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Richard Dweck

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Full Birth Name: Richard  Robert Dweck
Age: 19
Date of Birth: 12/28/93
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Height: 5ft 8
Weight: 220 lbs
Iris: Blue
Hometown: New Jersey
Resides: hotels/ traveling
Picbase: Bo Burnham
Alignment: tweener
Richie, Rich, Ricky, Dick
Epic boy/man/kid
The Student of The game
New Jersey Ninja
Epic everyman

Trained by: Monster Factory
John Gregory( world karate martial arts school)
licensed: 2007
( Evan Bourne + Amazing Red)

Ring Attire: head band
                 upper thin arm protectors
                Metal wrist protectors
                Knee pads CM Punk style
                High top kicker boots Evan Bourne style
                Martial arts gi( rare)

Entrance Attire: head band ( that reads in bold white across “ epicness)
                     Bold white RD emblem on boots, kneepads, kick pads, wrist protectors and arm bands
                 upper thin arm bands
                Metal wrist protectors
                Knee pads CM Punk style
                High top kick pad boots Evan Bourne style
                Leather jacket trench coat( PPV)

Casual Attire:
t-shirts, sunglasses and shorts during Summer and spring
t-shirts and sweat pants during fall and winter
Suit and tie during fancy occasions

Fighting Style(s):
Technical + Martial arts
Move set/ Arsenal/ Repertoire:

Common Moves

Punches( left and right)
Right hook + left jab combo
       Enzuguri( when gut kick is caught)
      Big boot
      Elbow shots
     Forearm shots
    Knife edged chest chop
   Knee thrusts/lifts
  Throat thrust
 Lowblows( gets away with it like ric flair)


Headlock takedown
snap mare
Arm drag
Dragon screw
neck breaker
Body slam
Russian leg sweep
snap suplex
Electric chair
Electric chair face buster
Air Plane spin
side effect
Cross Rhodes
Mizard of Oz

Grounded opponent on back:
Walking on and over with theatrics
Soccer kick( to spine, neck, ribs)
Knee thrust strikes(to neck or back
Stomach stomp
Low blow-punch, repeated knee strikes, double leg drop, stomp
Elbow drop
Mounted punches
Knee drop
Face stomp
Double foot stomp chest/ torso
Double knee drop to chest

Grounded opponent on stomach:
Walking on/over with theatrics
soccer ball kick(to ribs)
Standing double foot stomp
holding opponent’s arm out and kicking their armpit repeatedly

La magisterial
Jack-knife bridge
Small package/inside cradle
Normal cover
Roll up

Hand lock
Side headlock
Seated headlock
sleeper hold
Seated sleeper hold
Sharp Shooter
Fujiwara armbar
Seated Cross armbar breaker
head scissors
Triangle choke
Crucifix arm bar
Boston Crab
Half Boston Crab
dragon sleeper

Running Strikes:
Big boot
Super kick
close line
Shining wizard
Knee lift
back elbow

Running Grapples:
neck breakers
Drop toe hold
leg drop bulldog
Code breaker
neck breaker
Inverted Neckbreaker
Somersault + double leg takedown
Somersault + code breaker
Somersault + X factor face buster

Evasive dodge roll/shoulder roll
Leap frog
Tiger spin

Opponent rebounding/ running:
Snap scoop slam
CM Punk style spinning neck breaker
hip toss
Drop toe hold + cartwheel theatric + throwing opponent out of the ring

Opponent on ring ropes:
Christian/Chris Jericho’s standing on back and pulling on ropes maneuver
Hardcore holly low blow kick
Slingshot guillotine
Sheamus style chest chops  

Turnbuckle/Corner moves:
Corner lunging close line innovated by Evan Bourne used by The Miz
CM Punk high knee leg lariat + running bulldog
Matt Hardy close line + bulldog
Ten punches
kick combo
Knife edged Chest chop combo
body splash

Aerial Moves:
Diving double axe handle
Diving close line
Diving spear
Diving leg drop
Diving splash
Diving cross body
Diving HBK elbow drop
Diving Randy Savage elbow drop
Diving double foot stomp

Trademark/ Signature Moves:
Leaping high knee strike Evan Bourne style
Swinging leg hook fireman's carry slam
Full nelson facebuster
Half Nelson Facebuster
Reality Check
Inverted facelock neckbreaker slam
cradle DDT( Guillotine choke + snap DDT)

Finishers: RDDT- Snap DDT to kneeling opponent
Rick Kick- super kick

Entrance Themes:
Move it by Reel 2 Real

In To deep by Sum 41-

Without Me by Eminem-

Tinie Tempah- Written in The Stars-

I Will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin-

Dynamite by Taio Cruz

Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen-

Anthem For The Underdog by 12 Stones:

Smells like Teen Spirit by Nirvana:

Current- Hall of Fame by the Script
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Richard Dweck
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