to be a champion.)

Roy Hardy: Colton needs to stop worrying about taunting the fans and get back to the match. No matter how much it seems Owens is out, he’s a wrestler you can’t take your focus off.

Jesse Watson: Oh be real, Roy. Colton could sit down and have a lunch and Owens would still be down! This turkey is cooked!

Art Campbell: The only turkey around here is you!

(Colton starts to get Riley to his feet but Owens counters by grabbing Rob’s head and connecting with a big jawbreaker.)

Roy Hardy: I told you Owens wasn’t done!

Jesse Watson: Shut up!

(Riley and Colton get up to their feet at just about the same time and Owens is the first one to strike, landing a boot to the stomach. Riley follows it up with a sit out power bomb, keeping the shoulders down for a pin ….)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Owens almost had it! What a match!

Jesse Watson: Come on Colton! Get up!

(Owens heads up to the top rope once again and is perched there, waiting for Rob to get to his feet. Once he does, he goes for a diving cross body and connecting with it, only to have Colton roll through with it and ending up on top of Owens for the pin. Colton grabs some of Owens’ tights for leverage …)

NO! ONLY 2 ½!!!!

Roy Hardy: Thank God the match didn’t end that way!

Jesse Watson: Hey! I thought you said you weren’t biased!

Roy Hardy: I’m not! I wasn’t talking about Colton winning in general, I was talking about him winning by cheating!

Jesse Watson: What do you mean cheating? Colton was just holding Riley’s pants up for him so they didn’t fall down.

Roy Hardy: Good lord, just when I thought I heard it all from you.

(Both men get up to their feet at about the same time and Owens grabs Colton first and sends him into the corner. Owens charges and goes for a splash into the corner but Colton moves out of the way in time. As Owens staggers out of the corner, Colton runs into the ropes and then grabs Owens by the head, going for a bulldog but Riley shoves him off. As Colton gets to his feet, Owens gives him a boot to the stomach and goes for power bomb but Colton shoves him off into the ropes and as he comes off of them, Rob hit’s a kick to the stomach of his own and then hits him with “Hollywood Heights.“ Colton rolls over for the pin …)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, at the 10:07 mark of the match, Rob Colton!

Roy Hardy: Wow, what an ending!

Jesse Watson: I told you, Jesse! I told you that Colton was going to do it!

Roy Hardy: I give nothing but all the credit in the world to Colton, despite his dirty tactics he displayed several times throughout the match. He ended up winning the match.

Jesse Watson: That’s right! People forget that behind the goofy antics, Rob is a top class wrestler.

Roy Hardy: I don’t think that they will forget that again anytime soon, after tonight’s display. And lets not take anything away from Riley Owens. This kid has a lot of potential and I hope this isn’t the last we see of him.

Unsanctioned returns for it’s second year! Show dates are February 1st & 2nd. Includes such wrestling stars from all over, such as: Dom Harter, Madman Szalinski, Adam Stryker, Blake Jones, Pat Gordon Jr., Chaz Holiday, Kevin Hardaway, Kelly Fury, Car-I Riot Loyal, Gordon Fury, Dan Herrera, Josh Anderson, Flex Johnson, Frankie Emerson and much more! For more info, go to -

Main Event
4 Way Elimination Match
Timothy Hunt vs. Andrew Storm vs. Darren Maddox vs. Adam Banz

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is a 4-way elimination match.. And it is the main event! Introducing first…

(As soon as the music hits, Adam walks out spreading his arms as he goes.)

Randall Jobbs: From Queens, New York, weighing in at 210 pounds… Adam Banz!

(e takes his time and sorts of dances his way down the ramp before he starts trash talking and making fun of the fans who are yelling and jeering at him. Then he slides into the ring and leans forward on the ropes toward one side of the audience with a condescending smile. He points at a few random people, laughing and yelling at them, before turning his attention to the match that’s about to take place.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent…

(Andrew Storm comes out from the back and stops on the stage while the pyro's and smoke, and leans forward with his arms crossed.)

Randall Jobbs: From Miami, Florida, weighing in at 245 pounds, Andrew Storm!

(He then comes back up and raises both arms in the air and Then begins walking through the smoke. He gets into the ring, in the opposite corner of Adam.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponent…

(Darren Maddox’s music starts, he comes out onto the stage and looks out at the crowd with a serious look at first, then he starts to grin a bit and makes his way to the ring.

Randall Jobbs: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds… Representing WXW… Darren Maddox!

(He gets up on the apron and climbs through the ropes and stands in the ring awaiting his final opponent.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponent…

(“Applause” by Lady Gaga plays and Timothy Hunt makes his way out.)

Randall Jobbs: From Honolulu, Hawaii, weighing in at 220 pounds… Timothy Hunt!

(He gets into the ring, taking the 4th unoccupied corner.)

Roy Hardy: It’s Main Event time! Here we go!

(The bell rings and the four men start to go at it. Maddox grabs Storm by the legs and takes him down, while Banz and Hunt square off with one another on the other side of the ring. Storm and Maddox roll out of the ring, as the two of them are exchanging punches with each other. Banz hits Hunt with some knife edge chops before backing him up and attempting to send him into the ropes. Hunt reverses it and as Banz comes off the ropes, Hunt goes for a clothesline but Banz ducks under. Banz bounces off the other side and this time Hunt does catch him, planting him with a flap jack.)

Roy Hardy: Boy this action is going to be fast and furious, folks. You’re probably going to need another set of eyes to watch it all.

Jesse Watson: Absolutely. All four of these men feel they have something to prove. This is a real statement match.

(Hunt gets Banz up and sends him into the corner Hunt hits him with a few right hand shots, as the camera cuts outside of the ring just in time for us to see Maddox sending Storm into the ring post. Maddox gets him back up, taking him over to the announcers table and slamming his head off of them.)

Roy Hardy: Darren Maddox really taking it to Andrew Storm here out in front of us.

Jesse Watson: Are you sure we’re safe out here?

Roy Hardy: With these four? Anything is bound to happen.

(We cut back in the ring to see Hunt send Banz over into the corner again. Hunt charges but Adam gets an elbow up into the mouth of Timothy. Banz goes and lands a boot to the midsection before sending Hunt off into the ropes. Banz goes for a big boot but Hunt ducks under it. As Timothy comes off the other set of ropes, he dives and catches Adam with a clothesline. Timothy goes for a pin…)


(Maddox gets into the ring and starts working on Hunt. He gets Hunt up and shoves him into the corner and starts laying into him with some knife edge chops. Adam gets up and goes over to where Maddox and Timothy are in the corner. Maddox and Banz then proceed to take turns laying into Hunt with knife edge chops. They send Hunt over into the other corner and Maddox Irish whips Banz over, and Banz lands a big clothesline in the corner. The two then start landing boots to the midsection of Hunt.)

Roy Hardy: This is something I didn’t think I’d see; Maddox and Banz working together.

Jesse Watson: You and me both. But it’s a smart idea. Take out one man and make sure there’s one less person you’ve got to worry about.

Roy Hardy: No doubt about that. But when it comes down to it, there will be no alliances. All of these men are looking for one thing and that’s to get the win tonight.

(Banz sends Hunt into the ropes and then drops to the mat. Hunt comes off the ropes, jumps over Banz but then is met with a vicious clothesline by Darren Maddox. Maddox gets him up and places him in the corner. Maddox then Irish whips Banz over towards Hunt, like earlier, but this time Hunt moves and Banz goes crashing into the turnbuckles chest-first. Hunt charges out of the corner and nails Maddox with a forearm smash.)

Jesse Watson: Timothy Hunt is showing a lot of heart here tonight. He’s doing the best he can against these two.

Roy Hardy: He sure is. His best bet though is for Andrew Storm to get back into this. Timothy can’t take these two on forever.

Jesse Watson: I agree. He’s holding his own right now but there’s no way he can do it all his own for long.

(Adam comes charging out of the corner, at Hunt, but Timothy catches him with a spinning heal kick. Andrew Storm then rolls back into the ring. Hunt turns around and Storm nails Timothy with a spinning heal kick of his own and he rolls out of the ring.)

Roy Hardy: Well, looks like there’s not gonna be an alliance there.

Jesse Watson: I doubt Storm trusts Hunt. I mean, and who could blame him? Hunt does seem a little shady.

Roy Hardy: What does that even mean?

Jesse Watson: .. Don’t question me!

(Storm is then nailed with a clothesline from Maddox. Banz goes over and the two of them then begin to land some boots on Andrew. Maddox gets Storm to his feet but then plants him with a scoop slam, as Banz starts to climb the ropes, signaling for an ax handle smash. Before he can do it though, Hunt comes from behind him and shakes the ropes, causing Banz to crotch himself on the top.)

Jesse Watson: Bad move there by Adam.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, that one definitely backfired.

(As Maddox is stomping at Storm, Hunt jumps back into the ring and hits him from behind. He then grabs Maddox and tosses him to the outside of the ring. Hunt follows him outside, as we now see Storm getting to his feet, with Adam still perched up on the top turnbuckle, holding onto himself in pain. Storm climbs up to the second rope and tries to hook a superplex but Adam blocks it. Banz then shoves Andrew off and he goes flying backwards, down to the mat. Adam then jumps off, connecting with an elbow drop. He makes a pin …)


Roy Hardy: A close fall there for Adam Banz, nearly getting the victory.

Jesse Watson: Beautifully executed elbow drop by Adam!

(Hunt gets in and gets Banz and throws him through the middle rope and to the outside of the ring. Maddox gets back into the ring and as Hunt turns around, he goes to hit Darren with a clothesline but Maddox ducks it. Darren grabs Hunt from behind and hits him with an inverted DDT. He goes for a pin …)


(Banz then gets back into the ring, stomps at Hunt a few times and then pushes him under the bottom rope, to the outside. Andrew Storm, from behind, then hits Banz with a dropkick to the back, sending Adam over the top rope, crashing to the floor next to Timothy. Maddox hits Storm from behind with a punch to the kidney. He hits him with a boot to the midsection and then hit’s the ropes. Storm swings at Maddox but Maddox ducks it and hit’s the ropes again. As Storm turns around, he’s hit with a spear from Maddox. Darren goes for the pin..


Randall Jobbs: Andrew Storm has been eliminated from the match!

Roy Hardy: One down, two to go!

(Just then, we see Timothy Hunt climb up to the apron and then up to the top rope. As Storm Maddox turns around, Hunt leaps off, connecting with a missile dropkick. Timothy gets him up and swings at him but Maddox ducks, spins around and lands a discus elbow right to the mouth. Maddox makes a pin ….)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Another near fall for Maddox.

Jesse Watson: You were right when you said the action was going to be fast and furious. I’m doing all I can to keep up with the action.

(Maddox gets Hunt back up and then time hits him with a bridging German suplex …)


(Banz comes in and stomps Maddox in the gut, breaking it up.)

Jesse Watson: I don’t understand why Banz broke it up. This is elimination.

Roy Hardy: I think it’s ego. Adam wants to be the one to put him away.

(Maddox gets to his feet and he and Adam then begin to exchange punches with one another. Maddox grabs him and sends him into the ropes. As Adam bounces off the ropes, Adam hits Maddox with a clothesline. Adam then mounts on top of Maddox and hits him with some right hands. Adam gets Darren up, lifts him up and hits Maddox with a fall away slam. Banz then follows it up with a leg drop. Banz has Maddox to his feet and then plants him back down with a big back suplex. Banz goes for a pin …)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: He folded Maddox up like an accordion with that suplex!

Jesse Watson: Man I thought Darren was out after that one. That was nasty!

(Banz gets Maddox up and then drives him into the mat with a brain buster. Adam gets Darren to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Banz goes for a clothesline but Maddox ducks under and then stops behind him. Maddox spins Adam around, grabs him and hits him with an exploder t-bone suplex. Both men lay on the mat, exhausted.)

Jesse Watson: These guys are clearly getting tired. It has been a non-stop offensive display by everyone involved.

Roy Hardy: Yes sir and fatigue is starting to set in. The first person to make a mistake now, could be the last one.

(Timothy Hunt slides into the ring while both men are down. Hunt starts to get Adam up to his feet and sends him into the ropes, following right behind him and clothes lining him over the top to the outside. Hunt gets Darren to his feet and sends him into the ropes. As Maddox bounces off of them, Timothy catches him, lifts him up and then brings him down across his knee with a backbreaker. Hunt goes for a pin …)


(Timothy gets up and then goes over and climbs up onto the 2nd turnbuckle. As Maddox gets up, he turns around and Timothy jumps over his head and pulls him down with a sunset flip …)

3!! No!! Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Hunt almost had it! Good lord I thought he had it right there!

Jesse Watson: Man that was a close one! Half a second away!

(Both men get to their feet at the same time but Darren charges, jumps and hit’s a running knee strike to the mouth. Maddox then makes a pin attempt ..)


(Maddox gets Hunt up and Hunt hit’s a kick to the stomach and plants him with a bridging northern lights suplex…)


(As Timothy gets to his feet, Adam Banz slides into the ring, coming up from behind with school boy roll up, grabbing a hand full of tights at the same time…)


Randall Jobbs: Timothy Hunt has been eliminated!

Roy Hardy: And then there was two!

(Adam gets up, extending his arms in celebration as he eliminates Hunt. As he turns around, he’s drilled with a spear from Darren Maddox. Maddox makes the pin…)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of the match via pinfall, at the 18:22 mark in the match… Darren Maddox!

Roy Hardy: I can’t believe it! Just like that, Darren catches Adam with the spear and then it’s over! What a match though!

Jesse Watson: Adam shouldn’t have been celebrating. I mean, yeah, you eliminated someone but there’s another guy there.

Roy Hardy: His lack of focus is what ultimately cost him.

Jesse Watson: On the other side, what a win for Darren.

Roy Hardy: Absolutely. Folks, thanks for tuning in tonight. We’ve run out of time. For my partner, Jesse Watson, I’m Roy Hardy. Make sure to join us for our December special to learn more about some of the competitors of the PWP and one match as voted on by the fans! It’s a free show that you can find online exclusively on the PWP website. Goodnight!
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