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 PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman

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PostSubject: PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman   Sat Oct 26, 2013 9:40 pm

(The show opens up with the theme song for the show, “Phoenix” by Fall Out Boy is playing over the speakers. The crowd is on it’s feet and pumped up for the show ahead.)

Roy Hardy: Welcome ladies and gentlemen! And thank you for joining us for our third installment of PWP! I’m Roy Hardy, my partner is Jesse Watson and you’re watching PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman! Jesse, why don’t you tell the folks a little about tonight’s show.

Jesse Watson: My pleasure! This show is called “Strength of a Woman” for a reason. Tonight, we present to you an all-womens showcase show! Well … Besides one. We have one intergender match, as James Shark will take on Audrey James in one of our most hyped up and anticipated matches in PWP’s young existence!

Roy Hardy: That’s for sure. Also later tonight, we have a fantastic main event for you, as Insurgency Wrestling Federation’s High Impact Champion, Blyss Lockhart will take on Inferno Championship Wrestling’s Sweet Potato!

Jesse Watson: I’m really looking forward to that one, Roy. Both competitors are major players in their own right, within their companies. And now, for the first time that I know of, we’re getting to see them square off, right here, exclusively in PWP!

Roy Hardy: Another match that you can only see here in the PWP is our first contest tonight. PWSi’s Jetta La Mon is going to take on a young upstart by the name of Hailey Homicide. Before we get into that match, which is up next, I’m being told we’re going to see some footage that was shot earlier tonight, including one of our upcoming competitors, Jetta. After that though, we’ll get into the opening contest.

(The camera goes backstage to the inside of Jetta La Mon’s locker room where we see Darren Maddox and Lycra sitting on the sofa having an upbeat conversation.)

Darren Maddox:  So anyway, the asshole gets out of his car and has the nerve to blame ME for the accident! I’m like dude, no, I’m not takin’ the blame for this. SO... the old lady in the other car sticks her head out the window and says to the guy ‘Look, just let the young man go otherwise I’ll sue your ass myself ya PUNK!!’.

(They both start to laugh loudly.)

Darren Maddox:  Man oh man! That old lady wasn’t taking any bullshit from—

(Darren stops when he sees Lycra suddenly look up towards the doorway. Jetta slowly walks into the room and looks at Lycra.)

Jetta La Mon:  It’s good to see you laughing. You never do.

Lycra:  Jetta…

(She stands up from the sofa followed by Darren and she smiles at her daughter.)

Lycra:  This is Darren Maddox. I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He wrestles here, along with World Xtreme Wrestling.

(Jetta looks at him standing there and smiles a bit.)

Jetta La Mon:  …Hi.

Darren Maddox:  Hi there.

Lycra:  Darren is a new friend of mine. He’s going to help me move forward with my life. He’s offered to help me move on… and I told him that that’s what I want. It’s something I have to do… as hard as it’s gonna be. I just… have to.

(Jetta goes silent for a moment.)

Jetta La Mon:  And I agree. So… then… what does this mean? How is he going to help you?

Lycra:  Well… we don’t have a strategy worked out just yet, but Darren knows a lot about being in situations where you feel that you just can’t move on. He’s had to pull himself out of some very difficult situations that left him feeling like he had no other options.

Darren Maddox:  Then I realized that if you fight hard enough, you can overcome anything.

(Lycra takes a deep breath to keep herself calm.)

Lycra:  Jetta… you know that I’ve been hurting for quite awhile now. Four months of waiting and waiting for something to happen. My life is at a stand still… and… I just can’t live that way anymore.

(Darren decides to shed a light on the situation for Jetta.)

Darren Maddox:  If I can cut in here for just a moment and say a few things here… Jetta, your mother has told me her feelings about the break-up… the nervous breakdown… and other things. She’s tried different approaches, but none of them are working. She’s told me that you’ve been a big shoulder of support for her during all of this.

(Lycra is looking at Jetta with a mother’s love in her eyes.)

Lycra:  She has. She’s been here for me every day.

Jetta La Mon:  And I’ll continue to be.

(Darren glances at Lycra with a bit of a smile, then looks back at Jetta.)

Darren Maddox:  Once we know more about what we’re doing and what the plan is, you’ll be the first to know. This is about starting a new life for your mom, so that she can be happy again.

(Now it is Jetta who is looking at Lycra with a daughter’s love for her mother in her eyes.)

Jetta La Mon:  I want that more than anything. For my mother to be happy again. We’ve tried everything to get her past the pain of—

(She purposely refrains from finishing her sentence.)

Jetta La Mon:  We’ve tried everything.

(All three of them are quiet for a few seconds before Darren brings reassurance to both of them.)

Darren Maddox:  We will find the answers we need. Darren Maddox does not make promises he can’t keep.

(Lycra looks at Darren, then looks at Jetta who in return looks nervous but hopeful. The camera fades out and goes back to ringside.)

Hailey Homicide vs. Jetta La Mon

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first ..

( “Adrenalize” plays over the speakers, as the lights dim down low. Hailey makes her way to the ring, not stopping to pay any attention to the fans.)

Randall Jobbs: From Oakland, California, weighing in at 124 pounds, Hailey Homicide!

(he slowly crawls into the ring, slithering to the center. She gets on her knees and raises her head, looking up and extending her arms to the sky. The lights come on and she gets to her feet.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent …

(Jetta’s music hits and she comes out to the top of the entrance ramp and makes a fist with her right hand and shoots it up above her in the air and holds it there.)

Randall Jobbs: From White Rock, British Columbia, weighing in at 125 pounds, representing PWSi, Jetta La Mon!

(She brings her arm back down and looks at the ring and runs fast down the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope on her front.  She climbs up on a corner of the ring and makes a fist and shoots her right arm up above her to the fans.  She goes to another corner of the ring and does the same.)

Roy Hardy: Here we go! First match of the night and we’ve got two PWP first timers!

(The bell rings and they both rush at either other, Jetta spins around Hailey Homicide and rolls her up in a school boy pin ..)

1 …

Art Campbell: Jetta trying to take Hailey Homicide out be surprise there.

Jesse Watson: Both ladies are newcomers to PWP, so they’re both looking to make an impression. Getting a quick victory like that would sure do the trick.

(Jetta quickly stays on Hailey, grabbing her in a side headlock as she gets to her feet. Jetta runs and jumps up on the 2nd rope, trying for a springboard bulldog but Hailey Homicide pushes her off. As Jetta lands on her feet and turns around, she runs at Hailey but gets met with a kick to the midsection. Homicide picks Jetta up and then does a running power slam to her, into the corner turnbuckles.)

Roy Hardy: Hailey looking to use her strength advantage here, over Jetta.

Jesse Watson: She’s deceivingly strong. She has a small frame but she packs a punch, so I hear.

(Hailey then lends some hard stomps to Jetta, before the ref is forced to pull her away. Hailey runs and does a baseball slide, kicking Jetta out of the ring and to the floor outside.)

Roy Hardy: Man, Jetta took a hard spill to the outside.

(Homicide goes to the outside, drags Jetta up and rolls her into the ring. Hailey climbs up onto the apron and then to the top rope. As Jetta gets up, she turns around and Hailey jumps off, hitting a diving shoulder tackle. She goes for the pin ..)

1 …
2 …

Roy Hardy: Hailey Homicide is really taking it to Jetta here tonight.

Jesse Watson: She said she was going to put an end to her and right now, I’m inclined to agree.

(Hailey Homicide gets Jetta up to her feet and then lifts her up over her shoulder. She then brings her down with a big shoulder breaker. She puts her foot on Jetta’s chest, going for an arrogant pin attempt ..)

Kickout at 1 ½

Roy Hardy: I don’t care how much you beat down Jetta, you are not going to win that way.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, definitely a lapse in judgment by Hailey Homicide. Although, I’m certainly not going to tell her that to her face. She scares me.

(Hailey sits Jetta up, drives her knee into the lower back of Jetta and pulls back on her arms. After a while, Jetta begins to work up to her feet and is finally able to spin out of it and get out of Hailey’ grasps. Jetta lands a forearm shot to the jaw of Hailey Homicide, staggering her. She follows it up landing a few more. She attempts to send Hailey into the corner but she reverses it. Homicide charges at Jetta but Jetta is able to jump up and get a boot into the face of Hailey. Jetta charges and lands a low dropkick to the knee, taking Hailey Homicide down. She then hit’s the ropes and lands another low dropkick to the face of Hailey Homicide as she’s trying to get to her knees.)

Roy Hardy: Jetta is building up momentum here!

Jesse Watson: I notice she’s favoring that shoulder a little bit though. You gotta wonder if that’ll come in to play.

Roy Hardy: She needs to protect it as much as she can because if Hailey Homicide knows that it’s hurt, she will target it like a shark spotting blood in the water.

(As Hailey gets to her feet, Jetta is there to meet her with a clothesline. Jetta grabs her and goes to smash her face into the top turnbuckle but Hailey blocks it and instead slams Jetta’s face into it. Hailey then brings her out of the corner and sends her into the ropes. As Jetta comes off the ropes, Hailey gets her up, looking like she is going for a sidewalk slam but Jetta keeps the momentum going by twisting her legs up and catching Homicide with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors.)

Roy Hardy: Nice counter there by Jetta!

Jesse Watson: Didn’t expect to see that from her!

Roy Hardy: Her mother is a highly successful wrestler, in her own right. I’m sure she learned it from her.

(Jetta then starts to climb to the top rope but takes too long and Hailey pushes her off the top and Jetta goes flying to the outside of the ring.)

Roy Hardy: Oh and another vicious spill to the floor by Jetta!

Jesse Watson: I think she landed on that bad arm too.

Roy Hardy: I think you’re right. She’s clutching it now.

(Hailey Homicide goes to the outside, gets Jetta up and drives her into the guard rail with her bad shoulder. She drags Jetta back to her feet and violently tosses her into the ring. Hailey slides in behind her and hooks a leg ..)

1 …
2 …

Roy Hardy: Jetta just kicking out in time and you can tell that it took a lot out of her to do so because of the grimace on her face, from that shoulder.

Jesse Watson: If Hailey Homicide was smart she would stay right on that shoulder and try making Jetta tap out.

Roy Hardy: There’s no way I’m counting Jetta out yet, though. She’s young but she’s the veteran of the match.

(Hailey Homicide gets to her feet and starts stalking Jetta, as she struggles to her hands and knees. Hailey then charges and lands a hard punt to the ribs of Jetta, sending her back down and gasping for breath. She then pulls Jetta to her feet and sends her into the ropes. As she comes off of them, Hailey lifts her up for a power slam but Jetta keeps her momentum going and counters it into a DDT.)

Roy Hardy: What a move by Jetta! Will that be enough to get her back into this match though!

(Jetta goes for the pin ..)

2 …
No!! Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: Oh! I thought she had it!

Jesse Watson: Boy that was close! I gotta hand it to Jetta … That was a nice move.

Roy Hardy: Now lets see if she can continue to capitalize on the opening and get back into this!

(Jetta waits for Hailey Homicide to get to her feet and as she does, Jetta charges at her and goes for a hurricanrana. But Hailey blocks it, swings Jetta back up and then plants her into the mat with the a sitout power bomb. She holds her there for the pin ..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Jesse Watson: What a reversal!

Roy Hardy: I would say so. Man, she planted Jetta with that power bomb, hard.

(Hailey gets Jetta back to her feet and sends her into the corner. Homicide goes charging in and Jetta moves out of the way. As Hailey bounces out of the corner, Jetta hit’s the ropes and when Hailey turns her way, Jetta nails her with the “Turbulence Factor.” Jetta hooks the leg for the pin …)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall at the 13:14 mark of the match, Jetta La Mon!

Roy Hardy: Jetta La Mon picks up a huge victory here tonight over Hailey Homicide!

Jesse Watson: I didn’t think she was going to do it. She had that shoulder problem during the match and it clearly was still effecting her when she hit that spear but she got enough of it to keep the rookie down and out.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, I was very surprised she was able to connect with it, after the abuse it took during the match. But like you said, she got enough power behind it to drive the air out of Hailey and get the victory. A very impressive debut from both ladies here tonight and I hope to see them again!

WXW Presents -

Triple Threat Match
Catherine Hunter vs. Mercedes Young vs. Candy

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is a triple threat and it is scheduled for one fall!

(Flyleaf's "Call you out" hits, and the fans boo as Catherine Hunter slowly exits the curtain, standing there for a moment and letting the fans "admire her unique form of beauty".)

Randall Jobbs: Introducing first, from Seven Devils, North Carolina, weighing in at 122 pounds … Catherine Hunter!

(She smirks and walks to the ring, treating the ramp as a runway before climbing the stairs and entering the ring.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent …

(Purple lights start to flash and “Sad But True” begins to play, as Mercedes Young comes out.)

Randall Jobbs: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 115 pounds, representing PWSWF, Mercedes Young!

(She slides into the ring, as soon as she got inside the ring and hisses at the ref, before climbing up on the turnbuckles. She lets out a howling laugh.)

Randall Jobbs: And their opponent …

(“Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leopard begins to play as Candy comes out, bouncing around joyfully.)

Randall Jobbs: From Malibu Beach, California, weighing in at 126 pounds, representing PWSi, Candy!

(She high fives some fans, as she skips down to the ring. She jumps up onto the ring apron and gets into the ring.)

Roy Hardy: You ready for this one, Jesse?

Jesse Watson: What’s better than two woman in a match? Three! Of course I am!

(Bell rings and the 3 ladies begin to circle around each other. Mercedes charges and drives Candy into the corner. She holds Candy there and Catherine comes up and begins to lay in some hard forearm shots to the mouth of Candy. Mercedes then begins to land some kicks to the midsection at the same time.)

Roy Hardy: I don’t know if this was planned or not but it looks like Mercedes and Catherine have teamed up to take it right to Candy, here in the early stages.

Jesse Watson: Candy is the veteran of the match and the most accomplished. It’s a smart move to try and take her out of the game first.

(The referee backs them both up and as Hunter comes back in, Candy delivers a quick kick to the side of the head, knocking her backwards but Young stays on her, landing a knee to the midsection. Mercedes sends Candy into the opposite corner. She charges in and Candy moves out of the way, sending Mercedes crashing chest-first into the corner. Candy then comes up behind her, and grabs her in a schoolboy pin …)


Roy Hardy: Candy almost caught her off guard just enough to get the win!

Jesse Watson: What a shocker that woulda been, huh?

Roy Hardy: You bet.

(The both rush to their feet and Mercedes takes Candy to the mat with a double leg takedown. She goes to put her in a Boston crab but Candy blocks it. Mercedes opts instead to catapult her up but instead of going face-first into the turnbuckles, Candy lands on the 2nd rope. She leaps off with a cross body and Young ducks it but Candy catches Catherine with it instead. She hooks the leg for a pin …)


Roy Hardy: That’s 2 near falls for Candy in the opening stages of this match! We mentioned earlier that she’s the veteran of this match and she’s showing it right now.

Jesse Watson: Yeah, these two ladies have to step it up a notch. Candy may have the intelligence of a jar of applesauce but she’s a hell of a wrestler.

Roy Hardy: A jar of applesauce? Really?

Jesse Watson: You’re right. That may be a bit harsh.

Roy Hardy: Thank you.

Jesse Watson: On the applesauce.

Roy Hardy: *Sigh*

(Candy gets back to her feet as Mercedes comes at her but Candy catches her with a standing dropkick, sending Young rolling out of the ring. Candy gets up again and this time, Catherine comes charging at her but Candy moves and sends her flying between the ropes and out of the ring, next to Mercedes. Candy looks around at the crowd as they get to their feet.)

Roy Hardy: Looks like Candy has something in mind here!

Jesse Watson: That’d be a first.

Roy Hardy: Stop that!

(Candy climbs up to the top rope and as Mercedes and Catherine get to their feet, Candy jumps off, landing a cross body onto both of them.)

Roy Hardy: What a move, taking both women out!

(Candy gets Mercedes up and rolls her back into the ring. Candy gets onto the apron and then looks to springboard up onto the top rope but Catherine grabs her foot, stopping her. This gives Young enough time to get up and she comes and nails Candy with a quick punch to the mouth. Catherine sweeps Candy’s legs, causing her to fall backwards onto the ring apron. Catherine shoves her in and Mercedes proceeds to land a few kicks to the back.)

Jesse Watson: This may be the opening that Catherine Hunter and Mercedes Young needed, to stop Candy’s momentum.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, definitely. She took a hard fall on that ring apron.

(As Mercedes is getting Candy up, Catherine slides back into the ring. They both then lift Candy up and drive her into the mat with a double vertical suplex. Catherine tells Mercedes to get Candy up and she does. Young holds Candy’s arms behind her and Catherine delivers some hard judo kicks to the chest of Candy.)

Roy Hardy: I know one thing, I’m glad I’m not on the other end of those kicks. They are driving the air right out of Candy.

Jesse Watson: You and me both.

(This time, Catherine gets Candy up, holding her arms behind her back for Mercedes, as Mercedes lands a couple of cocky slaps to the face of Candy but then delivers a quick spin kick to the stomach of Candy, causing her to hunch over and grab her midsection. Mercedes hit’s the ropes but before she can do anything, Catherine runs and clotheslines her over the top rope.)

Jesse Watson: Well, there goes that partnership!

Roy Hardy: It couldn’t last forever. It’s every woman for herself. They’ve gotten Candy worn down and now it’s time for one of them to try and capitalize and get the win.

(Catherine turns around, as Candy as getting back to her feet and Hunter grabs her, lifts her up and plants her with a back suplex. Catherine floats over for a pin …)


(After she kicks out, Catherine turns her over and then locks her into a camel clutch submission hold. She keeps it locked in for a good 20 seconds before she sees Mercedes get on the ring apron and she breaks the hold and drills Young with a big forearm shot, taking her back down before she can get into the ring. She lands a couple of kicks and as she turns around, Candy nails her with a roundhouse kick.)

Roy Hardy: What a shot by Candy! That kick landed right on the mark.

(Mercedes gets back into the ring and as Catherine is leaning against the ropes, after getting rocked by that kick, she lands a dropkick that sends Hunter of the ring. She turns around and Candy swings at her but Mercedes ducks it and counters with a neck breaker. Mercedes goes for the pin ..)


Roy Hardy: Mercedes Young is in a good position here. Catherine Hunter is out of the match momentarily and she’s got Candy reeling, it seems.

Jesse Watson: Any position that Mercedes Young is in, is a good position.

Roy Hardy: You’re a disgusting human being, you know that right?

(Young sits her up and grabs her in a chin lock, while driving her knee into the back of Candy. She keeps it locked in as long as she can, before Candy starts battling back to her feet. She lands several elbow shots to the midsection of Mercedes, getting her to let go. Candy goes to hit the ropes but Mercedes grabs her hair and pulls her backwards, slamming her down to the ground.)

Roy Hardy: That’s an easy way to have some hair removed and in a painful way too.

Jesse Watson: Girls pulling other girls’ hair. I love this job, Roy.

Roy Hardy: I really dislike you sometimes.

(Mercedes gets Candy up and throws her over the top rope but Candy lands on the ring apron. Catherine Hunter comes up from behind her though, positions herself under her, lifts her up off the apron and power bombs her onto the floor.)

Roy Hardy: Good lord, what a hellacious power bomb by Hunter!

Jesse Watson: Did you see Candy’s head bounce off the floor!? I’d say it’s time for her to pick a new food group for her name, because I think she’s toast!

(Catherine jumps up onto the ring apron and starts to climb in but Mercedes meets her with a knee to the side of the head. Mercedes then grabs Hunter and suplexes her into the ring. Mercedes goes for the pin …)


(Hunter gets Mercedes back up and swings at her but Mercedes ducks under her arm and hits her with a side Russian leg sweep. She crawls over and goes for another pin ..)


Roy Hardy: Mercedes Young going for the win again. She’s trying hard to get this win.

Jesse Watson: This is her first match, so she’s looking to make an impression.

(Young pulls Hunter to her feet and attempts to send her into the corner but Catherine reverses it, sending Mercedes into turnbuckles. Catherine charges in and lands a big corner clothesline. She pulls Mercedes out of the corner and plants her with a northern lights suplex …)

Kickout at 2 ½!

(Catherine drags Mercedes up and sends her into the corner again. She charges once more and this time, Mercedes gets her knees up into the face of Catherine, sending her down to the mat. Mercedes climbs up to the top rope and then leaps off with a moonsault. She hooks the leg …)

(Broken up by Candy.)

Roy Hardy: I think Candy broke that pin up just in time!

Jesse Watson: I have to agree. I don’t think Catherine was going to kickout.

(Candy grabs Mercedes and sends her into the ropes. As she comes off of them, Candy leaps up and connects with a hurricanrana. Catherine Hunter crawls over, while Candy is still getting up and makes the pin …)

(Candy lands a dropkick to the top of the head of Catherine, breaking the pin.)

Roy Hardy: Catherine tried to steal the win there.

Jesse Watson: And she ALMOST got away with it!

(Candy then goes for a pin on Catherine …)


(Candy and Catherine get to their feet and begin to exchange shots with each other. Hunter lands a spinning backfist, stunning Candy. Catherine then hit’s the ropes and as she comes off of them, Candy lands a spinning heal kick. Candy goes for the pin once again ..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

Roy Hardy: What a match!

Jesse Watson: This has been great!

(Candy gets up and as she does, Mercedes comes up from behind and rolls her up ….)

No!!! Kickout!

Jesse Watson: Mercedes Young almost stole the win that time!

(They both get to their feet and Candy nails Mercedes with a “Chick Kick” sending Mercedes falling through the ropes and to the outside of the ring. As she turns around, Hunter grabs her and takes her down to the mat, locking in the “Catherine’s Clutch” submission hold. Candy tries to fight out of it or get to the ropes but she cant and she taps out.)

Roy Hardy: WOW!!

Randall Jobbs: Winner of the match, via submission at the 16:11 mark of the match, Catherine Hunter!!

Jesse Watson: Upset alert!!

Roy Hardy: I would say so! Catherine Hunter is one hell of a wrestler but I don’t think anyone expected one of these rookies to beat the much more accomplished Candy!

Jesse Watson: I know one thing … After seeing her compete here tonight, I’m confident that Catherine Hunter has a great future ahead of her.

Roy Hardy: Mercedes Young showed great guts as well. All three of these women brought their best and it resulted in one heck of a triple threat match!

PWSi Presents -

Audrey James vs. James Shark

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first …

(A loud screeching scream could be heard from a woman. Followed up by the scream is a bunch of other cries, the sound of splashing water can then be heard a long with the cries for help yelling out "SHARK, SHARK, SHARK!". The loud screams fade away until all that could be heard are the fans in the arena.

Told y'all niggaz
Ya just don't listen
Why must you be hard headed
Tried to explain, but ya didn't hear me though
Ya know, grrrrrr

The lights in the arena begin to flicker black and blue as a bunch of sexy females carrying AK-47's begin to walk out of the curtains and down the ramp. Each one of them wearing white t-shirts with black thongs. All the white shirts reading: "Team Shark" in bold black font.

They all stand in a vertical line on both sides of the ramp. The mini tron behind them display the words: Money Power Respect. Suddenly, as the theme song kicks in and blasts through the speakers, pyro begins to go off in front of the ramp.

One two one two, come through run through
Gun who, oh you don't know what the gun do
Some do, those that know are real quiet
Let me think you wanna try it, fuck around and start a riot
Niggas gonna buy it, regardless because I'm the hardest
rap artist and I'ma start this
Shit up foreal, get up and feel, my words
I make herbs split up and squeal

James Shark comes out from behind the curtains with both of his arms raised up in the air. Flipping off both the arena and the audience watching at home. As the camera zooms into him he looks right at it, beginning to talk shit about his opponent. He takes his eyes off of the camera and looks at all the sexy females standing on the ramp. A sly smirk comes across his face before he begins to walk down the ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: From Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 205 pounds, James Shark!

(Ill is all I've been hearin lately
Niggaz hate me, wanna duck tape me and make me
put their brains on the wall, when I brawl
Too late for that 911 call
Niggaz stay beefin but a lot of them bluffin
But not me because I'ma nigga that can get out of them cuffs
You think a lot of them tough
Not just for frotin
When I hit them niggaz like 'What you want?'
the battle turns into a hunt
With the dog right behind niggaz chasin em down
We all knew that you was pussy
but I'm tastin it now"

As James walks down the ramp, the females all turn around and point their guns at the fans, making sure none of them is reaching out towards him and trying to touch him. Once he gets to the bottom of the ramp, he runs towards the ring and slides into it.

Niggas is pussy
Keep me runnin from the werewolf, owww
Howling at the moon on the roof
Eh, ah, no, get em
Ten niggas on him, hope God's with him
Give me the bat, let me split him
I'll have em where the pillow and the casket won't fit him
Only reason I did him, he wouldn't fight back
Trieed to strike back
Left him like that, layin up with the white hat
Gettin right back at ya when I snatch ya
up out the grave, nuthin but bones and ashes
Hittin niggaz with gashes to the head
Straight to the white meat but the street stay red
But this girl gave me head for free

Shark begins to move around the ring, bouncing off the ropes and shadow boxing right in the center. He begins to demonstrate his incredible speed and foot work before the music dies off and the females all head backstage.)

Randall Jobbs: And his opponent …

(The drums hit, then the pyro goes off as "Evil Angel" starts to blare over the p.a. system. The lights turn a purple tint, as Audrey James makes her way out from behind the curtain with her ring jacket on with the hood up. She looks up to the sky, lifting her arms up and pointing to the heavens, before turning her focus to the ring as she makes her way down the ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: From Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 142 pounds, representing PWSi, Audrey James!

(Audrey makes her way down to the ring, sliding into the ring. She walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs up on the second rope and pulls the hood down, looking out at the live crowd, then looking up to the sky, closing her eyes before hopping down.)

Roy Hardy: Folks, trust me when I say that you are in for a war. Not a wrestling match, a war. This is personal.

(As soon as the bell rings, Shark runs right at Audrey with a clothesline attempt but Audrey sees it coming and ducks it. Shark turns around and Audrey starts laying into him with a barrage of forearm shots to the mouth.)

Roy Hardy: I think Audrey’s been waiting a long time to do this! She’s laying into James Shark with those shots with a little something extra on ‘em!

Jesse Watson: I’m all for getting in your opponents head. And I’m not going to say that James took it too far but if your opponent thinks you did, which clearly Audrey does, then that trash talking may just come back to haunt him.

(Audrey continues the assault, laying into Shark with a combination of forearms, chops and knee strikes. She grabs Shark and attempts to send him into the ropes but he reverses it. As she comes off the ropes, Shark is there with a vicious back elbow to the mouth.)

Roy Hardy: Shark with a HARD elbow, to Audrey!

Jesse Watson: Shark ain’t playing around. He said he’s going to beat Audrey and that’s exactly what he’s looking to do here.

(Shark gets Audrey up and says “This one’s for your Grandmother!” and delivers a hard chop to the chest, sending Audrey right back down to the mat.)

Jesse Watson: And Shark lights up the chest of Audrey James!

Roy Hardy: That’s disgusting. There’s no reason to say anything like that. Just wrestle the match.

Jesse Watson: The mind games don’t end when the bell rings, Roy. When you get in someone’s head, you have to stay there.

Roy Hardy: I think James has done more than enough to stay there.

(Audrey starts fighting back to her feet but Shark takes her right back to the mat, with a snapmere takedown. He takes a couple steps back, charges in and lands a hard kick to the spine.)

Jesse Watson: The sound of boot to the skin just echoed throughout the building!

Roy Hardy: It’s clear to me that James isn’t looking to just win this match. He’s looking to physically hurt Audrey.

(Shark puts one foot on Audrey’s chest and tells the referee to count …)


Roy Hardy: James Shark getting too cocky there. That arrogance may come back to bite him in the ass.

(Shark turns Audrey over onto her stomach and then begins wrenching back on her head, in a chinlock-like move. He then begins to fishhook her by the mouth with both hands, forcing the ref to get in there and break it up. Shark drags Audrey to her feet, only to send her swiftly back to the mat with a snap suplex. James floats over for a pin attempt ..)


Jesse Watson: I think Audrey should have just let that be it. I think James has been taking it fairly easy so far. Just save herself the pain and punishment and let it be over with now.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, right. You clearly do not know Audrey if you think that she is just going to give up like that.

(Shark gets Audrey up but keeps her in a front face look and proceeds to drill her with repeated knee strikes to the face. He lets her go and she staggers backwards into the ropes. Shark grabs Audrey and sends her off into the ropes. Shark goes for a kick to the face but Audrey baseball slides under his leg. She pops to her feet and hit’s the ropes on her side and when Shark turns around, she goes for a cross body but he catches her. Shark maneuvers her onto his shoulder and then drives her into the mat with a power slam. He hooks the leg for a pin …)


Roy Hardy: Audrey was looking to get something going again but James quickly halted that attempt.

Jesse Watson: You know, all the focus has been on how determined Audrey was going to be to win this match because of the stuff that James Shark has said. But I think people fail to remember that James is just as determined to walk out with the win. He’s a winner and will do anything and everything to get it.

Roy Hardy: I know he will. And that’s what I’m afraid of.

(Shark brings Audrey to her feet and hits her with an uppercut that staggers her into the corner. He lifts her up, putting her in a seated position on the top rope. Shark lands a quick forearm strike before climbing up to the 2nd rope. He looks to go for a superplex but Audrey blocks the attempt. He tries a second time and once again it’s blocked. Audrey then connects with a succession of bunches to the midsection of Shark, knocking him off of the rope. Shark comes charging back in but Audrey gets a foot up, kicking Shark right in the face. Shark staggers backwards and when he turns around, Audrey dives off of the top rope and connects with a tornado DDT.)

Roy Hardy: What a move by Audrey James! This could be the opening that she needs!

Jesse Watson: I wasn’t sure she had it left in her after the beating she was taking!

(Before she can go for a pin though, Shark is staggering back to his feet and Audrey grabs him and drives him into the mat with a release northern lights suplex. Shark rolls over to the corner so that he’s sitting in a seated position against the bottom turnbuckle. Audrey goes to the opposite corner, on the same side of the ring as Shark, charges and lands a running boot to the face of Shark. Audrey runs back to the center of the ring, charges in and lands a corner dropkick to the chest of Shark. She runs to the opposite corner of the ring, lets out a primal scream and then charges in for a third time, this time landing a cannonball onto Shark. She gets up, fired up, which in turn gets the crowd pumped up.)

Roy Hardy: Look at Audrey go! She is on fire now!

Jesse Watson: I don’t think James Shark was expecting this!

(Audrey backs up to the center of the ring, waiting for Shark to get to his feet. As he does, she comes charging in but Shark catches her and delivers a T-Bone suplex, driving her into the turnbuckles with it.)

Roy Hardy: Dear God, that was brutal!!

Jesse Watson: What a counter by James Shark! I love it!

Roy Hardy: If Audrey doesn’t have whiplash from something like that, it’d be a wonder.

(James Shark gets to his feet, pulls Audrey out to the center of the ring and screams out “FUCK DIS HOE!” He proceeds to grab her legs and deliver a wheel barrow German suplex.)

Roy Hardy: Despite the lack of class by James Shark, what an impressive move!!

Jesse Watson: Audrey has got to be out cold!!

(James goes for the pin …)


Jesse Watson: What?!

Roy Hardy: Yes! Match continues!

(Shark sits her up and delivers a kick to the back of her head. He then follows it up with a kick to the judo kick to the chest, knocking her backwards. He goes for another pin ..)


(Sharks drags her up to her feet and delivers a spinning back kick to the midsection, sending her backwards into the ropes. He then follows it up with a big European uppercut. Shark then grabs her and sends her off into the ropes. Shark leans forward, going for a back drop but Audrey jumps over Shark, with a sunset flip, pulling him down for a pin ..)

NO!!! KICKOUT AT 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: I thought we may have just witnessed one of the biggest upsets in PWP history right there! Audrey James was half an inch away from getting the win!!

Jesse Watson: I’ll admit it, Roy … I thought that was it, too! It took me by surprise. And judging by how close that pin attempt was, it took James Shark by surprise too!

(Both competitors get to their feet and Audrey grabs Shark by the head. She runs, jumps up onto the 2nd turnbuckle and springboards off with a bulldog. She goes for the pin ..)

Kickout at 2 ½!

(Audrey and Shark both sit up onto their knees and Audrey lands a forearm shot to the side of the face of Shark. Shark comes back with one of his own. Audrey retaliates with another one and from there, the two of them exchange forearms, blow for blow.)

Jesse Watson: The shots are getting harder and harder each time from these two!!

(They work their way to a vertical base, continuing with the shots. Shark breaks it though, landing a spinning back fist, that knocks Audrey for a loop, leaving her on spaghetti legs. Shark hit’s the ropes and as he comes off of them, Audrey nails him with a spinning back fist of her own, staggering Shark. Audrey gets in Shark’s face and screams “NOW THIS IS FOR MY GRANDMOTHER, YOU ASSHOLE!” She gives him a quick kick to the stomach and hit’s the ropes and as Shark is hunched over, Audrey lands a vicious kick to the side of the head, sending Shark down to one knee, as he holds his head.)

Roy Hardy: That was a HELL of a shot by Audrey! James Shark is out on his feet!

(Audrey pulls Shark back to two feet and sets up for the “Midnight Special.” As she goes for it though, Shark pushes her off and she hit’s the ropes. As she comes off of them, Shark runs and connects with the “Swag Out.” Shark goes for the pin ..)


Roy Hardy: Damn it!!

Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall at the 20:02 mark of the match, James Shark!!

Roy Hardy: I was routing for Audrey to get the win, after everything Shark has said about her and her family and friends but I can’t deny that Shark earned this victory here tonight.

Jesse Watson: I’ll admit that there were several times in this match that I thought Audrey had the win. She really brought it against Shark. I’ll give her props for that.

Roy Hardy: Yeah, Audrey did the best she could and even though I don’t think James Shark will admit it himself, she forced Shark to really bring it as well. This was not an easy win and I don’t think Shark will make the mistake of excusing her as a competitor, again.

Jesse Watson: One thing is for sure. It was a hell of a match and it lived up to the hype in my book!

Insurgence Wrestling Federation Presents -

Main Event
Sweet Potato vs. Blyss Lockhart

Randall Jobbs: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is the main event of the evening! Introducing first …

(”Potatoes” by Cheryl Wheeler hits over the PA system and Sweet Potato comes walking out followed by her mentor Father Jones.)

Randall Jobbs: From Bayonne, New Jersey, weighing in at 122 pounds, representing Inferno Championship Wrestling, Sweet Potato!

(She stands at the top of the ramp and looks around the arena. Father Jones comes up from behind her and puts his hands on her shoulders and whispers something into her ear. She then charges down towards the ring and slides in. She climbs up to the top turnbuckle and raises an arm but doesn’t get the type of response she would have hoped for. Father Jones eventually makes it down to the ring and joins her. They wait in the corner together for the match to start, with him occasionally leaning over and talking to her, and Sweet Potato focused on the match at hand.)

Randall Jobbs: And her opponent …

(The arena dims and as the music starts, lights start flashing on and off like crazy all over the place until the vocals kick in and the lights go to normal with Blyss popping out of the curtains and jogging down the ramp.)

Randall Jobbs: From Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 120 pounds, representing Insurgency Wrestling Federation, Blyss Lockhart!

(She yells at the crowd to get them pumped and hops onto the apron, hanging off the rope with one hand as she poses for the crowd and cameras. Then she jumps over the ropes and runs up the turnbuckle, bending down and then slowly straightens herself up just as the music screams “I won’t bow to weakness!” She smiles and poses before jumping back down, waiting for the match to start.)

Roy Hardy: It’s main event time! Here we go!

(The ladies cautiously meet in the center and lock up with each other. Sweet Potato is quick to back Blyss up into the corner though and the referee calls for a clean break. Sweet Potato does so, at first, but then gives Blyss a light shove in the chest before backing up to the center of the ring.)

Roy Hardy: Looks like we’ve got a feeling out process here, between these two.

Jesse Watson: A feeling out process you say. Funny you choose those words because I would love to-

Roy Hardy: If you finish that sentence, I will see sure to it that you are never heard from on here again!

Jesse Watson: What?! I just-

Roy Hardy: No!

(Blyss comes out of the corner, not exactly pleased with the shove and the two of them lock up once again. Sweet Potato quickly slips around behind Blyss, grabbing her in a waist lock. Blyss grabs one of the arms, spins out of it and puts Sweet Potato into a hammerlock. Sweet Potato reaches back though and brings Blyss down with a snapmere. She pushes her down and goes for a pin…)


(As they start to fight back up, before Blyss can get to a full vertical base, Sweet Potato grabs her in a front face lock. Blyss finally does get to her feet and slips out of Sweet Potato’s grasps, grabbing one of her arms and beginning to twist it. Sweet Potato spins out of it, returning the favor by twisting Blyss’ arm in the same fashion but Blyss quickly does a roll through, alleviating the pressure and grabbing Sweet Potato right back into the same arm wrench she had her in before. Sweet Potato lucha rolls through with it, nips up to her feet, reverses it and grabs Blyss in a standing armbar.)

Roy Hardy: Some exception wrestling skills being shown off by both of these ladies! The crowd just exploded in cheers, in appreciation for it!

Jesse Watson: I would say so! I can barely hear myself think!

(Blyss slips out of it, goes behind Sweet Potato, grabbing her in a hammerlock. She places her foot on the back of the left knee of Sweet Potato, taking her down to the mat and Blyss quickly lets go of the arm and grabs her in a side headlock. Blyss then takes her to the mat with a headlock takedown. Sweet Potato quickly swings her legs up, wrapping them around Blyss’ head and pulling her off with a head scissors. After holding it in for a few seconds, Blyss is able to re-position herself so that she’s onto her hands and knees and she springs over with a jacknife pinning attempt on Sweet Potato …)


(Blyss quickly grabs her in another side headlock while she’s down.)

Roy Hardy: Fantastic reversal by Blyss Lockhart to get out of that submission hold.

Jesse Watson: This is a different side of Sweet Potato, that we’re seeing here tonight. Usually she’s bouncing all around the ring, flying everywhere, but she’s sticking to a mat based approach here in the early going.

Roy Hardy: I have no doubt that we will see that fast paced action that everyone has come to know her for. Both of them, really. But in the early stages of this match, I think both women are being cautious, really biding their time and trying to wear each other down before going for the big homerun shots to try and really put this match away.

(Sweet Potato begins to work her way to her feet, while Blyss holds on to the headlock. Sweet Potato lands a couple of elbow shots to the midsection, getting Blyss to finally let go. She grabs Blyss and Irish whips her into the corner. She charges in and Blyss gets her knees up into the chest of Sweet Potato, stopping her. Blyss jumps up to the 2nd rope and as Sweet Potato turns around, she leaps off and connects with a diving cross body. She hooks the leg ..)


Roy Hardy: Picture perfect crossboy with a pinning attempt by Blyss Lockhart.

Jesse Watson: I agree. Blyss Lockhart with a picture perfect body.

Roy Hardy: I said CROSSbody you pervert!

Jesse Watson: Huh? Oh! That’s what I meant!

Roy Hardy: Yeah, right.

(Both women rush to their feet but Blyss is quick to take Sweet Potato back to the mat, with a headlock takedown. She keeps the pressure on but Sweet Potato is able to turn Blyss backwards, grabbing one of her legs for a roll up …)


(Blyss quickly forces her momentum back, so that she’s in a seated position, keeping the hold on and breaking the pin attempt. Sweet Potato works her way back to her feet, and lands a punch to the kidneys of Blyss, getting her to let go of the hold. Sweet Potato sends Blyss off into the ropes. As she comes off of the ropes, Sweet Potato leaps up and catches Blyss with a hurricanrana. Sweet Potato hit’s the ropes and as Blyss gets back to her feet, Sweet Potato catches her with a tilt-a-whirl arm drag, sending Blyss rolling out of the ring. As she’s trying to catch her breath, Sweet Potato hit’s the ropes and does a suicide dive through the 2nd rope, taking Blyss out.)

Jesse Watson: There’s that fast paced nature of Sweet Potato that we alluded to earlier!

Roy Hardy: It was only a matter of time. And now lets see if Sweet Potato can keep the momentum swinging in her favor or if Blyss can find a way to get back into this.

(Sweet Potato gets Blyss up and rolls her back into the ring. She slides in and goes for a pin attempt …)


(She gets Blyss to her feet, lifts her up and slams her down with a body slam. Sweet Potato hit’s the ropes and she lands a cartwheel into a standing moonsault. She hooks the leg ..)


Roy Hardy: Some impressive offense being dished out here by Sweet Potato.

Jesse Watson: Impressive is the key word. I’ve been very impressed by what I’ve seen.

Roy Hardy: As have I. We knew both ladies possessed talent and it’s been on display, in full effect, tonight.

(Sweet Potato grabs Blyss’ legs but she brings her legs backwards and shoves Sweet Potato off of her. They both get to their feet and Blyss hits her with a flying forearm. They both get up again and this time Blyss takes her down with a clothesline. Once again they get to their feet and this time Blyss catches her with a standing dropkick. Blyss pops back to her feet, pumping her arms, yelling "come on!" to get the crowd worked up.)

Roy Hardy: This audience is  getting on their feet for Blyss Lockhart! She’s getting fired up!

Jesse Watson: She shouldn’t be wasting time though. She has to stay on her opponent.

(As Sweet Potato is getting to her feet, Blyss grabs her and attempts to send her into the ropes but Sweet Potato reverses it. As Blyss comes off the ropes, Sweet Potato goes for a hip toss but Blyss blocks it connects with a hip toss of her own. Sweet Potato gets up and Blyss hit’s the ropes again. As she does, Blyss flies up and connects with a tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato staggers up to her feet, using the ropes to lean on but Blyss charges in and clotheslines her over the top rope. Blyss gets out onto the ring apron and as Sweet Potato climbs to her feet, Blyss hit’s a springboard moonsault off the ropes, onto the standing Sweet Potato, taking her back down to the floor.)

Roy Hardy: We saw it from Sweet Potato earlier and Blyss Lockhart with her own example of high flying action!

Jesse Watson: What a main event! This is great!

(Blyss gets back to her feet first and begins to get Sweet Potato up but she shoves her, sending Blyss flying backwards, hard, into the ring apron. Blyss crumbles to the floor, holding onto her lower back.)

Jesse Watson: That could have been a real game changer right there!

Roy Hardy: Yeah, she hit the edge of that ring really hard and now she is holding that back and grimacing in pain.

(Sweet Potato gets Blyss up and rolls her back into the ring. Sweet Potato slides in and goes for a pin ..)

Kickout at 2 ½!!

(Sweet Potato sits Blyss up and grabs her in a rear chinlock. After a few seconds, Blyss fights her way to her feet and lands several elbow shots to the midsection. Before she can do anything else though, Sweet Potato lands a judo kick to the lower back of Blyss, stopping her in her tracks. Sweet Potato then sends Blyss off into the corner. She charges, leaps up and throws sends Blyss half way across the ring with a monkey flip.)

Roy Watson: Looks like Sweet Potato is kinda aiming towards the back of Blyss, here and there, after slamming it against the ring apron.

Jesse Watson: And who could blame her? This is a huge match. It’s the main event. If you find a weakness, you expose it.

(Sweet Potato gets up and walks over to where Blyss is and bends over to get her to her feet but Blyss reaches up and grabs her into a small package pin ..)


Roy Hardy: Blyss almost had it! So close!

(They both rush up to their feet and Blyss charges in at her but Sweet Potato stops her with a back elbow to the mouth, staggering her backwards. Sweet Potato then charges in and this time, it’s Blyss that stops her with a forearm shot. Blyss follows it up with several more, backing Sweet Potato up into the ropes. Blyss grabs her and attempts to Irish whip her but Sweet Potato reverses it. Blyss comes off the ropes and hit’s the "BKO" on Sweet Potato. She makes the pin …)

NO!!!!!! KICKOUT AT 2 ½!!!

Roy Hardy: Another near fall for Blyss Lockhart!

Jesse Watson: She’s gotta be wondering what will it take to keep Sweet Potato down for the three!

(Blyss gets to her feet and as Sweet Potato gets to her hands and knees, Blyss hit’s the ropes and lands a low dropkick to the side of the head. Blyss makes another pin ..)


(Blyss gets Sweet Potato up and sends her into the corner. Blyss charges in and lands a running forearm shot. Blyss then lifts Sweet Potato up and sits her on the top rope. Blyss backs up to the center of the ring, charges in and leaps up to the 2nd rope. She grabs Sweet Potato and looks for an overhead belly to belly suplex but Sweet Potato holds on and Blyss goes flying backwards, slamming the back of her head off of the mat. Sweet Potato gets to her feet, standing on the top rope and she dives off, hitting the "High in the Sky Fry Fly." She pulls Blyss away from the ropes and makes the pin …)


Randall Jobbs: Winner of this match, via pinfall at the 22:18 mark of the match, Sweet Potato!

Jesse Watson: Sweet Potato just capitalized on a key mistake by Blyss Lockhart and got the win! What a match!

Roy Hardy: I think Blyss took too long setting up for that move and it gave Sweet Potato enough time to recover and see what was coming next.

Jesse Watson: I’ll hand it to Blyss Lockhart though. She put one hell of a fight.

Roy Hardy: You bet your ass she did. This one of the most competitive matches that we’ve seen to date here in PWP.

Jesse Watson: There was a good amount of hype going into this match and if you ask me, it lived up to it!

Roy Hardy: I 100% agree. The match lived up to the main event name and I think that the show was a huge success. 4 matches in the books and all 4 of them were great contests. We saw a lot of new faces here tonight and all of them impressed. That’s all the time we have for tonight folks. Thank you for joining us and make sure to tune in next month, as we come at you with PWP 4: Back For More! For my partner, Jesse Watson, I’m Roy Hardy. Goodnight!

(The show fades off of air.)
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PWP 3: Strength Of A Woman
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